by Dampyria

Frank was driving through the city braking every speed limit but for once he didn't care. Why even bother to respect the law when nobody else seems to care? Like the case he was working on. A man, a hard worker was found killed in his own house. He left behind a wife and two children with no money and a loan on the house but the funniest thing was that when they catched the killer he got away because of a legal mistake. Suddenly his gloomy thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of his cell phone. Annoyed he looked up the number of the caller and let out a sigh of desperation. It was Sonny. He was trying to contact him ever since he left the station. No this wasn't correct, he didn't leave the station he stormed out of it after he had knocked the perp down unconscious. Oh well another suspension at the horizon, nothing new. The last two years had been a living nightmare for him. First Laura's death then Alexandra's and as if this wasn't enough he was forced to live between two words: Human and Kindred. "Well Frank, face it" he thought "your life is a living hell and you can't escaped it. O.K. you know what you have to do, don't you? Yeap, get drunk till I fall from the chair unconscious. And I just happen to know the right place for this."

The Haven was in dusk light , romantic music was coming through the speakers and the dance floor was full of people and Kindred. It was the right place for someone who wants to be left alone. But it seemed that Frank hadn't such luck because the moment he entered two pair of eyes started to follow him.

She noticed him the moment he passed the entrance door. He was so perfect with his hazel eyes, brown hair and dangerous look, but what attracted her most was the air of desperation that surrounded him. *He has to be mine* was her only coherent though *mine forever.*

Meantime another pair of eyes was locked on him. Lillie had noticed him the moment he entered the club. He has always attracted her but tonight there was something different about him. And this something awake the passion in her so she decided to enclose him.
"Well, hello Detective Kohanek. Are you here to arrest me?" she purred into his ear.
Frank jumped and barely managed not to fall down. "Shit Lillie would you please stop doing that. You almost gave me a heart attack." he said in an annoyed tone.
"Little jumpy tonight, aren't we?" She teased him.
"Look, could you just leave me alone? Tonight I really don't need company ."
At those words a little smile escaped her lips. He was desperate and on a guilt trip, a combination that she loved. This could turn out to be an extremely interesting evening. "Oh Frank, but I think that you need the company. MY company."
He blinked and looked at her. She was beautiful and willing to take away the pain away for just a few hours. Only a fool would refuse and Frank wasn't a fool. "In that case, lead the way."
Hearing that she took his hand and led him to her residence at the second floor.

Somewhere in the dark angry eyes followed them. "Fucking whore, how she dare? How she dare even touch what was her. Oh, but she would pay for this, she would pay with her life. And to what regard him, no more nice girl. No sweet talking, no gentles. He is going to be hers this very night.

Once the door of the room was closed, Frank didn't waste time. He pushed Lillie to the wall violently and begun kissing her hard on the lips. At first she was surprised at such passion she didn't expected it from him, but on the other hand this was even better. She liked surprises.
In the next moment she was on the ground with Frank's angry hands on her hips and breasts. His mouth left her lips and was traveling down her throat to her nipple biting it not too gently. She screamed in delight at the sudden pain and encircled him with her legs pulling him even closer. His penis respond immediately and Frank arched his back needing to enter her. Lillie, who was waiting for this lifted her hips and he trusted in her. The culmination that followed was quick and strong living the two exhausted lying on the floor.
A couple of hour later Frank woke up and left the apartment not wanting to face Lillie. His behavior was unforgivable. How could he expect her to look at him without felling sick after the way he had treated her.

Lost in his thoughts he didn't notice the shadow that was following him until was to late. Suddenly he felt a strong pain exploding in his head and the last thing he saw was an angry face of a beautiful lady that was screaming something to him.


Sonny slammed the phone down, his worries becoming bigger by every passing. Frank hadn't showed up for work. He hadn't called in sick and what was worse, Sonny couldn't reach him. Suddenly a thought stuck him. There was a word in the Kindred world that Lillie had taken an interest in Frank. For all he knew it was only a gossip but at that point, he was so desperate to even risk her wrath. An evil grin crossed his features for a moment. *Frank and Lillie. What a couple. If they unite their forces there will be dark days coming for Julian.* At that thought he couldn't stop but wondering about Lillie's reasons for hanging around Frank. Well, there could be several motives. First and very remote, she liked him. Second and far more reliable was that she used him to get back to Julian for the story he had with Caitlin and there was the third choice that said that she wanted him as a child. The third possibility shocked Sonny but before he could think of the motive for his reaction a sensual voice came from the phone.

"Haven. How can I help you?"
"Cindy, is that you? Look, I have to speak with Lillie. Is she there?"
"Yes, but she doesn't want to be disturbed. She is going through the books. You know how that make her nervous. All those numbers and stuff…"
"Yeah I know, but Cindy this is very important."
" I don't think…"
" Cindy! Please?"
"Oh well I guess…"
"But you own me a big favor here, remember that!"
"Whatever you want, sweetheart."

Sonny waited a few seconds while the connection was made and prayed that Lillie knew where Frank was.

"Sonny, what is so important that you have to disturb my work?"
were the first words that came through the phone, said in an irritated voice.
"Sorry to interrupt your work but I was searching for Frank and thought that maybe he is with you."
"And pry tell why do you think he is here?"
"Ahhhh… well …you see …Lillie, that's not the point!!! Frank didn't come in and he is nowhere to be found. Now, is he there?"

Sonny's words were followed by a long silence, then. " Maybe I should call Julian. This is not like him. We will meet at the mansion after you finish your shift."
Sonny was taken aback by the seriousness in her voice. Looked like she really cared for Frank. And if she decided to embrace him? He shook his head and push the thought down. What was it to him anyway?
This was none of his business.

LUNA MANSION (8 hours latter)

Sonny parked his car in the proximity of the mansion and carefully entered the back door of the house. At the beginning the necessity to hide his connection with Julian had bothered him but now he accepted the fact that he, as a police officer, couldn't be related to a well known mobster boss.
Through the kitchen he entered a long corridor which led him to a library door. Here he paused a moment closing his eyes, trying to determinate who was in the room. After few seconds he let out a sigh and opened his eyes. If his senses didn't betray him there were be three people in the room: his sire, Lillie and a Gangrel, probably Cash. Satisfied that there weren't any strangers, he entered the room with a silent knock.

Hearing someone entering the library the three of them ended their intense discussion and turn to greet the newcomer. Julian opened his mouth to speak but Lillie interrupted him before he had a chance to proclaim a word.
" Did you hear anything from Frank?"
Sonny let a doubtful look in Julian's direction indecide if answering the question or wait to first greet his sire and prince. At Julian's nod of permision he began to speak. " Unfortunately Frank hasn't contacted me or any other officer during the day. Due to the fact that this can concern Kindred world I cover for him and reported he called in sick. During the night I tried to trace his movements and the last to see him was a Toreador that claimed to have seen him around 6.00 a.m. when he left the Haven."
Julian threw a slide glance at Lillie then took control of the situation.
"Cash! Gather your clan and in the time left before the sun rise search the area."
The Gangrel primogen nodded and left the room.
Julian turned and took a careful look at Lillie. From some time now he was following her relation ship with Frank. At the beginning he had belived that it was only a way to provoce same kind of reaction from him. To get back for his relation with Caitleen. But lately he had noticed a change in the way she threaten Frank and this fill him with worry. He knew very well the nature of all clans and as a Toreador Lillie wouldn't think twice about embracing Frank if she really began to care for him.
Lillie who sensed his thoughtful eyes on her snapped. "What? Is that it? Frank disappeared and you send a bunch of Gangrels in search for him? They will never be able to find him!!!"
With all the calm that he could gather he replied. " No, as a matter of fact I was going to send you and Lillie to the Haven to
investigate. Lillie I am going to ask you a question and I want you to answer sencirely. Am I made myself clear? Good! What are your intentions toward him?"
Well this is none of your business!! But if you really want to know the truth I like him. You know in a lot of ways he is just like you. In fact the two of you are very alike….", at saying this words her voice become sensual and her face took a dreamy expression.
Sonny hearing this words nervously move from one foot to another.
"And for this you can't embrace him!" he harshly interrupted her."He would never be happy as a Toreador."
Lillie was for a moment taken aback by his reaction. Then she erupted violently. " You don't know how I feel!! He is mortal and with his line of work he risk his life every day. I can't look at him knowing that he can die or that he can be already dead."
"Lillie I don't say that I am opposed to his embrace. As a matter of fact this will solve many problems for me not to mention that he come to close to us, he know as to well. Basically he doesn't have a choice anymore and somewhere he knows that. I am just waiting for him to voice his decision. But making him Toreador is not… he is more Gangrel or Ventrue material. Look we will talk about this later. Now the important thing is to find him. Go!!"

Meantime in the basement of on old house

Frank awoke feeling a great pain in the back of his head. Carefuly not moving his head to rapidly he took of his surroundings. He was laying on a old sofa in some kind of basement. There were no windows and the only way out was an old door which was by all the look of it locked. He rose slowly and tryed to move only to find out that
his wrists and ancles were tied to a bed.
'Oh man' he thought ' and there I was yesterday thinking that my life couldn't get any more screwed up'
Suddenly the door opened and a young girl around 20-21 years old walked in. Her beautiful green eyes danced on his body and then moved on his face. Her gaze locked with his and what he saw in them petrified him. There somewhere inside that girl was hidden a madman that only waited the right words to free himself and destroyed whatever was at reach of his hand. Frank could only preyed to never say them.
"Hello beauty. How are you today?" she asked with a seductive voice.
*Damn, think of that hostage course that you took last year. What did they say about situations like that? Oh shit. Now I
remember! I skip that course. Ok first thing first stay cool, secondly be polite and don't piss them of. Right I can do that!*
"I am quite fine, thank you. Only my head hurts a little and my limbs are painful. Could you …you know kindda untied me?" Saying that he shoot her one of his best hot smiles. Or so he thought. The expression on the girls face changed her eyes become yellow and her fangs emerged." What do you think that I am stupid?"she shouted and slapped him hard on the face. Frank needed a couple of moments to return to think. 'Ok so mad doesn't always mean stupid. This could go nicely under number three.'
But what amazed him most was her reaction. She knelt on the bed and started kissing him hungrily, repeating. "Sorry baby, sorry! I didn't mean it. Please don't hate me. You will see I will made up to you for this. Soon, very soon you will be joining me in the eternal night and we will be together forever."
Frank felt her fingers touching him, going through all his body and then beginning to strip him. Panic took over him. He started to fight her but tied like he was he didn't stand a chance. His effort seemed to only excited her more. She ripped his t-shirt open and moved her fingers down his chest drowning blood which she then lick. Frank was fighting it but the pleasure that come was to intense and he began to enjoy himself. His last coherent thought was that he was going to die at her hands and that he was going to enjoy it. "Oh well, there are worse ways to go"

At the Haven

Sonny and Lillie walked in the Haven after a silent ride during which both of them were lost in their thoughts. Once there they went immediately for the search of the young Toreador that had last seen Frank. They found her at a isolated table drinking. And for the look of it she was pretty out of it already.
"Mary? Hi! It's me, Sonny. Do you remember me from the previous night?"
She only looked at him with a blank stare saying nothing. Sonny tried again. " Remember we talked about Frank? The cop?"
At that she seems to snapped out of it. "Frank? Oh, god! I am so sorry about him. So sorry! I never wish him harm. He was so cute!"
"What do you mean was?"
"Sandy took him. Saying she was in love with him. Wanted to embrace him."
"Where? Where did she take him?"
"Old house, just out side the city. Elmer Street 17. I am really sorry!"
But when she looked up there was nobody here. Sonny and Lillie were on their way preying to come in time.

Elmer street 17

Frank was laying on the bed, eyes closed to tired to even open them. Sandy was close to him enjoying the sensation of his warm body pressed to hers cold one. She looked at Frank, his beautiful face and decided that that was it. She couldn't wait any more. She came even closer and started kissing him on the lips and then down until her month reach the jab line where the blood was pulsing rapidly. Her fangs emerged and she prepared herself for a bite.

This story was published in March 2001.

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