Midnight Seduction 2: Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight

by Kimberly Bliss

He felt the pain burning inside him.

Caitlin. Oh, dear God. Caitlin.

He had a feeling that some of this was his fault.

Julian ran down the road and shoved past the crowds of people. He stopped for a moment to gather his frantic thoughts and then moved ahead again. He noticed this time that the crowd moved back in a wave as if he was a shark on a hunt. The mask had slipped. Very foolish. Some saw his true nature while others were too drunk to remember the predatory look in Julian's eyes.

Only two humans followed him into the humid night. The smell of upcoming rain and the low growl of thunder brought the trio into a deserted area a few miles from the hospital.

Julian turned around and faced the curious men. "What do you want with me?"

The men heard the weary tone in Julian's voice and stepped closer. "We saw your power. We want that power."

Julian noticed the bulge in the younger ones pocket. A gun. The man who spoke brought it out and shoved it in Julian's face.

"Time to die, asshole. You will die and we will obtain your power."

Julian was getting annoyed. "How do you truly know that will happen?"

The men looked at each other and then back at Julian. They had doubts written on their face.

"Come on, Colby! Let's get out of here."

Andrew started to turn and walk away. He cringed as Colby fired the gun once. Twice. Three times. Then silence. He turned around and screamed.

The stranger was bent over Colby. Andrew could see the gun twisted and broken beside Colby's limp hand. Julian looked up and Andrew gasped as he saw the blood on his lips. Colby's eyes looked upward into the sky as if searching the heavens. The ruined throat brought Andrew's body in action and he started to run. He heard a growl behind him and then silence. He felt the hot tears sliding down his face and he used the back of his sleeve to wipe them away.

After years of being ignored. After years of being a *nobody*. After years of no love and laughter. His true friend now dead.

He felt something shove him to the ground and looked up into its face.

This was no longer the face of a human man.

More like a monster.

Andrew got lost in the depth of Julian's eyes and everything went black.

The dreams were rare. Only nightmares that she felt she would never wake from. She felt his mouth crushing against her mouth and bearing upon her teeth. She felt the teeth sinking into her throat. She thought she was going to die. But she still felt her heartbeat and fought to live.

Julian's face popped up into her foggy thoughts. Caitlin wished he was with her right now in the darkest of her moments. She felt the presence of another in the room. Then another. She felt safe and the nightmares slipped away for a moment. But she still worried about Julian.

He opened his eyes and then closed them again. The pain was too great. He sat there a few moments and tried to catch his breath before the next spasm of pain brought him closer to passing out again. He could taste the blood of the two young men in his mouth. It tasted so bitter and he wanted to throw up. The spasm hit him again and he curled up into a ball and prayed it would pass.

The pain ceased and Julian got up and ran to the hospital. He looked back over his shoulder and saw the two crumpled forms laying on the ground.

"Oh, dear God. What have I done?"

He felt it coming up. The blood. He rushed over to the side of the alley and shoved his hand against the wall for support as the blood washed the ground.

This time as he ran to the hospital he didn't look back. He was too scared to look. But he thought he heard a groan behind him as he went past the hospital parking lot and checked to make sure he was presentable enough to enter the hospital. He wiped the blood off his cheek. Good enough. Julian took the stairs up to the third floor and found her room. Two nurses and a doctor stood over Caitlin's bedside. He waited until they left and slipped into the room. A small lamp sat on a table by the bed and Julian could see the glow of Caitlin's blonde hair and her pale face. The anger rose in waves as he saw the wounds on her neck and how she looked like a crushed china doll.

Whoever did this to her will pay with their life.

Julian pulled a chair from the corner and sat down by her side. He took her limp hand in his and rubbed it gently.

"I'm here now, Caitlin. I promise I will get revenge for the both of us."

Julian eyelids felt heavy and he laid his head on the side of the bed and slept. He never let go of her hand.

Cameron heard Kamala's voice calling him from the bedroom. He wiped the blood from his chin and pulled open the door He saw her staring back at him with terrified eyes. He rushed to her side.

"It's time you told me the truth, Cameron. Tell me everything."

Cameron saw the determined look in her eyes and he tried to think of where to start. Of whether to let her remember what he was about to tell her or make her forget. He thought of his daughter, his little raven, with her dark hair and brown eyes. He thought of Kamala and the beauty that had always inspired him. The Hunger flared up and for one moment Cameron thought of Embracing Kamala. Then the thoughts died down and he spoke.

"My life changed when I met Sorel..."

Julian woke up once in a while to stare out the window across from him into the stormy night. He wanted to get up and pull the curtains together but sleep pulled him back into its arms.

Julian felt the presence of others in the room and jerked upright. His neck was sore from the position he slept in and looked around at his surroundings. He thought at first it was the nurses and the doctor coming back.

He was wrong.

Julian looked up into the face of a older version of Caitlin. The woman stood staring at her daughter and then at Julian. She smiled as she reconized Caitlin's boyfriend.

"You must be Julian Luna, right?"

Julian nodded his head.

"I'm Caitlin's mom, Elizabeth. We just got the news late last night and rushed down here."

Julian noticed that Elizabeth was wearing a coat over her nightgown. There were lines in the corner of her eyes but to Julian she still looked beautiful. Elizabeth looked down the hallway and motioned Julian to stand beside her.

"That is my husband, Steven, and Caitlin's younger sister Danielle."

Steven and Danielle stepped into the room and a look of sorrow came over their faces.

"Who did this? What kind of monster could do such a thing! Who could do such a thing to our little girl!!!"

Steven's voice rose in the room and Elizabeth put Caitlin's hand in hers and felt the tears burn her cheeks.

"Please calm down, Steven. She can hear everything that is happening around us."

Elizabeth glanced over at Julian.

"I'm so sorry about this, Julian. I was hoping we would meet under better circumstances. Caitlin had a surprise for you this weekend. We were coming up to see her and to meet you. She has a lot of nice things to say about you. You are good for her."

Her husband said nothing but walked over and sat on the other side. Danielle stood by Julian and sobbed. He couldn't help himself and drew her into his arms. He smoothed and patted her hair and felt the tears soaking his shirt and through to his skin.

She looked up into his eyes. "Your breath, Mr. Luna. It smells like..."

Julian looked up over her shoulder and saw the sun coming up over the tall building in front of them. He remembered that he had not fed and the blood he had taken earlier was gone. Gone. He felt totally empty.

Something was different.

"Close the drapes!" Julian yelled.

He felt the panic rising in the chest and he imagined the terror in their faces as the unforgiving sun burnt his flesh. Caitlin's family looked at Julian as if suddenly he had gone mad. The sun filled the room and then bathed Julian and Danielle in light. He gasped in wonder as he lifted his hand into the sun. He still felt Danielle's tears. Felt her heartbeat but no longer hungered for her blood. >He felt....human again. He felt mortal again. A voice woke him from his deep thoughts. He looked over and saw Caitlin's eyes open and then she spoke again. It was a whisper that nobody understood but they were happy to see her awake.

She looked at Julian and a weak smile came over her face. She looked around and saw her family and Julian together and wanted to sit up but felt so weak. She felt the dark shadows wrapping around her mind and the room start to go black again.

She knew she was going back to the nightmares again but she managed to say one word before it took her over....


Steven turned around and spoke to Julian with a firm voice.

"Who's this Cameron? Did he hurt her?"

Julian shook his head. He had no idea what to tell him. But if Cameron was involved he knew that he had to take him down. It didn't matter if was human now. It didn't make a damn difference.

Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight

By Kimberly Bliss

Part Two

Warning: R Rating

Strong Sex, Violence, Language, & Accounting *grin*

Reader Discretion Is Strongly Advised

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Julian felt his anger burning in his gut like a hot iron. He knew what had to be done. He had to kill Cameron. Had to make him pay for everything.

Danielle heard a sigh come for Julian as he slipped out of the room and was hit with the with the smell of food. Danielle came to stand by him and linked her arm with his. He had mistaken her to be so much younger. Around 15 or 16. Closeup she looked 19. Julian felt stirrings of desire as she moved closer to him but shut them off before she noticed. Oh god she was going to be a heartbreaker someday.

The day went fast. Before Julian knew it nightfall had come to claim the city again. His city. Julian walked over to Caitlin's bedside as she opened her eyes and took his outreached hand.

"I want to get up and walk. Get away from this bed. This room."

Julian barely heard her words. She repeated them and motioned toward the door. He looked over at her parents and Danielle and then up to the television. The new was on with a report about the murders last night.

"This is Julie Beamer reporting from LAKT Breaking News on a gruesome murder. A body was found in an alley near St. James Memorial Hospital late last night. The victim, Colby Meyers, was last seen with his friend Andrew Harris. Colby Meyers was twenty two years old as he celebrated his birthday with his friend. There has been no sign of Andrew Harris. He has disappeared without a trace. If you have any information about the whereabouts of Andrew Harris or any other details to help solve this murder please call...."

Julian had heard enough. So did Steven. He reached over to turn the TV off and looked at Julian.

"I hope they get that dirty bastard and make him PAY!"

The disgust on Steven's face shook Julian to the core. It even frightened his wife Elizabeth as she tried to calm her husband down. There were even tears in their eyes. Did they know the men? Julian gripped on the side of the nightstand to keep from going down. Andrew Harris was missing. Julian got a little fuzzy on what happened between him and Harris. He remembered killing his friend Colby. But did he let Harris run? Let him get away? No, oh god no...he remembered Andrew's blood rushing into his mouth at an alarming rate. He had to get out of this room. He stil felt some hunger for blood. Caitlin sat up and reached for Julian. She grunted and the slowly moved along with Julian the the door. Her lover frowned as he realized that she was healing. That was good but it also worried him. She was healing too fast. All the bruises were gone as were the bite marks which were reduced to pinpoint marks that would leave tiny scars. But Julian noticed another bite. One that refused to heal. He touched it and she pulled away as if he hit her.

"Don't touch me there."

He put his arm around her and kissed her cheek. They slowly moved down the hallway. They were so engrossed into each other they didn't notice that the shadows moved along with them.

Alexander was that shadow. He grinned as he watched the two lovers turn and kiss.

Flip, flip, flip.

Burn, baby, burn.

He looked down at his lighter and stuck it back in his pocket. He had no time to watch them. He had business to do. Business at the Luna Compound.

"Burn, baby, burn!"


Sasha watched as Cash came around the corner on his motorcycle and ran to meet him. He noticed she was wearing one of her dresses that left nothing to the imagination. It was one of his favorites. Blood red velvet. She hopped in behind him and grabbed his waist. She leaned her head down and kissed the side of his neck which sent thrills through his entire body. With shaky hands he started the cycle and flew down the road. Cash could feel Sasha's curls flying to caress his cheek at times. Her hands moved from his wait to roam around as she kissed his neck again.

"You're going to make me crash, Sasha!" Cash said with laughter and desire in his voice.

Sasha laughed and tightened her grip. She leaned up to whisper in his ear.

"I want you, Cash."

That was all she said. Cash gulped and increased the speed. Sasha laughed ran out into the night. The laughter was cut short as Sasha yelled above the sound of the cycle.

"There's somebody following us!"

Cash looked over his shoulder at the black car tailgating them. He increased his speed even more.

"Hold on Sasha!"

She did as she was told and laced her fingers even tighter up front. The car bumped lightly on the back of the motorcyle and Cash cursed. The car backed up and then went into the other lane to chase them. The car and motrocyle was even now. Cash wondered if it was some of the Brujah Clan or some other Kindred Clan out to have some vicious fun. The windows in the car rolled down and Cash let out a laugh. They were human teenage boys driving Dad's car. Probably the boys were around eighteen. They was about two in the front and five in the large backseat. They all stared at Sasha and hollared.

"Hey baby! Why be with this boy when you can come and play with real men."

Sasha laughed and leaned over. She lifted her head up and give them the finger. The car increased in speed and tried to go in front of Cash in the right lane.

"Aw come on baby...don't be that way. We could have some fun at my parents house. They're gone for the weekend. We could show you a real good time. I've got a new waterbed I am just dying to show you. We could test it out!"

The boys cheered in the car. Sahsa gave them the finger again and kissed Cash's cheek. A police car came up and over the hill toward the black car and yelling and cursing came from it. The speed was increased and the car moved back in front of Cash before the policemen saw what was going on. The car disappeared into the night. Cash let out his breath slowly and grinned.

"Cash?...That was so scary...it made me scared and pissed and....

...so horny."

Cash felt her hands running over his chest and he increased his speed even more heading toward toward Luna's Compound.


Cameron looked down at Kamala as she slept. She slept better this time. No nightmares. No her nightmares were real and right in front of her. As he finished his story about his Embrace he felt her fear, her love, her disgust, and her hate. She hadn't said much. She pulled herself up and into his arms without saying a word. Kamala's eyes opened and stared at Cameron's fingers. She took his long fingers and curled them up with hers. She looked beyond Cameron to the doorway and gasped. Cameron whirled around to find Peter standing in the doorway.

"Ah, how touching, pretty boy! She KNOWS and still loves you. I bet she could love me too. Maybe I can taste her and...."

Cameron growled. "Stay away from her, Peter. I warn you here and now. She is under my protection."

Peter shook his head and let out a cruel laugh.

"And I thought we were friends?"

Cameron didn't answer. Peter looked over at Kamala and cocked his head to one side.

"You've got a really pretty little girl Kamala. I bet as her Mother are very proud of her."

Peter then looked over at Cameron with hate on his face.

"You think you're the Daddy, don't you?!?"

"Don't mock me, Peter!"

"Kamala was so heartbroken after you *died*. She cried and I think a little part of her soul died with you. I was there to comfort her. To hold her. To talk of past good times. Remember those Cameron. Before the Embrace. We were thisclose. Like brothers. I always felt that your *death* and the circumstances around it were a little hard to swallow. I had a feeling that somehow you were still alive. I actually missed you. Cried with Kamala about you. You were a heartless bastard at times when you cared more about business then anything else but I have seen your other side. The side of love for your wife and family. You do care. You still do. But thats not the point I am trying to make here."

Peter looked down at his shoes and then looked back directly into Cameron's eyes. "One night Kamala and I were talking. It was about just after you died. I hugged her after she spoke of how lonely she was without you. I kissed her, Cameron. She liked it and returned it and wrapped her arms around my neck as she sobbed. We kissed a while then I began to unbuttom her shirt..."

"I DON'T want to hear anymore!" Cameron yelled.

"I screwed your wife. I made her yell my name out. I know about the little birthmark on her...."

"NO MORE!!!"

"Cameron let me finish! We made love. We made a baby."

Cameron ran his hands through his hair and went silent.

"No, Peter. She is Cameron's little girl."

Peter put a finger up in the air. "No, no, no.....you have always thought that. That she was Cameron's child. But Sara Beth is my child. I have always made sure that she was okay. Her protector. When she grows up I am going to teach her the ways of the Kindred and make her like us. I am going to give her the chance to live forever, Cameron. As you gave the chance to live again."

No one spoke. An uneasy silence filled the room. Peter had to break it. To finish what he had come here to say.

"Remember that night. I was dying. I felt the bullet lodged in and the blood rushing out of my body. The world was growing dark and I was frightened. My wallet lay where the thugs had dropped it. They stole a lousy eight dollars and then shot me. I looked over at the wallet and saw a picture of Sara Beth. I feared that I would never see her again."

"Then I saw you. A dark angel in the night. I thought you were coming to take me home. To Heaven. I didn't realize you were going to deliver me to a different kind of Hell. But don't worry about it I like the way I am now. Kamala, I felt his breath on my neck. Felt his teeth part my flesh and the sting as he drank. He sat back up and tore a gash in his own wrist and offered it to me. He told me he didn't want his best friend to die. I weakly latched on and drank. He helped me through the first hunger and the first pains of being Kindred but with the gratefulness of him *saving* my life I hated him just the same. The Embrace brought us together but our differences spiraled into hate."

"And you know what, Cameron. I still hate you to this day. And I enjoyed screwing your wife. I probably did more for her in that bed you two used to share then you ever did. I made her feel like a woman that night."

Cameron had enough. He leaped form the bed and grabbed Peter by the throat and slammed him into the wall.

"No, Cameron, stop it!"

Cameron ignored Kamala and tightened his hold on his Childe's neck.

"I made you. I can destroy you!"

A grin came over Peter's face.

"You can't kill me. You would be killing Sara Beth's father."

"You're a bastard, Peter. I want you to get out of here now. I don't want to ever see your face again. Understand?"

He dropped Peter to the ground and turned his back on him. There was no answer. There was no sounds of Peter getting up and leaving the room. Dead silence. Then a sound of fear. A low whimper of fear. Then the sound as if someone was gulping down a drink. Cameron turned back around and screamed. Alexander craddled Peter in his lap. Peter's eyes stared up at the ceiling as Alexander continued to tear at his throat and drink the blood. Peter's body went limp and Cameron knew his friend was dead.

Cameron stepped back into bed and held Kamala. No matter what had happened with Kamala and Peter he had to protect her now. Alexander looked up with a bloody grin on his face. He dropped Peter on the floor and advanced toward them.

"Who's next?"

The sound of the door slamming downstairs distracted Alexander.

"I am going to take care of our visitor then I am going to check to see if anybody else is around then I am going to come back to take care of you both!"


Cash closed the door behind Sasha and they walked into the nearest room. It was Julian's study. Cash felt bad for using his study but couldn't wait anymore. Sasha backed up the the desk as Cash followed her. She reached behind her and knocked all his papers off. All the accouting and newspaper information papers off. She reached to take one last paper off and looked at it. A laugh came as she read the contents.

"I didn't know Uncle Julian liked to read The Far Side."

She threw the paper down the the ground as Cash lifted her up onto the desk. His lips come down on hers and she could taste the old blood in his mouth. His lips pressed against her ear and he nipped playfully at her earlobe then kissed his way along her jawline until he reached her mouth again. With one hand he tilted her face towards his and his mouth closed over hers. His tongue explored her lips and tongue. Cash broke away from their kiss and sat up as a growl rose to his throat and he tore at her dress as she reached for his shirt to pull over his head. He bent down to cradle her face for a moment and then allowed one finger to move slowly downward withall his desire and fire and passion concentrated in that one long finger. Sasha felt as if his finger was leaving a trail as it moved slowly down her body to her cool slim neck over the curve of her breast theen down the the soft curve of her belly to the front of one thigh. She gently nipped at his neck and pulled his shirt over his head and pulled off his pants. She ran her hands through his hair. They lay together.

The door opened.

"Get up. Stop the sex! Get dressed. Come with me or die now."

They were simple commands. At first Sasha thought it was Uncle Julian and he was pissed. But as she looked over her shoulder a wave of fear shot through her. The person looked exactly like Zane but she knew better. Julian told Daedalas about Alexander and told the others about him. Warned the Kindred about him. But it was too late.

Alexander looked over at Sasha with interst on his face.

"You stay away from her!"

"Now Cash...don't be a selfish dog!"

Alexander grinned at the handsome and protective Gangrel Primogen.

"My oh my. Two women to play with. This will be so much fun!" "Who else is here?"

"Ah Sasha. It's Cameron and his lady love, Kamala. Us five could have fun. It doesn't have to be painful. Well, doesn't have to be that painful."

Alexander took the lighter out of his pocket.

"What are you going to do?"

"Shut up, Cash!"

Cameron and Kamala entered the study and saw Cash & Sasha throwing their clothes on then focused their attention on Alexander and the lighter.

"Glad you all could be here. I want to take over this city. I want to be Prince. I saw Julian at the hospital this evening with his human lover, Caitlin. But I don't worry about Julian anymore. He's pissed at you Cameron. He thinks you are responsble for most of those dreams and the attack Grace & I did. Nope all my doing! He wants revenge on you. I will make sure that Caitlin's family thinks you are the one totally responsible. They will band together and hunt you down. Like I said Julian will be no problem. He's...human now. He was part of those gruesome muders last night. He killed one person but another I think he kind of liked."

Alexander looked into the shadows and called out. "Andrew! Come out, come out wherever you are!"

Everyone was in shock about the news that Julian was human again. But that couldn't be true. It was impossible to become human again. Or was it?

Andrew stepped out into the light of the study with a embarrassed look on his face. He turned toward Sasha and Cash.

"Sorry. Alexander told me to stay here."

Sasha knew that Andrew was Julian's Childe. He had Embraced the frightened young boy. They all stood in the room in deathly silence.

Flip, flip, flip.

Cash watched as Alexander opened and close the top of the lighter.

"I am going to burn this fucking house down tonight. Some of you may survive. Some may die. Some may go with me."

Alexand carelessly tossed some gasoline around the room.

"I already had some gasoline poured throughtout the compound. I will build a new as Prince of this city. I will rule and I will bring about a change."

"What kind of change?"

"A change you didn't want to know, Cash. Things are going to be different here for now on. For me and my partner."

"Who's your partner?"

"You ask too many questions, Cash. Thats none of your business. But I sent Elena to the hopsital to stop Julian from coming back here. I don't care if she kills him or just keeps him away she will take good care of him."

The lighter top closed once again and then for the final time opened a spark lit up. Alexander bent down to start the fire going.


Alexander heard Sasha scream and smiled.

"Baby, it's going to be okay. You'll see that."

The fire flickered with a life of its own and traveled quickly to the curtains. Alexander looked at the group of frightened people and lifted his arms above his head.

"You're fucking crazy...." Cash whispered with fear in his voice.

Alexander laughed. "Burn, baby, BURN!"


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