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You can sort the output by story title, word count, author, date and status of completeness. Click on the name in the table header to change the sequence of the sort in the column.

Ratings / editors' pick

This listing doesn't have any "quality ratings". The stories range from poor to excellent, but I won't dictate my opinion on you. You'll have to read them yourself ;). However, my personal favourites are marked as Editor's Pick. You may see it as recommendation, but again - it's just a personal opinion.

Incomplete stories

Unfortunatly 24% of the listed stories have never been completed by their authors. You can exclude these stories from the listing by choosing "completed stories" in the filter settings.

About Slash, NC-17, mature content...

Aside from the fact that all stories deal with bloodsucking vampires, which already is a mature theme by nature, some of them also have explicit sexual content (marked as "NC-17") or/and include homosexual relationships ("Slash"). Choose "without/with" "Slash" or "without/with" "NC-17" to restrict the listing.

Hosted stories... but you said!!!

Yes, I said that I do not host stories... as long as they can be found somewhere on the net. But I took the liberty to publish stories that got lost or can no longer be administered by a webmaster. If I have published your story and you want it removed for whatever reason, please let me know and I will unpublish it.

How to restrict the listing

Filter 1

You can restrict the listing to... with or without Filter 2

You can restrict the listing to stories featuring a specific character. Stories will be listed if the character's name is mentioned 10 times or more. The output will also show you how often the character's name appears in the story. This will give you an idea of how important the character is to the plot of the story.

Total stories
Total stories: 406
This is the total count of stories depending on your current filter setting.