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Title   Words Date Status
Brujah For Dinner Julian's new Childe takes advantage of a Blood Hunt and someone is not very appreciative. Daedalus engages in a nightly philosophical debate with her. Humor and general silliness. Complete! 10384 Mar 2007 complete
Origins The mythology of the first Kindred, according to Daedalus. 2354 Mar 2007 complete
The Shocking Mystery of Grape Soda Pop Revealed Julian learns a little secret the Nosferatu have been hiding from everyone. Marie’s in trouble again and Daedalus gets sweet revenge. 1937 Jun 2007 complete
Bittersweet Truth Or "The Aftertaste of Grape Soda"
Lessons learned and the truth comes out. Part Three in Marie's saga.
2355 Jul 2007 complete
Between Clan Lines Ventrue or Nosferatu - What will Adrian decide? Or will a pack of assassins make the decision for her? Daedalus, Julian, and OC centric. 60830 Mar 2009 incomplete