Lennox 1: Love Song for a Vampire

by Lopaka Tanu

Come in to these Arms Agaib Episode Scene: Frank has just confronted Julian after the shoot out at the Haven which before Julian asked Cash to take the place of his sire as his body Guard.

"...I will find a way. And when I do you are going down."

Cash watched the stunning man with bated breath. So arrogant and self sure, it was remarkable that he had survived this long with that attitude. Yet with a body like that and the personality to boot. Slowly he licked his lips in anticipation of the hunt. This was one mortal that would be his, oh yes, he was definitely going to make him beg for it.

Frank glared at the *mob boss* and waited for a response. When none was forth coming he smirked at this small victory and decided that tonight was a good night after all. He took a last look around at the bikers and their 'Bitches' as they referred to them. Quickly he noticed a younger looking man with wild hair and a goatee smirking at him.

Slowly they faced off sniffing the air at around them in a display of dominance. The taller man growled at the blond and bared his teeth in warning. The blond smirked and made a biting motion that looked more like a kiss then nip. Quickly the brunette snake out a hand and caught the blond in a vise like grip and pulled the blond in close to go for his throat. Blond man bared his neck to give better access to his opponent. Instead of biting the tall man roughly kissed and licked his way up to the full lips... Hungrily he crushed the blond mouth seeking more. Their tongues dueled for control until they broke for air. When the taller man stared in to the eyes of the blond he pulled back at their predatory silver.

Frank came to himself realizing he was staring at the smirking biker and frowned. He sent a scowl towards the biker and was received with a bring it on gesture of a sudden lift of the head. Slowly he turned away and back to his prey. "Remember Luna I am watching you." With that he turned and stalked off towards his car.

"I'll remember that Frank. Thank you and have a nice evening." Julian Luna waved as the Detective's car took off for some other part of his city to do what Cain knew what.

Cash's eye's glinted silver as he watched the angry strut of his next play thing. Lust shot strait to his groin as he saw the play of muscles under the duster. He favored the detective with a sneer as he looked on while driving past.

"Cash as your first project as my new body guard it is your duty to keep an eye on my enemies. Tonight you have met what may be the most dangerous, not only to me but to us all. He is to be dealt with quietly. For now I only wish you to observe him anything more than that may expose us. Is that clear?" Julian pierced the Gangrel elder with his eyes.

Cash smiled. "What ever you say, this is your show."

"Good, now I have other things to deal with. I will expect you later tonight at the Manse. Good evening." With a nod he heads off to do what ever new business he must attend.

The Blond Gangrel turns to the rest of his clan with a true Malicious grin. "Who is up for a little observation and a little Brujah bashing not necessarily in that order?"

A round of agreement and they are off on their bikes howling in to the night to find some new form of entertainment. Cash leads his pack on the hunt while his mind drifts back to that imagined kiss. 'This is going to be a sweet deal.' He thinks as his bike rears up like a horse and takes off down the road ahead of the pack.


Scene: Frank is sitting in his car after shooting Julian twice in Alexandra's Rose Garden.

He pulls out the photo from his over head visor and smiles through the tears at her beautiful face. "Why is life so damn complicated? Couldn't I be happy for once?" Sadly Frank shakes his head and wipes away the tears and his runny nose. After up ending his bottle one more time he tosses the empty one in the back of his car and picks up another one.

"Ah Frank you really ought not to have done that."

Frank turns to the voice and finds the Blond punk from days before sitting in his passenger seat. "What the hell do you, trash?"

Cash faked a wound in his chest. "Ouch that one stings. Actually the name is Cash."

"So the hell what Flash." Frank snorted at his childish behavior.

"Cash, but that is besides the point. You really should learn who not to mess with bucko."

Frank grinned at him. "Your here on behave of the Leech aren't you. You're one of them. Well too bad ya sick freak. I will do what it takes to take him down, no matter how long. In fact I should probably go shoot him again it felt pretty good the last time."

Cash smirked at him. "I bet it did. Too bad I can't let you do that. You see there is a little rule out there that protects him from you."

"Oh," Frank pulled the cap off the bottle of whiskey and drained a fifth of it before Cash yanked it from him. "Hey give that back. I am warning you." Frank tried several ungraceful maneuvers to restrain the taunting kindred until he finally sat back in his seat with a huff.

Cash finished the bottle in two drinks and gave a sound of appreciation. "You got to know some thing. She broke the Law. The ultimate Law. She jeopardized us and you by telling you about us."

Frank shook his head sadly. "You're wrong. She didn't tell me about you until after you consigned her to death." He looked at the steering wheel bitterly. "But it's a little late for that. Did you have to kill her?"

Cash sighed then shook his head yes. "Unfortunately our laws are very strict, with good reason. If you brake them the only punishment that is both civil and humane is final death. Any thing else and you would have total anarchy. Could you imagine that, a war between the humans and us? No we decided long ago that the Masquerade must be maintained at all costs."

Frank gave him a sad smile. "So you are here to uphold this Masquerade, am I right? You are here to kill me?"

With out looking at Frank, Cash shook his head no. "Unfortunately for me, Julian made a deal with the late Ms. Saris and you are to be protected."

"Oh joy, lucky me." Frank pulled out another bottle and was about to take a swig of it when it too was yanked from his hand.

"Yeah lucky you. I can't kill you, but there is nothing that says I can't fuck with ya." He drained the entire bottle then turned on Frank with a feral look. "So up for a little grief counseling?"

"Shove it up your ass."

"I intend to, only you first." Cash pounced on the cursing human and let out a barking laugh at his attempts to protect himself. "Has any one told you you fight like a girl. Is that what you are, you wanna be my bitch?" Cash sniffed up the body of Frank and smiled when he reached his face. "You know I think you might just."

Frank tried to shove the horny Kindred away by punching him. "Get your fucking hands off me."

"Such a feisty one. Mah wee Bitch. Come on, why don't you turn around and take it like a good lover." He purred in to Frank's ear as he licked his way down to the throat. With inhuman strength he pulled Frank in to the back seat and wrestled him in to a submissive posture on all fours. Slowly he ground his arousal in to Frank's bottom and licked his ear. "You like this don't you." When Frank made grunts of disgust and anger Cash laughed. "I knew you would make a great bitch."

Frank brought his leg up in to the groin of the man on top of him. "I am no one's prison bitch."

"Who said any thing about prison you stupid shit? Fuck that hurts!" Cash held one hand to his throbbing balls and the other in a starting position over Frank's shoulder to around his lower ribs gripping his chest. "Just for that I am going to make it hurt." Quickly he pulled back and sank his fangs in to Frank's neck.

Frank struggled to pull the feeding kindred off to no avail. "Get off you fucking leech."

Cash pulled back and the angry barb. "Sorry only your kind are the leeches. Now settle down like my good little bitch and I make the pain stop." He purred soothingly in his lower throat and placed his head against the back of Franks kissing him. When Frank eased his fight, Cash peppered light kisses down the mans neck back to his feeding place and sank his teeth in again.

This time instead of the intense pain his body rebelled against him and thrust against the Kindred and he moaned in pleasure. He felt a strong hand rub him through his jeans stroking his painful erection. Quickly the pain and pleasure of the kindred's bite brought him to climax and he jerkily filled his pants with burning hot semen.

Cash smiled against his throat and released him a short time later. He licked the wounds closed and kissed the intimate red mark. He sniffed the air and smiled in to Franks ear. "I smell your enjoyment of my kiss. Next time may be we'll get around to getting out of your clothes before you soil them." He placed a hand down the front of Frank's pants to rub the limping member. "Oh my you are a naughty one, don't you know you are supposed to wear underwear."

Frank growled at the intrusion and panted as he became aroused again. "I suppose you are any different? Ah a oooh, god don't stop."

Cash laughed throatily at his human and reluctantly pulled his hand away from the crotch of the other. Quickly he sniffed and licked away the cum on his fingers. "You even smell and taste like a bitch."

"Mmmnot a bitch." Frank slurred his words as his drinking and lack of blood caught up to him.

Cash sat back on his haunches and patted Frank's ass. "Sure you are. You just didn't know before." He rubbed the spot he just patted and grinned when Frank backed in to his hand. "See you even react like one. You are a bitch, but even better, you are my bitch."

"I amma not."

"Are so, now don't argue with me. Remember what happened last time." Gently he tugged the larger man in to a sitting position next to him then had him lay down and place his head in his lap. Cash stroked Frank's hair slowly causing Frank to relax. When Frank began to cry again Cash shushed him. "It will be all right. You will feel better in the morning."

"Slash, sing to me." Frank was too drunk to hear the laugh but not so when Cash started up on a Guns and Roses hit.

"Don't you cry, Toniggghhhhhhhhhhhiieieieieittttttt......" Cash finished the song in an off key voice but if Frank heard the only response he gave was a light snore. He bent down, kissed the younger man's forehead, and whispered his good bye. "Good night young pup. Remember, you are mine now, and no one will dare challenge you over me." Before he left he placed a silver ring on the finger of his chosen with his Clan's mark of a wolf's head thrown back in a howl and a full moon behind it...

And lay your body down. - Prince of the City.

Scene: Frank is laying on the ground facing a feral Brujah Primogen.

"... Stay away human or not even your pathetic prince Julian can save you." Eddie Fiori shifts back to wolf and vanishes in to the night as a stunned Frank looks on.

After a few minutes Frank starts to get up and dust off his bottom when a hand from behind decides to help. Frank whirled right in to the arms of the blond from a couple weeks before.

"Hey lover miss me?" Cash pulls him in to an unwilling kiss. "You know you really ought to watch those Brujah, they're tricky bastards. If he had taken a step closer it would have been his last."

Frank pulled out his gun cocking it. "The same can be said for you."

Cash had the gun in his hand faster than Frank could see. "Frank, Frank Frank when are you going to learn that not all things are what they seem." Cash gave a huff as he found a knife poking his ribs. "I see you have learned that lesson well.

Frank glared at him and poke the kindred several times until he backed away. Taking back his gun he placed it back in his holster and backed away keeping the older kindred in sight. He reached his car and opened the door to slide in. He turned his back for a second only to be pressed against the side of his car. 'Being ravaged by a horny vamp was not all that bad.' Frank kicked himself for that thought.

Before he knew it Cash was on top of him and they were in the back seat. "Get off." He growled at the blond.

"Can't you see I am trying to? Now hold still and let me get us out of our clothes." Cash started to struggle again until he heard the sound of several bikes coming their way and jumped out of the car.

Frank sat up trying to right his clothes glaring at the cautious kindred. "What afraid they might see you trying to sexually assault an officer?"

"NO!" Cash responded like and annoyed child. "Do you have any idea what it would do to my reputation if they knew I was still trying to get to third base with YOU." He emphasized the last word.

Frank felt slighted at that remark. "And just what is wrong with me?"

"You know, you're you." Cash gave a helpless gesture with his hands.

Crossing his hands over his chest in out rage the cop huffed. "No I don't. What is so wrong with me? Am I supposed to be easy or some thing?"

"You know what, forget about it. Just get in your car and go home, Frank."

"No you are going to tell me what they say about me." He stood next to the shorter man and held his ground when he turned on him.

Cash clenched his fists in anger. "Go home human!"

"NO! Now tell me."

"You are this close to getting Frank." He held his thumb and index finger together.

Frank grinned evilly, he knew he had him. "Getting what?"

"Just remember you asked for it." Cash grabbed Frank's hand and pulled him in the car over his lap. With his preternatural strength he jerked down Frank's pants and underwear to expose his bare butt. "I see you have taken to wearing under clothes. I will just have to cure you of that habit." Quickly he yanked them out of Frank's pants and stuck them in his pocket. "Now remember this will hurt you more than it does me." With that he let loose a volley of slaps on Frank's ass.

"Stop you fucking bastard. Get your hands off me. Stop hitting me!"

"Okay." Amusement.

"STOP THAT!" Frank squirmed while the fingers probed him.

"Oh, so tight. I just love virgin fields. Always the hardest to plow but are the sweetest to grow things in."

"What are you doing?" Frank whined.

"Looking for some thing."

"Wha-AAAAT in heaven did you just do?"

"Found it." Cash hit it again and again until he felt the hot liquid fill his other hand. "You are such an ass slut." He slapped the red cheeks again then pushed Frank in to the floor board naked. Frank let out several curses as he was unceremoniously dumped in the floor of his back seat.

Cash laughed as his chosen one climbed out of the car muttering about damned kindred and their fetishes. Slowly he pulled out the pair of stolen underwear and inhaled the scent from the front pouch. "A thong, and I thought you were a little on the conservative side Frank." Laughing he climbed on his bike and road away in the shadows.


Scene: Frank has just left the Library after vowing to make Kindred kill Kindred.

He put the key in the lock of his door and froze. "What do you want?"

"You should listen to your partner. Smart guy."

Frank pulls out a wooden stake and mallet from his coat.

Cash laughs at him. "You know that stuff don't work on us."

"Correction, it immobilizes you long enough for me to drain you dry. Let's see two hours until sunrise. That's a hell of long time to wait to die."

Cash halted in his approach. "You're bluffing."

Frank smirks at him. "Oh really. Let's ask that crispy critter they brought in a couple weeks ago by the name of... what was that grilled turkey who forgot to wear his sunscreen, oh yeah Stevie Ray." He found himself slammed against his car and being lifted off the ground.

Eyes glinting silver Cash growled. "You are never to speak that name in that tone again."

"Why was the French Fry a friend of yours?" He found the Kindred's lack of control intoxicating. "You know that makes a funny tongue twister. French Fried Friend. Say that five times fast."

Cash seethed in anger. "You will learn not to mock me human. You are my Bitch and will do what I say."

Frank's eyes glowed in hatred. "Never!"

"Forever!" Cash slammed him again then disappeared allowing the human to fall to his knees choking.


Scene: Cash has just pulled up to the Haven with Sasha.

Frank looks down at the wring in his hand and builds up the courage to face Julian with out killing him. He gets out of the car when he notices the bikes and their riders. On one of them is a new girl, and a familiar blond head. Frank closes his fist around the ring and squeezes until his hand turns red.

Cash notices the Detective watching him from across the street and smiles to Sasha. He allows her to pull him in for a kiss. He deepens it while watching the stone face of Frank. He growls and pulls back when he does not get a rise from the man. Quickly he dismounts and follows Sasha in to the club only once to take his eyes of his chosen one. That was long enough for Frank to turn and walk away. In his place on the street was the silver ring with Clan Gangrel signet. Cash quelled the grief and followed the fiery red head in to the club.

Frank sits behind the wheel of his car and slams his fist on it several times. He wiped the tears and put the car in to start then drove away. Tomorrow, yeah tomorrow he would confront Julian. Tonight he needed to get drunk.


Scene: Frank has just given Julian the ring.

On his way out the Haven, Frank was feeling like he couldn't care less about his life or any thing. He is about to climb in his car a hand spins him around. He is bodily pressed against the Primogen of the Brujah clan. "What in hell do you want Fiori?"

Eddie smiled then traced a finger down Frank's face.

Frank jerked away from the touch.

"So wild, yet so deadly. My what a brujah you would make."

Frank pulled out of the death grip. "Sorry I aint a crook."

"No body is all innocent boy." He trails his hand down and grips Frank through the front of his clothes. "I bet you are more Brujah than you are willing to admit."

"Is this guy bothering you?"

Frank looks over Eddie's shoulder to see one of the guys that was always around Cash glaring at Eddie. Quickly he pulls the larger man in to a tight embrace and kisses him until the Kindred is thoroughly on mind freeze. "Yeah he is. I keep telling him that this is the proper way to kiss. He never listens it's always the face grab, then a peck on the lips." He looks at the smiling Eddie. "What do I look like the Vito Corleone. Come on kiss me right already."

Eddie backs away laughing as the angered and confused Gangrel walks away sneering at them. "Remember Frank, your are more like one of us than you care to admit. Be seeing you around."

Frank smirks at him. "Yeah what ever you say same to you." He get's in his car and drives away, only now allowing the pain to surface again. "That guy is going to tell his clan and they are going to tell Cash and Cash is never going to speak to me. Great way to fuck up a relationship. What the hell am I talking about. The guy tries to rape me. He bites me and feeds off me. He finger fucks me until I cum in his hand and I am quivering like a school girl. I have definitely got to get myself a boy friend. Oh hell no. Girls think girls, vivacious pouty lips with four instead of just two. Smooth firm perky breast."

He looks down and notices that nothing is happening. "Well what the hell do you know. Big hairy face, licking me all over the place. Oh give it up, for all you know I could be talking about a German Shepard." After giving his cock a major lecture he turns back to his task getting out of the car.

So there he sat. Noting the passing of time he waited. He tried to think but only came up blank. Before he knew it, the sun had risen and he was majorly late getting in. When he looked in the rearview mirror to check for traffic he noticed the dried tear tracks running down his face. He wiped away the new ones forming at the corners of his eyes and laughed as the radio played the song by Meatloaf, 'Objects in the Review Mirror, may appear closer than they are...'

The Rhythm of this Trembling Heart - Prince of the City part II

Scene: The following evening before the Conclave and Frank receiving the gun from Sonny. Club Psyche Brujah/Toreador coventure.

"So Mr. Kohanek, what makes you think that you can take Julian down?" Eddie Fiori smirked at the Detective as he sipped his blood wine.

"I hate him with all my being. He is the one that had my love killed." Frank said this as if it was obvious.

"Those are admirable reasons especially in a brujah, but let me rephrase this. Why should I help you take him down?"

It was Frank's turn to smirk. "You know I hear a lot now that my eyes and ears are open. It seems that you hate the Prince as much as I do if not more. If you were to say get me in a position to kill him then no one could blame you. I mean it would be that much easier for you to become Prince yourself. Besides you would have a cop on your side." Frank smiled then laid down the trump card. "Oh there is more thing. I hear that Julian's main contingent of Guards are Gangrel. Nasty little beasts. As Prince you can have them all killed with out any one getting in the way."

"And where did you here this from?" Eddie grew intrigued and alarmed in the same instant.

Frank sat forward taking a sip from his drink. "You would be amazed what you find in a public library, especially if you bribe the little old ladies behind the counter."

Eddie roared with laughter at Franks conspiratorially wink. "You will make an excellent Brujah Frank."

Frank was suddenly serious. "Sorry no dice. I am not going there. Already had one fucking vamp on my neck this month, so no thank you."

This was a point of interest to the Brujah Primogen. "Who was it?"

Frank looked around that even remotely resembled a Gangrel and found none. "That filthy Gangrel, Cash the Trash."

Eddie bristled at the name. 'So he has marked this human as his own. That means he is being tailed, and probably scanned daily. Better dump him now. Too bad, he would have made an excellent childe.' "Well that makes a difference. I am sorry but I won't deal with the leftovers of my enemy. He probably has you marked as his territory. Knowing their kind he probably pissed on you after he screwed you."

Frank stood in outrage. "He never did such a thing. In fact he never even got as far as getting out of his pants. For your information I am no ones left overs. So go fuck yourself. If you won't help me then I will do it myself." He turned and stormed out of the club.

After he left, six people followed him out in four different groups. Eddie recognized two as the Prince's Ventrue drones and the rest as Cash's people. Eddie undid his tie. 'That was a close one.' As he set it on the table in front of wiping off the blood tinged sweat he noticed a smirking Gangrel across the room. 'Too damn close.'


Scene: Frank just offed the Brujah through his window. A car is heard flying down the street.

Slowly he sits down on his bed and lets the tears come down. He couldn't believe it, after all that had happened they still tried to have him vamped or what ever they called it. The thought that Cash was not here to save him made him cry even harder.

He knew there would be no body, they had taken it with them when they fled. All he had to do was face himself in the mirror. With a sad expression he laid down and pulled his blankets around him and cried himself to sleep.

Several hours later, the Haven.

Frank is standing in front of Julian after just making a deal with the devil himself. He shakes on it and walks out. On his way to his car he notices a certain Gangrel sitting on his bike.

"Hey Frank, heard you blew away a Brujah, sounds like you are already becoming one of us."

Frank stops but does not turn around. "No it just means I no how to kill you faster. One vampire or another, you're all the same to me blood sucking leeches."

Cash snarled at him. "Oh yeah well Fuck You!"

"You only wish you had the pleasure." After hearing the growling coming from Cash, Frank felt smug and continued on his way to his car. He opened the door and was about to get in when Cash called out again.

"I would have given you every thing, every thing Frank."

Frank climbed in and closed the door. He pulled out slowly and drove away repeating in a silent Mantra, "I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry...."

Is beating like a drum. - NightStalker.

Scene: Mental Hospital, Starkweather has just escaped and Frank has a run-in with Cash.

"So you going to tell me what is going on or is it none of my business same as usual?" Frank glared at his former suitor seething hatred.

"Yeah you got a problem with that human?" Cash gets in his face and punctuates human with a hiss of hot breath.

"Yes I do, and have you ever heard of breath mints? I mean the metallic smell of old blood is bad enough, now I have to smell yours too." Frank makes wiping motions with his hands.

Cash blows in his face. "You know I haven't eaten' tonight. How about I feed off you?"

"Go fuck yourself. You can go but not far I want to know where you are just incase I have more questions."

"Just look under your bed, I will be there with the rest of the things you fear." Cash glared at him again then walks away.

Frank wipes the solitary tear from his cheek then gets back to work.


Scene: Night hawk Diner. After Julian's visit.

Frank sat stunned. Did Julian's foot actually do that. He looked down at his crotch and nodded in agreement to the voices in his head. Anger surged through him. 'They are all alike. They try to seduce you only when they need you then once they got it they dump your ass. What the hell is wrong with me. Am I just some convenient piece of ass. You might as well face it Frank, no one loves you now and no one ever will.' That thought was enough to sear his already frazzled nerves. He paid for his meal and left with out even touching his food.


Scene: After the Julian has fled the area of the execution of the psychotic Kindred. Some thing else happened before Julian left.

'He kissed me. I don't fucking believe it, he kissed me. Me Frank Kohanek is being seduced by a Vampire Prince. Who I do look like, some frigging long haired plantation owner in Louisiana. Wait a minute, Julian is the one with the accent. Does that mean I am Lestat? No way in hell. He can keep his dirty hands to himself.' In anger he kicked the corpse of the beheaded kindred. It had some of the desired effects so he did it again and again.

Silently he fell/sat down and let the grief over whelm him. He was tired of being used, tired of all the games and the lies. After tonight it would all be different, no more Mr. Nice guy. After tonight they could all kiss his ass he was through with them. He wrapped his arms around his knees and laid his head in the ball formed by his body and legs.

This is how Sonny found him twenty minutes later. He reached out to check on his partner but was struck back as Frank lashed out at him. "Easy Frank, it's only me. Come on partner, lets get you out of here." He made a silent inventory of the room as he led Frank to the waiting ambulance that had just arrived.


Scene: Two nights later, Club Hedonis, BDSM club. Frank is feeling frisky and guess who is there to help bring out his inner Kindred.

"So tell me why I should trust you?" Franks swiveled his 'sex on the beach' and seductively licked his lips at his companion.

"Because you find me fascinating. And I am charming and witty." The young man smiles at Frank predatorily.

"And what exactly would I find fascinating about you?" Frank looked at his reflection in the mirror behind the bar.

The young man laughed a gentle sound that made the cop feel comfortable around him. "Well for starters people say I am a really great kisser."

Frank eyes him wearily. "Oh really?"

"Yes really. You want to find out?"

"Is that the best you got?"

Laughing again the young man place's his hand on Frank's and looks him in the eyes. "Come with me and I will show you things you have not even dreamed of."

Frank felt the compulsion to go with the young man, pull at the back of his mind. Slowly he turned away from the iridescent eyes. "May be later."

"How about now?"

Frank looked back at the young man and noticed the silver glint to the eyes. "How about tonight?"

The young kindred backs off. "Tonight it is." He picks up Frank's hands and kisses it. "Until them Frank."

Frank watches as the Kindred left. "I didn't catch your name."

"That's cause I didn't throw it." He tosses back over his shoulder as he leaves. "The name is Zane, remember it cause you will be screaming it later."

Frank laughs as he hears the last part.

"Frank stop hitting on the locals and keep an eye out for the perp." A tiny voice replies in his ear.

"Ha ha Sonny." He speaks in to the gold band that winds around his arm like a snake. Dressed like an extra from the Hercules series he makes the rounds of the club smiling at the other men in the club. "Tell me again why I am the one in the leather and Greek jewelry."

"You match the perps' tastes perfectly. They hunt here regularly and you look just too damn cute in those leather shorts and boots."

Frank snorts. "Yeah well they ride up my ass like they're trying to hide from all these lust filled stares. I swear if you ever volunteer us to undercover investigations again I will personally shove this leather and fake jewelry up your ass."

"Sorry Frank, but that's not fake stuff. The perps can tell the difference, we kind of had to borrow some of it from the chief's wife. So don't lose any of it or it's coming out of your pay. Those are Kwan's exact words."

"Heads up guys, I think I've been spotted." Frank turned and fled while the three men chased him through the club. "Gee no one is trying to stop and help. I guess it just proves the whole damn club is corrupt. Why in hell do we allow these sick freaks to live and operate in our city?" He whined as he ran in to the room the police had rented to form their sting. "Who would have thought a sexual slave ring would form here in SF?"

Sonny shrugged as he beat the hell out of one of the guys trying to shoot his fellow officers when he realized it was a bust. "I have no idea Frank. These sickos just come out of no where. I still don't believe they were acting alone, but we will find out down at the station won't we boys." He slammed his perp against the wall when he tried to rush him.

Frank smiled at Sonny glad that this one was over, all that leather tended to remind him of a certain Gangrel. He took off the clip on earrings, the six bracelets, ten silver rings, and unwound the arm bad handing them to Sonny.

"What about the diamond/gold choker, and that what ever it is woven in to your bangs?"

"*That* is a signet banner. It looks like a necklace but actually is a head band with the symbol of who ever it belongs to. It just so happened to match the necklace, both of which belonged to my mother." Frank pointed to the pendant in the center of both of them. "It's a gypsy symbol, I think she said it meant Ravnous. Or what ever." He shrugged an failed to notice Sonny's shocked look. "Any ways they were designed for my family generations ago Way back before we came to this country. She says it was once worn by a gypsy prince when he was wed to his chosen. I used to love listening to her many tales." With a wistful sigh he shrugged again and left Sonny gaping at his back.

Frank huddled in his duster pulling it tighter against the night air. The night got colder the closer you got to the bay. He sensed a presence before he felt the hand on his shoulder turning him. He quickly got in a defensive position only to find his body once again in the embrace of a Kindred.

He let the waves of pleasure flow over him as the man licked the wound tenderly until it closed. He smiled lazily as Zane licked his lips and smiled at him.

"You taste good, human, different." Zane licked the side of his neck up to his ear.

Frank felt the goose bumps go up his spine. He smiled through the euphoric bliss imparted by Zane's kiss.

"Ready to feel alive again my gypsy prince?" Zane didn't wait for a response he simply kissed Frank senseless, which was not all that hard to do cause he was already half way there.

Frank knew nothing but the chance to forget his pain even if for a moment. The last few weeks even before Alexandra's death were a night mare. When this moment presented itself he took hold never to let go. "Yes."

Zane smiled at his soon to be lover and laughed. "Then what are we waiting for? Let us go." Quickly he pulled Frank on to his bike and they took off flying for parts unknown. Both with the knowledge that what would happen to night was just that, for only tonight.


In another part of town a certain Gangrel was cursing at a fiery red head who had yet again got in trouble with the law drawing attention to herself and her family. After she slammed the door in his face for the third time he finally gave in to the anger and took off. Running through the city was not as good as the forest but hey he was still free as he would say.

Slowly he walked over a cemetery wary of those buried but not forgotten. The sounds of lovers in the throws of passion drew his curiosity. As he came closer he recognized the scent of that as a human and a kindred together. He passed beyond the gates and in to a small park off to the side filled with old weeping willows that seemed to cry over the young lovers.

He noted that the kindred was no one he could identify, he would have to get closer and that would be too risky. But the human all he had to do was look at that face and know it was his chosen.

Frank caught sight of the large gray wolf as it watched him and Zane. He did not have to be kindred to know who it was. He glared at it and went back to kissing Zane. As he was thrust in to one more time he threw back his head and cried out in his release...

Cash cried out in pain it time with his chosen's release and ran away. He couldn't deal with this now. This was one thing too many. Frank was his! He made a vow that he would teach the human and his kindred lover that.

Zane watched in awe as he brought the human to orgasm. That he could create this reaction from some body drove him over the edge and he pumped the last of his seed in to Frank. With out breath he fell back rubbing his hand over his hairy chest.

Frank stayed in a sitting position with Zane still buried in him to the hilt. Dreamily he looked down on the beauty in front of him and sighed. "That was..."

"Wondrous?" Zane offered helpfully.

"I was going to say mind blowing. I feel so good, so strong, like I can take on any thing at this moment."

"Sex with a Kindred accept no substitutions." Has Frank laughed, Zane pulled him down for a kiss causing him to be freed from Frank. Together they lay in silence for a while. As the night grew old Zane started to move and gather their clothes. "Time to go Frank. I'm sure that your people are wondering where you are."

Frank slowly pulled on the leather outfit wincing as the leather came in contact with certain sore areas. When Zane noticed this he pulled Frank close. "Here let me. Can't very well ride the bike if you can't sit down." He bit the tips of his index and middle finger and applied them to the sore areas, gently rubbing in the healing blood. After the pain was numbed to a dull ache Zane stopped. "I want to heal your injuries but not take away all the reminders of tonight. Besides too much and you will become to bonded to me, and I have too much going on with out having to add an obsessed cop to them."

Frank scowled at him. "Thanks it's nice to know that you are only looking out for my well being." He winced as he lifted his leg to climb on the bike. "Think you can deal with that?"

"Why Frank are you asking me to ravage you again?"

"Never mind, take me home."

Zane made a sweeping gesture with his hand as he started the bike. "As you wish my lady."

"Say that again and I will stake your ass in the sun."

Chuckling he took off down the road towards Frank's. "What ever you say my lady." That got him a slap on the ass.


One last kiss and Zane was gone for good. Frank climbed the stairs to his apartment head spinning about the evening he just had not a thought on the nightmare his life had become. As he entered his apartment he noticed all the lights were of, even the one above the sink. The drapes were closed and his bedroom door was open, that meant Kindred were in the house.

"Come out I know you're here." He pulled his gun from his hip holster and looked around the room.

"Who was he?"

Frank whirled on the voice behind him.

Cash knocked the phosphorous gun out of his hand. "Did you enjoy having him fuck you? Is that all you wanted, some one to fuck your brains out?"

"Get out! Get out of my place now!"

"NO! You will answer my damn questions."

"Got to hell!" A knock at the door followed by it opening broke them apart.

"Frank? I thought I heard voices." Sonny walked in and noted Cash. "Is this guy bothering you partner?" He emphasized partner letting Cash know who's side he was on at the moment.

"No, he was just leaving, weren't you Trash." Frank glared at Cash, a look that promised retribution if he crossed him.

"Remember Frank this aint over." Cash said as he left.

"With you people it never is." Frank slammed the door in his face when he tried to make a retort.

"You wanna tell me what that was all about?" Sonny asked pointing at the front door.

"Nothing, he just can't accept that some things just weren't meant to be, and that people are not always who they appear to be." Frank looked out the window as Cash got on his bike and drove off. He felt a wave of pain flash through his system and his eyes tinted silver for a moment as the tears started. Quickly suppressing the pain he knew would last a couple of days from the time with Alexandra, with draw symptoms she had called them. It was a good pain, it let him know he was still here, that he was still living even though it felt as if his world was dead and gone.

It beats for you - Romeo and Juliet.

Scene: Frank has just arrived at the police station the night before Sasha's Embrace. Two days after his one night stand with Zane.

Frank noted the snickering coming from two uniforms coming out of the front entrance to the station house with dread. The way they were watching him and commenting to each other was screaming that some thing was up.

"Hey Frank, way to go. I always knew you liked having big things between your legs." Called out the older of the two. "Tell me do you have a leather fetish or is it just hairy guys?"

Frank ignored their remarks and went on in to the station as they continued to laugh at him. Once inside there were several whistles and cat calls as he walked down the hall ways to the bullpen. As he walked to his desk several of his fellow detectives made remarks about dating the suspects and if in his spare time did he make conjugal visits to the prisoners.

When he arrived at his desk he was ready to kill the next person that so much as peeped about him. Much to his horror Sonny was not immune to their banter.

"I thought we were on a stake out Frank, not trolling for whores." Sonny was trying not to laugh at Franks indignant flustering. "You know I didn't know you were that flexible. It makes you wonder what else you can do. And some of the moves you pulled off, you put the American gymnastics team to shame. Tell me was that the same guy from the club or just some freak you picked up?"

Frank was about to slam his partner in the mouth when Kwan called him in to his office. Once inside Frank faced the steaming Asian man. "You wanted some thing chief?"

"Sit down Frank!" Kwan stood up and started pacing while Frank took a readiness position for flight. "I have nothing against you people. in fact my wife's brother is one of you. It's just when things like this happen I have to ask you about it." He sat a tape in front of Frank. "This arrived today and was playing in the brake room when I came in. I don't know what this is about nor do I care. But what is on this tape is not only an embarrassment to this department but also to our cities' police force. Frank the DA could file charges against you for this. As it is only my word that I will take some action against you is stopping them at this point."

Frank had gone pale and was wondering what the hell was going on. "Sir if I may ask what is on that tape?"

"Where were you two nights ago after the take down of the slavers?"

He automatically clammed up. "That's private."

Kwan slapped the tape. "No it wasn't, not then and not now. Did you think that you could do... that in public and not get caught?"

Frank went pale again and shook his head no.

"Well it is pretty cut and dry Frank. As of the end of the week you are suspended with out pay for the next three weeks. Oh and I suggest you look in to a lawyer just in case this is leaked to the press. You are dismissed."

Frank stood abruptly and left. A few moments later he returned to the office and took the tape.

Out side of Kwan's window stood a lone smirking figure. Slowly he dropped the cigarette and put it out laughing. Part one of his plan was complete. If only he could figure out who his chosen's lover was.


Scene: Twenty Four hours later Frank has had his run in with Daedalus and memory wipe care of Sonny.

Slowly he sips the bottle of wine as he watches the sun come up. This was now his favorite time of the twenty four hour cycle called a day. It lets him know that he lived another day. When he finished it off he tossed it in the back with the other bottles of Manzinita wine. Six bottles and he still craves more. "This time the side effects are lasting longer. What would you say to that Alexandra?" He wiped his thumb over the photo and smiled sadly. "You know I think he did it. Sent the tape in. It would be just like him."

Frank put the picture back in place over his visor and opened a new bottle. "I know some thing important happened last night, I just can't remember. What the hell happened? I know it has to do with Sonny and that little boy Abel. They both know some thing, but they aren't telling me. Huh story of my life. I am so sick of all this shit. I don't know may be I should just give in to him, let him take away my pain. Who knows I could even learn to enjoy it." With his mind made up Frank smiles, he was going to apologize and make amends with Cash. Only this time they were going to start off on equal footing.

A short distance away.

Cash sits with Sasha feeding her from his wrist and caressing her head with his other hand. He brought her here for several reasons, one it was isolated. Don't want any humans poking around a hungry fledgling. Two he likes this place, it's comforting to his nerves. He looks around and spots reason number three, the most important reason.

He smirks as his chosen one notices them for the first time in the early morning light. 'Yes Frank, see what it is like to be come one of us. Know the joy a bond between a sire and childe can be. You are mine, and the faster you learn that, the sooner I can embrace you as one of my own.'

Frank notices them all right. His eyes glint silver as the last of the kindred blood in his body continues to make itself known to all. Frank feels a crushing blow to his chest as he watches Cash take care of the red head. Tears well up in his eyes. "No oh no, please don't. God not you too." Feeling betrayed Frank puts the car in reverse and takes off, not caring where he is going.

Cash watches in shock, this was not how it was supposed to go at all. Frank was supposed to sit and watch Cash help Sasha through the change. Then he was supposed to ask to be embraced as well. What in hell had happened? One thing was clear, he had a lot of learning when it came to his chosen. Frank was just to damned unpredictable. Oh well he would worry about that later right now he had a little Brujah fledgling to take care of.

It bleeds for you - Live Hard, Die Young, and Leave a beautiful Corpse

Scene: Frank has just watched Grace jump from the hospital window and went to investigate. He has left Caitlin in the hospital.

Pissed. That sums his emotions up to the point. Two days away from suspension and he is brought in to another Kindred case. "This night just can't get any worse." He turns at the sound of a Motorcycle. "Speak of the devil and he shall answer your pleas. What in hell do you want?"

Cash smirked at his human. This was the first time he had seen him since the Embrace of Sasha two days before. "Where is she Frank?"

"I thought you were screwing her back at your place."

"Very funny. The girl where is she?"

Frank only smiled and went back to his work. He knew he was being childish but damn it Cash had embraced some one else. That's almost as bad as marrying some one else. Not that he would want to be Embraced, every one knew that the Kindred were two faced scum bags that would stab you in the back first chance they got.

"I asked you a question."

Frank looked up at him. "Oh, so. You aren't my boss, so fuck off."

He grabbed Frank by the collar and lifted him off the ground. "I am your alpha, you are just a loopa, my mate. You will answer me with respect human." His eyes showed his rapidly growing anger, while his pants showed his rapidly growing erection... 'Damn him, why must he be so infuriatingly arousing?'

Frank glared down at the Kindred holding him up. "Put me down, Now!" Cash reluctantly complied. "Why should I tell you any thing? For that matter what gives you right to claim me as some sort of female wolf..."

"Their called bitches."

"What ever. The point is I am no more female than I am a wolf. So why do you keep calling me this?!"

Cash smiled seductively at him. "Because I am Gangrel, we are animalistic in nature, even more so than many other species of Kindred. The reason I call you one is because you act like a bitch in heat, offering your ass to any one who will take it. I just happen to mark you as my own before any one else could stake their claim. Speaking of which, never take this off again." He grabbed the fuming cop's hand and forced the ring on his finger. "There now no one will ever lay a hand on you or face my wrath."

Frank had had enough of this pissing contest. "Let me tell you some thin..." He never did get the chance, at that moment Cash attacked.

Divining what he wished to know from the blood of his chosen Cash relished in the taste that was uniquely Frank. He kissed Frank's lips with bruising force as he tasted the blood from the swollen bottom one. Lost in the sensation of having his chosen back in his arms he forgot he was reading the blood until the image of Zane popped in to his mind. He pulled back in anger and looked Frank in the eyes.

"Zane! You fucked Zane! When I find him he is dead." In a flash he is gone and Frank is on his knees in the middle of the hospital parking lot in a dazed state wonder how he always ends up this way when a certain blond kindred is around.


Scene: Frank has just arrived at the Haven and has spotted Zane in the backstage area. I am rewriting this scene to fit my story.

"So this is what you do when you aren't screwing people." Frank angrily growls at Zane as he blocks the Kindred's path to the door.

"So what is it to you? You jealous that I didn't embrace you as well?" Zane looks at the cop with feral silver eyes.

"No thanks, I already have enough trouble being human. Why did you do it?" Frank stocks in front of the door in every direction Zane tries to leave.

"What's it matter to you?"

"Just curious. You seemed to have potential, yet in the end you only proved one thing, how stupid you are."

Zane saw his opening and took it. "Well I am smart enough to get away from you." He dived through the door way and out in to the night only to run in to a raging Cash.

Cash slammed Zane against the wall. "Why did you do it?"

"She asked for it, man. They all did."

Cash slammed his fist in to Zane's gut. "I couldn't care to shits about some stupid groupies. Why did you fuck *my* chosen, *my* bitch?"

Arriving in time to hear Cash's question Frank's temper skyrocketed. "I am not yours. If you call me that one more time I swear I will rip your tongue out and shove it up your ass!"

Cash was caught off guard for a moment as Frank distracted him. "You are too mine."



Zane attacked Cash by charging him and sending him in to a dumpster. "You picked the gypsy as your bitch?" Zane asked in amusement at the prone form in front of him. "You really are trouble. What if his clan comes back for him?"

Frank slams a piece of metal in the back of Zane's head knocking him unconscious. "I told you I am no body's bitch. What don't you people get about that?"

Forty minutes later Luna's Mansion.

Frank dumped the now conscious Kindred on the floor of the greeting room. "Take him, there is no place in my society for your kind of their justice." With out a second glance back he walks out letting the tears fall.


Scene: Memorial at the Haven.

Frank sits on his own away from the large group shunning any one who would sit near him. Wishing to be alone in his grief he blocks out all attempts to talk. When some one sits next to him it takes him twenty minutes to realize who it is. "I told you I wanted to be alone."

"You know I can't do that."

"Why can't you just leave me be?"

"Because your grief calls out to me."

Frank looks at the specter sitting beside him. "Why did you do it?"

"I wanted to be free to create my own music. The pain allowed me to feel. I had to feel in order to write my music."

"So in other words you wished to die."

"You could put it that way. But that is not why I am really here."

Frank looked away.

"He loves you, you know."

"I know."

"Then go to him Frank. Don't let a single moment pass you by. We don't have to many of them in our short time on this Earth."

Frank looked at him through the tears. "I miss you."

Zane smiled. "I know." Then he was gone.


Scene: Basement of the Luna Mansion. Cash and Daedalus are standing near the Nosferatu's alchemy kit.

"Are you sure this will work?"

"Do not fear my impatient friend. This will suppress the kindred factors in your blood and allow you to mate with this human minus the side effects." Daedalus looked at the vial measuring out the correct amount of the blue fluid.

"So I can fuck him and not have to worry about him becoming bonded to me?"

"In crude terms, that is exactly what I mean." Daedalus, satisfied with his work handed Cash the vial. "Now remember what I told you..."

"Yeah I know not to mix my blood with another Kindred's blood while this is in my system or there could be disastrous consequences. Yadda yadda yadda. I get the gist of it." He threw his head back and swallowed before Daedalus could stop him.

"Cash why must you always rush in to things?"

"What?" The younger Kindred looked at him with dread.

"That was enough for three months. If you had let me finish I could have alerted you to this fact."

"Que sera sera. So is there any thing I should know now?"

Daedalus sighed. "Only that if you do mix your blood, the result would be catastrophic to you and those infected."

Cash winced. "I will keep that in mind, thanks. Bye." Cash took off out of the lair in a rush.

Daedalus sat in a chair and looked in to his fire smiling. "May this finally learn you some patience my young friend, for it is better a teacher than I ever could be."


Scene: Frank is leaving the Haven after the vigil is over.

Frank walked across the street to his car not watching as he went. Reaching his car without incident, he was about to place the key in the lock when he was snatched away from his vehicle. He tried to struggle but the stronger assailant spirited him away to a motorcycle. Instantly he knew who his cave man was. "Put me down."

"Not yet."

>From his vantage point over the Cash's shoulder he had a nice view of the smaller man's ass. Deciding two could play at this he grabbed a hand full, squeezing hard. He got a smack across his cheeks for his troubles.

"Feeling frisky tonight my bitch? Good cause so am I."

"You know this caveman act might work for some people but it does nothing for me."

Cash smacked his bottom again. "Quiet. And yes it does." He gripped Frank between his legs and squeezed the burgeoning erection. Cash finally stopped and dropped Frank on to his bottom next to the bike. He climbed on then offered Frank his hand.

Frank glared up at him from his position on the ground. "I am not going any where with you. So you can just forget it."

Cash growled but Frank still refused to move. "If you don't get up here now I will beat your ass so bad you won't be able to sit down for a week."

"What you have in mind will do that any ways. So no."

"All right fine. Just remember you asked for it." Cash climbed off the bike and Frank started to scoot back. Cash gave him a feral grin then pounced on him. He looked around to make sure they were alone then took Frank then and there in the back alley behind the Haven.

He quickly used his claws to slice off Frank's jeans and boxers.

"Oh man those were my favorite pair of jeans."

Cash sat up on his elbows and surveyed his chosen. Frank lay on his back in his shirt, duster, and boots, nothing else. Cash sniffed the air then grinned at Frank. "My bitch." Quickly he freed himself through his zipper and button on his jeans.

Frank looked at Cash's large erection in fear. "Oh no, un uh. You are not sticking that thing in me."

Cash merely smiled and pulled a little bottle of clear gel from his jacket pocket. He quickly and efficiently lubed up himself and Frank's rectum. He placed himself at the entrance and forced himself in slowly.

"Oh, oh oh, stop. No, get out, get out." Frank tried to struggle away but Cash held him in place by gripping his hips. Once in all the way Cash pulled out and slammed back in. Frank cried out in pain and pleasure as Cash hit the gland.

"That's right cry out for me baby." He continued his thrusts, in, out, in, out until he thought that he was going to die from the friction alone. Waves of pleasure wracked his body. Slowly the pressure built behind his eyes and in an explosion he came crying out like a wild animal.

Frank had a similar reaction. He began meeting each thrust from Cash with a push of his own until they built a rhythm that sent them both over the edge of pain and pleasure. After he came Frank looked down at his shirt and cringed at the sight of all the white fluid.

Cash collapsed on top of his human and laughed in exhaustion. "That was good. Now about getting on the bike."

Frank started to laughing. "Not a chance. I am not ridding with out any pants much less underwear on."

"I was going to suggest that next time you do as I say so this won't happen again. Well take your car tonight and come back for the bike in the morning."

"Okay. Get off me so I can get up."

Cash shook his head no.

"What do you mean no?"

"I mean I can't get up. Not enough energy left. Need blood."

"Oh for Christ's sake. This one time and that is it. After this no more, you here me." Frank moved his hand up jerkily to Cash's mouth.

Cash bit in to the wrist and partook of the blood of his human. Suddenly he stopped and looked up from Frank's chest in to his face. "Frank," he asked in a quiet voice. "Did you use protection when you were with Zane?"

"Uh no, is that a problem?"

Cash looked back down at where their bodies were still joined and pulled out. "It might be."

Frank sat up on his elbows. "It might be?! What is that supposed to mean? What have you done to me?"

Cash looked him back in the eyes and smiled. "Uh that I don't really know."

"You don't know. YOU DON'T KNOW!" The was the last thing Cash heard or remembered for ten hours.

It knows not how it sounds - The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiori

Scene: Frank's apartment the morning after.

Frank paced as he thought about his new status. He was out of a job for three weeks, having stomach cramps, puking his guts up and craving blood wine. The last three he had been doing to a lesser degree over the past week. Since last night they had returned and brought there whole damn families.

He slammed his fist on the wall as he remembered what happened after he had slammed Cash with that crow bar from Cash's bike. He was about to hit him again but Lillie and three of Cash's flunkies had stopped him. That bitch had been watching with them the whole time. When he realized that it took all three of the Gangrel's to stop him from staking her up for the morning sun.

Ever since last night his skin had become photosensitive. The sun did not burn but sure hurt like hell if he was out to long. He felt like a hot dog, one of the ones that plump when you cook them. He looked down at his belly and glared at the marks left from Cash. He cursed again and looked out the curtained window.

"When I get my hands on you Cash, you are so dead." With that he put a hand to his mouth and ran for the bathroom.


Scene: Noon at the Luna Manse.

Cash felt woozy as he awoke slowly and painfully. He groaned as he tried to sit up.

"Don't bother, you have a severe concussion." Daedalus pushed him down on the bed again. "Do you wish to tell me why your mate Attacked you?"

"He is insane."

The Nosferatu smiled. "I assure you, he was quite lucid when your clan took him away. He was also quite adamant about being separated from you. I believe his exact words were 'You can't keep me away from him forever. One way or another I will find him again and finish the job.'"

Cash winced. "He was really mad wasn't he?"

"I believe so. What did you do?" Secretly Daedalus knew what happened. He had observed the human and noted the symptoms. His plan was going well.

Cash looked away in embarrassment. "I didn't use protection, and now thanks to that little potion of yours he is going to feel the side effects. Speaking of that what are the side effects?"

"Well for you nothing directly yet. As for Frank he will spend the next three and a half months being sick several times a day. He will have unusual cravings during this time up and to the end of the ninth month. His body will under go several internal changes and he will gain weight no matter what he does. His hormones will go out of balance and he will become extremely emotional. But this will all end after nine months."

If he could Cash would have gone pure white. "What have I done?"

"Acted out your lust with out thinking and for that your partner will suffer the consequences." Daedalus tried not to laugh but it was becoming increasingly difficult.

Cash thought on those reactions for a moment then sighed, they sounded familiar but from where he could not remember. Oh well it would come to him. "Thank you for your help Daedalus. It looks like I really screwed up this time."

"Literally too." was all Daedalus got out before he had to flee the room or spoil the surprise instore for his young friend. If he thought he was in trouble now, wait until he finds out the other side effect of the potion.


Scene: Frank's Apartment. Time index: One week later. Lillie has decided to pay Frank a visit over some incriminating photos.

"I told you no." He slammed the door in her face as she had turned to try one last time. He knew that he was being unreasonable but god he hated that woman and her friggin lover. He rushed back to his bathroom and heaved up breakfast.

Two hours later.

The door to his apartment busts open. Frank turns to look at Julian in with anger and amusement clearly on his face. "She told you to take a flying leap?"

Julian did not look amused. "You shouldn't have done that Frank."

"Oh what's the matter, lost your latest conquest?" He was feeling more than a little tipsy from his latest bottle of that delicious wine. He giggled as Julian growled at him. "Oh big bad spooky vampire going to bite me?"

Julian sniffed the air then smiled at Frank. "No I believe that you are already in enough trouble. If you will excuse me I will take my leave now."

Frank looked stunned at the retreating form of Julian. When he came to the Kindred was out the door and heading for the elevator. "Hey if you see that coward Cash tell him I have a stake with his name on it."


Scene: Out side of Sasha's room. Daedalus and Julian are listening to Cash and Sasha fight over another of her attitudes.

"So I went to visit Frank today..." Julian began. He smiled as Daedalus stiffened a little. "So it is your doing old man. I really should hand it to you, I never thought it could happen. Is it wise to do this I mean think of the ramifications if the Brujah find out."

Daedalus smiled at him proudly. "I have taken great pains to see that it would come in to effect. I have my people watching him twenty four hours a day. Wouldn't do to let him get hurt in his condition."

Julian winced at a rather loud scream emanating from Cash. "It sounds like he is fighting a loosing battle on both fronts. I hope he learns quickly that one war is much easier to fight than two."

The bald Kindred smiled. "I believe it may be over for good this time. They were never meant to be. I only hope his relationship with Frank is based on love and not just possession because Frank is going to need all the support he can get."

"Speaking of Get, I think our little Brujah Get is done. I can here Cash limping out now. Shall we." Julian gave a sweeping motion and bowed to the taller man. "After you my *Friend*."

Daedalus was well aware of Sasha's temper. "No I am afraid as my Prince I can not let you do that. It is your right there for after you."

"Traitor." Julian hissed as he knew the Nosferatu was many things but stupid was not one of them. He ducked as he entered the room avoiding the flying lamp but was pegged with the curio cabinet when it decided to play Peterpan.


Scene: Cash comes a courtin, and guess who the lucky individual is.

"Frank listen to me, you are being unreasonable." Cash ducked as another shoe went the way of the bird. "I'm am just worried about your health."

"I will not go."

"Please at least consider it. You are sick and we don't know how to cure it."

Frank screamed in rage. "And who's fault is that?"

"It's only temporary, Daedalus said it will last at the most ten months, the least eight and a half. Come on at least consider the options." He waited until Frank had tossed another shoe then used Kindred speed to rush Frank and take him down. Once he bodily pinned Frank to the floor he wasn't moving any time soon.

Frank struggled against the man on top of him roaring in rage. "Get off of me."

"You know you say that an awful lot when I am around. Are you trying to tell me some thing?" Cash started to grind in to Frank's hips and smirked when that got a reaction.

"Get bent." Frank called out as he nipped at Cash's ear as he looked around.

"Oh come on lover, I haven't had sex in two weeks, and that was with you." Cash turned his head quickly and caught Frank's lips with his own. "Okay here it is. You are moving in with me, and that is final. Now let's see what we can do about this, my bitch." Cash growled as he rubbed his erection in-between Frank's legs.

"Is that all you think about? God you are worse than a teen age boy." Frank huffed as the Kindred stopped and started laughing. "What now Cash?"

"You have mellowed out. I called you my Bitch and you didn't even bat an eye. You just accepted it as common knowledge."

"What!?! I did not." Frank looked at him in out rage.

"Yes. You. Did." He kissed Frank to punctuate each word.

"No I did not. Now get the hell off me. I mean it I have to use the bathroom." Frank sighed with relief as Cash started to get of him. He stopped as the horny kindred instead moved down to his crotch and started to worry at the front of his pants. "Hey cut that out."

Cash wiggled his eyes and bit the front out of Frank's jeans.

"God dammit that is the second pair you have ruined in as many weeks. what do you think your doing? Oh no leave that alone. I said... oh oh oooooooooh all right, fine, but I am on top. Don't stop, fine you are on top, but only after you finish down there, and then you are going to brush your teeth. Don't look at me that way." Frank sighed. "Why me?"

"Because you're my bitch and you like it when I dominate you."

"I do not. What did I tell you about calling me that? Get off."

"Glad to sweet cheeks. God you're such an ass slut."

Panting. "Am not. Now get your hand out of there. Oh no you don't not again, if you don't have protection, this aint happening."

"I hate you, you know that."

"Don't have any do ya?"

"Where is your's?"

Frank shook his head no.

Cash looked at him in disbelief. "You don't have any either, what kind of person doesn't have any condoms."

"Well for starters a sex crazed Kindred Biker."

"That's not funny, stop laughing. Okay that does it, no more Mr. Nice Kindred."

"What do you think you are doing?"

"What does it look like, now turn over."

"No! You are not... ah fuck."

"That's right my Bitch."

"Mmm, don't oh, call me ugh, THATTTTTT!"

For it is the drum of drums - Bad Moon Rising

Scene: Cash's apartment one week later.

"No way! You keep to your side and I will keep to mine."

"Frank you are being unreasonable."

"Now I am being unreasonable, first I was a threat to the masquerade, next I was your bitch, after that I was too sick to live on my own because I could expose the masquerade, now I am being unreasonable because I want a little space in the rat hole I will be inhabiting for the next eight and a half months. No I am just starting to stick up for my self. I am sick and tired of you damn Kindred pushing me around like I am some stupid rookie that would expose your damn party."

Cash glared at Frank. "Are you through yet?"

Frank took one last look at Cash then he grabbed his bag and started for the door. Before he reached the knob he was yanked back and tossed on to the couch. "Let me go, you can't keep me here."

"Frank, Frank, Frank when will you learn that I can do what I want. I am your Dom, your alpha. That means I own you, I control you. You are mine to do with as I please. How many times must I explain this to you."

Frank stood and walked over to the window staring out it. "I am not yours. I am my own man. I can take care of myself. Now let me GO!" As he spoke he turned to Cash fuming. He spat the last words out like a curse.

Cash was growing tired of the insubordination of *his* chosen, *his* mate, *his* bitch! This was intolerable, none in his clan would ever behave in such a manner to him or the prince as this one had. If he was Kindred they would have killed him already. Didn't he see that, how much danger he was placing himself in? No that is why he must be kept safe from all Kindred, especially the Brujah. Cash was broken out of his revelry by a loud pounding on his door. He turned to answer it then remembered why he was keeping an eye on Frank. He immediately turned back to where Frank was but it was too late, all that was there was an open window.

"Damn it! This had better be good!" He opened the door to come face to face with his other problem.

"Where in hell have you been?" Sasha pushed her way in to the room. "It smells like a human in here, I thought you didn't play with your food."

"That is none of your business. What do you want Sasha? I thought you made it pretty clear on where we stood."

Sasha looked in his eyes with tears in hers. "So did I. I love you and nothing will stand in the way of that. I thought you knew that."

Cash was stunned. "What about your clan?"

"Those idiots are fighting out to see who will be the new primogen. It's nothing but a big pissing contest." She gave him a smile that turned in to a trembling lip. "Cash, I'm scared. They are killing each other and any one that opposes them. Right now they are divided in to six factions. Cameron so far is the most ruthless and powerful. He threatened to kill me if I didn't support him. Please I need some one to help... to protect me."

He looked down at his feet and started to feel bad for not being there for her. "Okay."

Sasha jumped on him hugging and kissing him. He retaliated with kisses of his own. Soon they were on the bed in his room every thing else forgotten, including his chosen.

Three hours later.

Frank walked in to the apartment looking to get his bag and apologize for leaving with out saying good bye. He knew it was dangerous for him, he just couldn't stand to be locked away like some criminal. He remembered his shaving kit was in the bathroom in the bedroom. He opened the door and froze.

Sasha smiled, her plan had worked. She was covered in his scent, it was her proof that she was not Cameron's. He would not use her to become Primogen. No one used her, she was her own woman. No one controlled her, not Cameron, not Julian, and especially not Cash. Quickly she gathered her things slipping on the bare minimal. She left her panties on the pillow next to Cash. She bent over to kiss him one last time then froze as she heard the door open and a gasp.

Cash heard some one enter his apartment and instantly recognized it as Frank so he went back to sleep. He only remembered Sasha was here when he heard the loud gasp from his chosen. Suddenly he shot up in bed and looked from the stunned Frank and to the smirking Sasha.

Sasha instantly knew what was going on from the look on Cash's face. So she wasn't the only one who used men. She smirked at that thought and turned to observe the now stoned faced human. What in hell was going on? The human smelled different than most. He smelled of that old Nosferatu living the basement like some boogie man. He also smelled of gangrel blood. A Ghoul?

Frank knew what was going on here. He was being cheated on. This never happened in the past. 'Well Frank buddy looks like there is always a first time for every thing. I wonder if this is what a heart attack feels like?' He clutched his chest then staggered out of the room. He heard rustling of clothing and had to get out of there.

"Frank, wait." Cash had to stop him before he did some thing stupid.

"Frank? As in that cop uncle Julian is protecting Frank?" Sasha was stunned.

Frank shook his head then flew out of the apartment leaving the door hanging open as he ran. He let the tears come freely, he had no one left to care if he cried or not. So he ran, he reached his car and took of as Cash made it down to the street in nothing but his under shorts. He wiped away the tears as he drove. That instant he made a decision. In two weeks he was leaving, two weeks because that is how long it would be for a transfer to take effect.

Cash stood there watching as the car pulled away cursing his luck. He knew that the human would not understand Kindred politics. Now he just had to find a way to make him understand. He heard laughing as he turned back to the apartment.

Sasha had never seen a more pathetic scene from a human man in her life. She expected it from weak human women and may be a few Kindred as well but to see a big tuff cop acting like he had his heart stomped out was priceless. Wait until the others heard this.

"What do you think you are doing?" Cash was madder in hell when he realized she had used him again.

"You know what I am doing. Now if you will get out of my way I will be going." She knew if he laid a hand on her it would cost him his life.

Cash watched her go barely controlling his anger. This was all a set up to cause him more trouble, a Brujah plot. The fact that he lost his chosen once more was just icing on the cake to them. He could do nothing to her but her bike was fair game. With a communication to his locals it was taken care of.

Just before she reached her bike it exploded. Sasha got off her butt and looked at the remains in horror. Across the street was a laughing Gangrel. He was one of Cash's people. She turned back to glare at the almost naked man but only found an empty street. She cursed as she stomped on the ground. It was a long walk back to the Mansion. As she started the sky opened up and she was drenched in seconds.

Cash stared around the apartment in anger. How could this happen again. The first time was his doing, now she was using him. Damn them all. He grabbed the nearest things and started to hall them around the apartment screaming. In the end of his temper tantrum he was sitting on his knees crying. He had to get Frank back, that's all there was. When he did there was nothing going to separate them again. He was through with that little Brujah whore.


Scene Police station. Woman just came in crying over her child and Frank is watching her.

He couldn't believe it, this woman was affecting his emotions more than Cash did. He was suddenly very afraid for her child and a instinct to protect the child welled up in him. His heart felt as if it was being tore out as he watched her. A compassion and empathy for the woman caused tears to well up in his eyes and he fled the room before the others could see his tears. His first day back on the job and he was already feeling out of control. He sighed the sooner he got out of this town the better. Two weeks. Two weeks and he was a free man once again, no more to have to deal with the Kindred again.

Two hours later.

'Is Julian looking at my stomach again. What in hell is his problem? Do I have some thing on me? Oh wait a minute, did he just put his hand down there?' Frank scooted away from Julian feeling very uncomfortable. He smiled as Julian did and stood when the Kindred did.

"Very well Frank, I will see you again soon, be well my friend. You should start taking better care of yourself, especially in your condition."

Frank swallowed hard. 'So that damn big mouth Gangrel blabbed. Oh he is so lucky that I am leaving.' "Yeah well tell your guard that if any thing else happens I am going to stake his ass to the nearest window that faces the morning sun."

Julian looked at him surprised. 'Evidently he does not know what exactly Cash has done to him. Cash is very lucky for that.' "I shall be sure to inform him Frank. Good day to you Detective." He turned and left out the building watching Frank as he left with concern. The human looked more than a little pale. In fact he was starting to resemble a Kindred. 'Definitely need to watch over him closer.'


Scene: Lower levels of the Manse De Luna.

Cash ran in to Sash and apologized before he realized who it was. When he walked away he hears her call to him to be careful. 'Yeah like she really cares. Bitch!' When his mind thinks the word he drifts to his, and a tear trickles down his face. He would do this for Frank who he knew was out looking for that baby. He was kept under constant watch for his own protection as well as others. He knew some thing was wrong with his Human he just couldn't figure out what. It was nagging at him in the back of his head, some thing having to do with what Daedalus said. Oh well it would come to him.


Scene: Nosferatu Clan meeting.

Goth watched in amusement as Daedalus squirmed. "We are all well aware of what you have done. You are not fit to lead us. You are a but a childe and not a very powerful one at that."

Daedalus played the innocent card. "I have no idea what you mean."

"Oh don't give me that you Venture boot licker. We all know that you had a hand in that abomination." Goth knew that his trump card would lead to his successful win against the young primogen.

"It was a gift to a friend."

"It is a freak. You should never have done it. When I am through here I will deal with it and you."

Daedalus looked at him with solid black eyes. "You will do nothing to the child or it's parent. You even try and I will kill you where you stand. The same goes to every one else."

Goth smirked, he knew how to get under the skin of his competition. He was going to use that against him. "So you would willing sacrifice this clan for the sake of one child?"

Daedalus realized his mistake. "So be it." He stood by firmly as the rest of his clan left to follow Goth. He knew this was not over, even when Goth was dead they would have a lot of trouble over his and their actions. He would deal with them when they came. He would kill them all if he had to.


Scene: Park, Frank has met the mother of the missing child (Whom I have no idea what her name was so I will call her Sarah) and admitted his failure to having been unable to make people believe.

"So what is it like to have a child?" Frank asked as he scanned the park. The night was young and that meant the park would soon be crawling with lowlifes and other kindred.

Sarah smiled through her pain. "It is the most wonderful experience I have ever been through. I know it is hard at times but he is my little angel. It's really hard to describe."

Frank was enjoying hearing the joy in her voice and found it reflected in his own heart. "Please will you go on? It's so rare to hear something so beautiful in my line of work."

She smiled at him. "All right. Well he is always there when I need him, and vice versa. His eyes are always watching me, he accepts me for who I am with out judgment. The love I see in his face I know is reflected on my own with every look. He is my world and I don't know what I will do with out him." She looked at Frank with tears and noticed his own. "Are you okay?"

He smiled and wiped away the tears. "Yes I am just moved by your words. Any ways I am the one who should be asking you. We will find him. That I promise you. I will not stop until we do."

Two hours later.

"Oh my god Timmy. My baby. What, how?" Sarah looks at Frank for explanation.

Frank shrugs and smiles through the tears. As he watches the woman hug and kiss her son he absentmindedly rubs his lower abdomen in circles.

Across the park, Camilla watches the two humans with astonishment. The scent of a pregnant animal was coming from them. She sniffed the air for further pheromones and discovered that it was the male. She stiffened at that idea as a blood red tear ran down her pale white face.

Frank sensed some thing an turned to face exactly where Camilla was hiding. He smiled and nodded a she came out of hiding.

Camilla acknowledged Frank with something akin to fear and awe. She smelled his scent and made up her mind. She was not mistaken, he was Ravnos descendant, gypsy blood. "So you are the human that Daedalus has helped to conceive a child. I hope you are grateful, for it might end up costing him more than you know." She turned and left, back to her exile. As she walked in to the sewers she was greeted by Daedalus. "I am leaving no need to threaten me."

He smiled. "I have observed what you have done Camilla. You are welcome here under my rule if you wish."

She stared at him for a moment. "There is one thing I wish."

"Name it, and we shall see."

"I have seen a Ravnos' human that is with child. I wish to be their guardian."

Daedalus was curious. "For what reason?"

"Because, he will need some one to watch over him. It would give my life meaning once more." Camilla smiled as Daedalus nodded.

"Very well, his protection is yours. Their fate is yours. Just remember to observe the masquerade and all will be well."

Camilla smiled and followed him down the tunnels as they talked.

It is the song of songs - Cabin in the Woods

Scene: Fourteen days later. Frank has just had a run in with Cameron.

"Are you okay partner?" Sony looks at Frank in concern as he watches the dazed look on Frank's face.

Frank feels he is about to crack up. His last night here on the job and he has yet to tell any one that is transferring out of the city. He feels guilty about having the chief keep it quiet from Sonny but things that end up being told to the man end up spread all over the friggen underworld. "I'm fine, is there some thing I can do for you Sonny?"

"No Man, I was just seein how you were doin. Oh there is one thing, how come the chief won't assign me an you any cases, in fact he has me partnered with Sculnicky. What is going on Frank?" Sonny was worried about his partner. He had been acting strange since he got back on the job two weeks ago. The chief had been pissed at Frank when he came back, he even had a few arguments that turned in to nasty fights. What ever it was the chief and Frank weren't saying. This was going to drive him insane.

Frank smiled at his partner. He knew that life was going to get a whole lot harder for him once he left. But then again who knows, maybe it would be good for Sonny's career. He knew that it would be better if Sonny was no longer partnered with the cracked pot of the SFPD. 'He'll get along better with out me.' He sighed one last time, picked the things off his neatly organized desk and walked in to the locker room. There he loaded his satchels and was soon on his way.

After taking one last look around at the rest of the police he throws his bags over his shoulder and leaves with out a second thought. He had to make a few stops before he left for good. He had to really find out if Cash really loved him or was he just a cheap lay. These questions and many more crossed his mind as he mounted the bike he traded his car for and turned towards the future.


Scene: Street outside Cash's apartment. Cash has been looking for Frank or Sasha, when he finally found her then she was taken by Cameron.

He watches as the car pulls away feeling helpless and alone. Daedalus, he had to find the giant Nosferatu and warn him about the take over. As he got on his bike not once did he notice the man following him or the Nosferatu following the man.

Upon arriving at the Mansion Cash runs through the darkness to the back cellar and throws open the doors. In his rush he forgets to close them. Cash finds Daedalus in his books staring off in to the darkness drinking his wine.

"Have you heard?"

"It is not true, but there are more things at work tonight than you or I have imagined."

Cash stares down at him in anger. "Quit spouting riddles and give me a strait answer for once."

"You are not needed here. There is one who needs you more, now go. Find them and make them safe." He stood and tossed the Kindred out of his lair/basement.

Frank watched in amusement as Cash stood and straitened his clothes in anger. He made sure Cash was gone before he entered the shelter. The giant that greeted him was very familiar.

"What do you want human?" Daedalus asked feeling very drained from tonight's events. He knew there was still much to happen before it was over.

"I want to know what is happening with me?" Frank faced him with out fear.

"You know, you should really learn to use protection Frank." Daedalus looked almost as if he was laughing.

"You think this is funny? What is wrong with me? What the hell did you do to me?"

The Nosferatu became serious. "I have done nothing to you Frank. It is your own actions and that of your partner's that have led you to this moment."

"You still haven't answered my questions."

Daedalus felt like grind his teeth. "I can see why they find you so infuriating."

"It's a gift now tell me." Frank is growing weary of this and is about to pull his phosphorous gun.

"Tell me Frank, what do you know of your heritage?" The old Nosferatu sat in his large chair and watched the pregnant mortal. At the confused look he elaborated. "What of your lineage? Who are your ancestors?"

"I don't know really, all I have are my mother's stories of a clan called the Ravnos. A group of gypsies from the old world that traveled all over Europe and northern Africa. Are you telling me those fairy tales were real?"

Daedalus nodded. "The Ravnos are a clan of gypsies and vagabonds. They are the nomads with no loyalties but to their own. They are the common stereotype thieves, outlaws, witches, tramps, and flamboyant. They loved to flaunt their wealth and opulence... They spared no expense on their royals. They were said to have a kind of magic."

"Like curses and spells oh come on. Give me a brake."

"You are correct about those, they are myths, but they do have other abilities, like illusion and the ability to create things from their blood. All kindred have certain abilities. Alchemy just happens to be mine. You are a descendant of their clans. Like several clans of Kindred they would embrace certain members while leaving others to reproduce. I believe you know which one you are." He sat back and waited for Frank to put it together.

Frank went pale after a few moments. He looked down and clutched his lower abdomen. "No, it's not possible. I am not some Ravnos brood mare. I'm a guy."

"Yes, well we all know that nature allows certain things to change to fit in certain environments. It's called evolution. This would not happen under normal circumstances, but these are any thing but normal. With your body's natural ability to breed, a little kindred blood, semen, and a whole lot of Alchemy you get, to quote a movie, 'Junior'." He pointed a clawed finger at Frank's abdomen.

Frank stood there stunned for a moment then put a stone face. "Ah I gotta go, I uh, you know. Thanks, um uh lets forget this ever happened. I wasn't here, you were. Lets leave it at that." He turned and bolted for the stairs.

"Frank, you still need to talk to some one about this. You can't go it alone. Find him and make him listen, if not for yourself then for the child."

Frank stopped at the top of the stairs. "And if he doesn't want to listen?"

"Then you are always welcome here my friend. I have no doubt Julian would provide shelter for you."

Frank gulped. "He is the prince of the city, I am just a breeder from a clan of outlaws. If Cash can't accept that then I highly doubt that Julian would tolerate it. Thank you for your offer any ways. I just have to do this on my own."

Daedalus sighed. "Then I wish you all the luck in the world young one." He knew Frank was in shock or he would have used that prosperous gun on him as soon as he found out about the pregnancy. Not that the human was fast enough to catch him, he would still have had a mess to clean up.

Frank walked out in to the night and heard the gun blasts from the front. He ran to see what was going on. Arriving just in time to see Cameron peal out of there and Julian rush to grab his fallen comrad, Frank slunk back in to the shadows. He climbed on his bike and took off as several people rushed from the house and neighboring estates to the scene. As he reached the end of the road several bikers he knew were Cash's Gangrel came riding by like a death squad.

Several of them took notice of him and glared at his scent. When they scanned his face theirs went blank and they went on by. He was Ravnos, yet he was Cash's human. That meant their leader was consorting with their enemy/cousin clan. This was not good.

Frank observed them with caution but did nothing unless provoked. They knew who he was, just another human bitch in a long line of human lovers that their clan Primogen had had. He felt used and betrayed at that thought. He decided tomorrow he would tell Cash. What he said and did would decide upon whether or not he left town. With a sad look he put the bike in gear and drove home one last time.


Scene: Grave Yard, Archon's Funeral the following day.

Frank watches from the trees as they gather around the grave. He had followed Julian here hoping to catch Cash. What he found was more than enough to answer any more of his questions and hopes he might of had. Sonny was there, which all and all was not that big of a surprise. No what really hurt was seeing Cash hold that whore in his arms as she cried.

His eyes misted over as he felt the breath sucked out of him. Pain filled his body like ice in water. He couldn't breathe. Sonny noticed him and he stared him dead in the eyes. 'You knew', 'Our way', and 'traitor' was the unspoken words between them then it was over.

Frank turned away with his lips trembling and his chest aching. He couldn't handle any more. Rubbing his belly he walked away towards his bike. "Too much, too much..."

Cash watched as his chosen rub his belly crying as he left. It struck him like lightening. 'Nine months, morning sickness, cravings... all signs of human pregnancy. Oh god, oh god, oh god, get a hold on yourself. You can handle this.' By the time he looked up again Frank was gone and so was his bike. He knew some how that this was good bye for real. No coming back this time. Slowly he sank to the ground falling out of Sasha's arms. He sat rocking and trembling over his loss. "Not again."

Julian and Daedalus looked down with knowing looks while Lillie, Sasha, and Sonny had questioning gazes.

All Cash would say was not again. He had to find them, some how, some way he would make it up to them. All he had to do was find them. He screamed in agony of loss as the pain swept over him. "Oh gods not again."


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