Lennox 3: Siren's Song

by Lopaka Tanu

Because the night belongs to lovers, because the night belongs to us... -Because the Night, Patti Smith Frank danced to the beat listening as the alien words made their way through his mind. His heart beat in time to the music which felt as if there was no end. Life was a feeling nothing more, nothing less. This was the life a rave addict. Bouncing in tune with the group, Frank danced his way through all the locals. Each tried to claim his attention as he moved towards a certain target.

He should have felt out of place. If not for the other thirty-something people who frequented this club he would never have fit in. This was a new assignment, his first of this nature. He would never have accepted it if he had not found out three weeks ago his supposed partner was one of them.

Keeping the target in sight he let loose and started to enjoy the music. It actually made him forget for a moment or two about his trouble. Then the song ended.

The crowd all turned towards the Dj stand/stage where a spot light shown it's love upon a woman Frank had seen before. Hair of spun gold brown, eyes of the truest brown/green tinged with yellow, she sang a song that pierced his heart. With each note he fell under her spell. The crowd froze on the spot. No one moved except to breathe. When she was done the crowd was silent. A wave of her hand and a bow caused the room to explode in applause.

Frank looked around the room to find his target. Reacquiring him, Frank watched the man make his way to the stage, to the diva. Frank knew that if this guy was true to his MO, he would pick her up and try and have his way with her. After wards they would find her body in the bay.

"Ladies and gentle men lets give a howl to our new song bird, Diva Lerna. She will be appearing for the next week here to a new song off her Cd, Leucosia, each night. Diva Lerna, where are you, oh well I guess the lime light does not agree with her. And now on with our all night dance mix."

The lights went out except for the floor based lamps, and the music began it's secadian rhythm. Frank watched as Diva shook her head no as the target tried to get her to come with him. He pushed his way up to them and took a hold on her hand.

"Sorry man, she is with me aint ya babe?" He flashed her his badge and smiled at her seductively.

Diva shook her head yes and wrapped an arm around Frank. She smiled back with her thousand watt smile, causing Frank to forget all about the perp. The beat and the smell of her perfume mixed to make him only focus on her. In a slightly accented voice she spoke to him. "My, my sir what am I going to do with you?"

He focused on her eyes, big mistake, she drew him faster than he could think. "How about diner? I know an all night place around here."

"Certainly sir. Now could you tell me why a police officer was doin' protectin me?"

"Lerna Apostiltl, Diva of the Diano El Custa. You can't tell me it has been that long."

"Why Frank, you remembered. Do you always whisk a girl away with your badge or am I just a special case?" She grinned at his red tinge.

"Don't tell any one but that guy is a suspect in a murder investigation. A few of our female operatives are here tonight, I am here to make sure he picks one. That's really all I can tell you Diva." Looking at her brought back all the memories of his mother's death, wife's suicide, and Alexandra's fiery execution.

"Well it is nice to know who is a total scum bag and who is worth the time. So are you a total scum bag?" Her laughter was music to his ears.

"No, but I know a few. Looks like our perp has given up for tonight. So how about that diner?" Looking around sending the signal's to his people Frank walked out of the club with Diva Lerna at his side.

"I heard about Kate's suicide Frank. I am sorry." She wiped the tears from her eyes as Frank looked away. "I should have been there for her. I should have seen it coming. Frank, please talk to me."

Frank turned to her wiping a single tear from his eye. "It's in the past. Come on it's not safe for a lady to be out here alone in the streets with all the nasties out here."

Diva smiled at him. "So are you telling me you are one of those nasties?"

"I could be, I could be." He walked over to a beat up car. "It's not a limo or a jag but it runs."

Laughing at Frank Diva gets in the opened door as he closes it. "You always knew how to charm a woman Frank. So have you met any one new?"

Frank kept his eyes on the road not bothering to answer the question.

"I am sorry Frank. Not again. You are stronger than I would have been." The rest of the trip to the diner was in quiet. As they got out of the car Frank acted like every thing was normal between them. As he came to help her get out they ran in to each other. When he wrapped his arms around her he fell in to her arms. She rubbed his back as the sobs racked him.

After a few minutes he stood up and fluffed up his clothes in an attempt to get over the sudden emotional out burst. "I am sorry, it's just less than three months ago. Her name was Alexandra Serris. You would have loved her."

"I believe you Frank. Did you want to talk about it?"

"Yeah, just not here. Right now we are going to have the best soup and grilled cheese three dollars can buy. You know that is their specialty here."

Diva laughs again. "Gee I would never have figured that one out for my self. I mean it's not up in neon lights, oh wait a minute it is."

"Come on, we aren't getting any younger." Frank lead her over to the dinner and opens the door. "Ladies first."

"Pearls before swine."

"What was that?"

"Nothing bug breathe. Still eating roaches?" Diva pushes Frank as they get ready to sit in their booth.

"It was a beetle and I was eight years old, plus that and you forced it down my throat. What kind of a sister were you?"

"I was a perfect lady. We are not related. Remember my mother never married your father." She batted her eye lashes.

"Yeah so, we were still together as a family for more than ten years."

With out missing a beat, "Some family, I caught you peeping in my room more times than not. Just what were you doing in my clothes draw that one time any how?"

"Searching for evidence."

"Of what, my bra size?"

"not necessary, I already knew that from the foot ball team. My uh magazines ended up missing." Frank looked away in embarrassment.

"So, I can't help it if I preferred your magazines to my own. I mean I am a lesbian Frank." She giggled at his red face.

"I knew that too. That's why I was looking in your clothes."

"How could you possibly know? I was very discreet until Mom and Dad split up."

"Except for that time..." Frank wiggled his eye brows.

"Frank you little pervert. You were supposed to be out with Jesse trying to make money for your bike that oh my god you didn't, please tell me you did not charge people to watch me... If you were not a cop I would kill you. You sneaky little shit."

"Hey pay back is a bitch." When she got a confused look on her face. "Two weeks prior, remember the shower camera? I still haven't found those negatives. If those pictures ever come out, you are dead."

"What's the matter Strait boy gotta image to uphold?"

"Yeah you slut. At least I did not go through more girls than the entire jock population of San Fran U."

Diva blanched in shock. "Well that is not hard, seems how ninety-nine percent are as queer as a three dollar bill."

"Watch it you prejudice Dike."

"My my I can see what they were doing instead of girls."

"In your dreams slut. I am as strait as they come." Frank took a long drink of his coffee and bite of a hot dog.

"So do you spit or swallow. Judging from the way you are handling that I say you swallow." The next moment found her covered in said hot-dog. "Nope definitely a spitter."

"You asked for it. Aren't you going to eat any thing?"

"No not from here. Just watching the food I fear for my life. And what about that hot dog, are you sure it is even dead?"

Frank grinned and took a large bite out of it sticking most of it in his mouth.

"Oh yeah baby, now that is what I call a man." Two guys in business suites walked up, one with his hands on his hips in a suggestive manor. "How about you give me taste of those lips Frank?"

"Shut the hell up Brujah scum. What the hell are you wharf rats doing away from the sewers?" Frank glared as one of them blew a kiss at him.

"We are here to check on our investment and make sure you don't get fresh with her. Just for your information, Kine, we are not from the sewers, that is the Nosferatu." They sat down next to Diva in the booth and smiled at her.

Diva glared at them then smacked the backs of their heads. "Frank close your mouth, it's not very good manners." When a new coffee arrived she took a sip and passed it back to him. "Drink your coffee it is very good." Frank was about to protest but she interrupted. "Please for me."

"Yes be a good boy and we may let you leave here."

"I answer to a higher source than you Brujah. Harm me and your after life is forfeit."

Diva pleaded with him. "Frank just drink the coffee. Then you can leave me here. I will be fine here with tweetle dumb and tweetle dumber. Their boss owes me a few favors and these are them."

"How could you do business with a scum bag like Cameron?" Frank poured clear liquid from a hidden flask in to his coffee then downed it in one swallow. "Do you have any idea what kind of trash the Brujah are?"

Diva winced at his remark.

Frank thought he saw a little twinge at his remark. He shook his head to clear it. "They are nothing but thugs and cold blooded murderers. You would do well to avoid them." He took a long draw from his flask. When it was empty he shook it a couple times and put the cap back on. "Well I will do as you say. I am outta here." He stood fast and swayed on his feet.

Diva was on her feet in an instant. "Frank I don't think you should drive home in this condition."

"Fines, Is will gets a cabz. However, Is ams stillz outta heres." He kissed her cheek. "Byz seasta. Tells mom His. As fur yous two, ya can kiss my ass." He wondered off staggering. "Filthy friggen Brujah. Aint nune of ya worth ah damn."

Once out side Frank forgot what he was going to do and started to wonder around aimlessly. Pretty soon he found himself in a back alley surrounded by trash. He thought he heard the sound of footsteps so he turned around. When noticing that no one was around he started to feel trapped like an animal. He ran for his car in a blind panic not noticing he was being followed.

He reached his car and nearly jerked the handle off trying to get in. Remembering his keys he unlocked as fast as he could and got in. Suddenly he felt sleepy and decided to rest his head on the steering wheel.

He was almost asleep when his passenger side door opened. In slid a man that seemed familiar to him but he could not place the face. "Who the hell are you," he griped out.

"Man you are wasted. Good thing Julian told me to follow you tonight. Move over here and let me drive." The blond man with the spiky hair pulled Frank to him.

"Let me go, who ever you are. I will call the cops. Wait a minute I am a cop, you are under arrest."

"How much did you drink this time Frank?" The man asked eyeing Frank with concern.

"Less than a fifth of the flask. It was left over from last night. Why am I telling you?" Frank laughed as the guy tried to pull Frank over with the loops on the front of his jeans and only managed to rip the flimsy material. "I was on a stake out, had to wear cheap threads man."

"Well, I see not all cops wear underwear. Boy is Julian going to pay for this one."

Frank looked down at his exposed flesh. "Whoops, wonder what happened?"

"Frank are you sure that is all you had to drink?" The guy covered Frank with his leather jacket.

"Yeah, oh that and some of that wonderful coffee in there. My sister told me that it was really good. I don't remember."

"Your sister?"

"Yeah, my sister, I thought you knew. Diva Lerna is her name, singin is her game." Frank laughed as he sang her name over and over again.

"Frank are you on any thing?" The guy pierced Frank with silver tented eyes.


"Unknown, what kind of response is that? Frank, Frank, Frank look at me. Look at my face Frank. That is not my face! Hey get your hands off me." The guy tried as he might but Frank pulled him in for a hug.

In a lucidity that he had not previous displayed Frank looked the stranger directly in the eyes. "Help me. I think I have been poisoned. I can't let go or I will start to fall again."

"Fall, what is going on Frank? Talk to me. What happened? Tell me, I can't help you unless I know."

"Two Brujah came in. They made snide comments. I never saw them before now. Don't know, can't remember. They are Brujah, Yeah that's it, Brujah. Can't remember, they um, they uh uh. Can't remember." Tears started to form in his eyes. "Please don't let go. I'm scared. Please help me."

The guy held Frank close. "Shhh calm down, I won't let go I promise." He looked in to Franks eyes as he pulled back. The wide eyed terror in them froze him in place. He looked over his shoulder as Frank pointed out over the hood of the car.

"Get out of the car Gangrel, or die where you sit in your lover's arms."

"Frank stay here I will be right back." The man's eyes went solid silver as he looked at Frank.

Frank could only stare in horror as the two figures circled each other. The two guys jump at each other meeting in mid air slashing with inhuman claws. He tried locking the doors but when the one closest to him was ripped off the hinges he screamed.


Cash fought the unknown Kindred off as fast as he could. Killing the thing, for it could not be called male or female, was harder than he thought. He just slashed it's neck open when a crushing metal sound resounded through out the area. He looked over just in time to see three more dragging a insane Frank clawing and screaming from the car.

Cash tried to get to him but was jumped by two from behind. He was beaten down to the pavement and injected with some burning liquid. As electric fire seared through his veins Cash writhed in agony.

Just before he passed out he could here the tortured cries of Frank as he was taken from the area. Cash cried out to his people with his mind but felt no response. 'What the hell was that? What have they done to me? Where is Frank? What are they doing to him? what is Julian going to do?' After the one final thought Cash passed out.

"Doesn't mean much, doesn't mean any thing at all. The life I've left behind me is a cold room."
Sweet Surrender- Sarah McLachlin.

The terror ripped through the crowd as he screamed out the name of the Prince. His wild expression, torn clothes and bloody body was enough to scare even the Brujah. Cash stumbled through the parting dancers to the table of Julian Luna and Lillie Langtry. He stopped only to catch his breath and fell to the top of the table in exhaustion.

Julian stood his eyes going silver. He was immediately surrounded by a dozen Kindred guards. Reaching over the table to his guard, Julian pulled him up to look him directly in the eyes.

"This had better be good Cash." Julian growled in frustration, as he was tired of getting his body guard out of trouble with the other clans.

"He's gone, my prince. They took him. I tried to stop them, but they were too many." He stumbled over his words. Tears were flowing freely as he tried to regain his senses. "He's gone Julian. I don't think he is coming back. The blood, so much blood. Oh god Julian I am sorry, I tried to protect him. He was going on and on about being afraid of the Brujah. He said they threatened him. At first I thought he was just drunk, but then he started to forget every thing again. They drugged him. Oh my god what did they do to him? He's gone. Julian, they took him."

Julian shook his guard to get him to straiten up. He noticed the crowd building, with a look of his eyes they were all back to dancing. "Calm down Cash." after a few moments of soothing the emotional Gangrel he plied for more answers. "Now who is gone, and who took him?"

Cash turned his red streaked face to look Julian in the eyes. "Frank, Julian, they took Frank. I don't know who. They were covered in hair and furs."


Cash shook his head no. "They were Kindred, but unlike any thing I have sensed before." He silently fell to the seat next to Julian. "I heard him screaming as they pulled him from the car. He was mad with terror."

Julian walked away from the shell shocked Cash and Lillie to get started on retrieving his pet detective. He growled out orders left and right as he prayed that this was not some thing Frank brought on himself like the last time. If it was, then promise or no promise, Frank was going to be set free.

Lillie felt like her heart had been restarted and crushed in one fatal swoop. Frank, her Frank was missing. Sure she found him mostly a distraction from the constant political struggles of the Kindred, but he also had a special place in her frozen heart. She turned to Cash to get more information.

"What happened, I want it word for word." Lillie tried to get Cash to talk but he continued to look off in his catatonic state. She was not one known for her patience, so she decided to get the information from the source. Upon tasting his blood she relived the events of the night over and over again inside of his mind with him. She released his wrist with a screech and backed away in to the corner of the booth.

'It couldn't be. Not here. They were supposed to be dead. He promised he killed them. Not here, not here.' Lillie sat rocky her knees back and forth. Her eyes lost their focus and soon went solid silver. When Julian touched her arm, she jumped and screamed as if burned.

"Don't you touch me." When Julian tried to calm her down she picked him up and threw him over the table. "You lied to me. You said that they were dead. You let them get away. You let them get away. Elysium is lifted, tonight you die Julian Luna."

The guards tried their best but three were killed instantly by her. In full frenzy she was unstoppable. "You let them leave after every thing they did to me. They just walked out unscathed. I will teach you to forget your place my prince." She jumped over the table and landed on a sprawled Julian.

They wrestled for a moment until he hit her head several times against the floor. He knew if he had not, then she would have killed him. "Get a hold on your self. What in hell are you talking about?"

"The Lazarus. You let them escape." She tried again to go for his throat but was held off by half a dozen of his men. "I will kill you for this act of betrayal Julian. You swore they were dead, that they would never bother any one ever again." She screamed over and over again in rage and pain as she vainly tried to get to Julian.

Julian backed away with a look of horror and guilt over his face. "I am sorry Lillie. This is my fault, I will correct this." He turned to his body guards and told them to let her go. He caught her before she could do any damage and held her close. "I promise this time I will kill them."

Lillie thrashed in his arms to brake free. "Why, why are they still alive?" Emotions filled her voice like nails on a chalk board.

Shushing her and stroking her back he leaned in to her ear. "It was not my will at the time. Remember Archon was prince, I was just his enforcer. He bade me to banish them, nothing more. I was under his order to tell all involved that they were dead."

"This is all your fault, now Frank is going to pay the price." Lillie pulled out of his arms and stalked away as he was struck dumb again.

"Frank, what have you done now?" Julian broke through the crowd and ordered that no one leave the Haven until their minds had been wiped. He next ordered that all the Primogens be brought upstairs immediately.


The council chamber was quiet as each of the Primogens watched the battle of wills between Julian and Lillie. No one spoke until Julian stood and addressed the Clan leaders. "I am sorry to summon you here tonight but it was of great importance. The Lazarus have returned." He paused to await the reactions, he was not let down.

Each of them had different yet equal reactions. Deadfalls lost his calm demeanor and went full fledged Nosferatu. Sonny went pale to almost a tan color. Cameron smirked as if he was the only one to get the joke. Lillie glowered at Julian, and Cash's face went as hostile as Lillie's if not more.

"You lied to us, justicar. What ever excuse you have, save it. Clan Nosferatu is finished here. May what ever god you worship watch over you Julian, for I will never do so again." In an explosion of shadows Deadfalls disappeared.

Cameron almost laughed at the rest of them, that is until he noticed Cash about to attack Julian. Then he went from smug to down right terrified. What in hell was so bad about these Lazarus? He asked that same question and was burned by the gazes of the remaining primogen.

"The Lazarus are clan of caitiff Kindred, not because they broke the laws or have no distinctions. No, they are banded together of their own free will. Each of them are as destructive as ten Sabbat. no one was able to stop them until they came here. Their arrival sparked several clan wars. They are worse than the Tremere with their blood rituals and necromancy. Almost no one survived their insurrection against Archon. Still to this day I am not sure how we defeated them. He claimed he had something on them. They were to leave and never return lest he use it against them.

Julian bowed his head in sadness. "If you had not been so set on revenge brujah, he would still be alive and the Lazarus would still be on the run."

"We have to find them, soon, and wipe them out. There is no escape this time, it is them or us. We must kill every last one of them." Lillie stared down every one at the table who she thought would oppose her. Only Cash met her gaze and did not flinch.

"I agree with Lillie. They must pay for what they did. I was not around back then but Stevie Ray told me about them. They got Frank, for that they will all die." Laughing from Cameron brought his attention to the Brujah. "What's so funny Brujah? He told me two of your filthy kind were harassing him before we were attacked. Is there any thing you want to tell us?"

Cameron sobered up immediately. "My people know better than to get involved with that mortal. We are not that stupid."

"So you freely admit that your people are stupid."

"Any time Gangrel..." Cameron almost lunged over the table but a remark from Julian silenced them both.

"Enough of this infighting. This is how it started last time. They move in and take our protected ones, and make it look like it was one of us who did it. I suggest that you go back to your people and make it clear what we are dealing with. Keep close eyes on your people, we could still have traitors from the last time they were here. This meeting is over." Julian got up and walked out leaving behind Cash to just stare at his retreating back.

"Looks like you did it this time doggie. May be he will have you neutered." Cameron walked out as a steaming Cash almost chased after him.

Sonny stood and gave a sign of submission to Cash. "Find him please. We may not be on speaking terms any more but we are still partners." With that he nodded to the two remaining Primogen and left to follow Julian.

Cash looked down at his hands as a single blood tear ran down his cheek. "It's all my fault. I should have been watching more closely. If only he had not been so damn...unhhh I can't do this. I have to be strong." He looked Lillie strait in the eyes and promised. "I will get him back, no matter the cost." With that he was gone.

Lillie sat in silence waiting for the dawn. Two hours away and she still felt it's lethargic pull on her immortal limbs. Memories of the unspeakable horrors filled her mind's eye. She silently vowed that this would never happen again. Never would another suffer for the mistakes of that one damnable dead man.

"Your right Julian, this is not over. Far from it. You and the rest of those fools will learn what true kindred justice is like." Turning to look out the window as the first rays of light shown over the city, her solid silver eyes smoldered like tiny stars of fury.


Frank awoke to the sounds of some one grunting. He opened his eyes and saw some one above him, their faces almost touching. The person smiled a malice smile and that's when he felt it. Pain ripped through his lower body as he screamed in horror.

"That's right my pretty one, let me hear you scream. I love it when they scream." The eyes of the assailant bled silver as he came inside Frank calling out in a guttural roar. He got up smacking Frank's ass as he rolled over in to a fetal position. "Soon my sweet one, you will know what true pain feels like."

Frank tried to scream but his throat hurt. Panic set in and he tried to find a way out of there. His lower body hurt to much to walk, so he tried to drag his way out of the filthy stinking hell hole.

The beast, for he could not be called a man, pulled Frank back tut tutting him. "That was not very nice. Now you have to learn to behave." He pulled the screaming, naked Frank up to his lower body and thrust in to him again. The smell of fresh blood mixed with that of dried combined to make the Kindred become even more incensed. With each thrust in to a pleading Frank he grew more wild. When he came Frank went limp in his arms. In amusement he noticed witty all his enthusiasm he had fucked Frank in to the wall.

His hoarse laughter filled the dark chamber as Frank felt the blood slowly drain out of his forehead and down his face. Sweet merciful oblivion surrounded him and he finally let go.


The light was so pretty. But the angel's were not singing. They were calling out like demons in hell burning in the flames of their own making. Slowly Frank sat up. A quick look around he noticed that the place was burning to the ground. Slowly he got up and forced his legs to work. The illusion surrounded him again as he saw the faces of Demons and Angels fighting in the smoke and mists. One in particular angel called his name. He turned and stumbled towards it. Once safe in it's arms he wrapped his body around it like a second skin. The angel fled the scene with his arms around Frank.

Frank looked in to those blue eyes and was lost forever. He placed his face in the neck of his angel and was lost in a world of experiences unlike any thing he felt before. "Hang on tight Frank, I swear I won't let you go this time."

Frank felt his mind slipping away. He body was growing cold as he smiled in to his savior's arms. "Never, sweet angel, never again will I let go..."

"Frank! Frank! Oh god no, nooooo........" Then his pain was no more. Only the cold. So cold.

Through pain comes reason, through reason comes clarity, and from clarity comes understanding, such is the meaning of life and the choices we make.

Prior to the rescue. The time is 2 p.m. and Frank has been missing for fifteen hours. The scene is Primogen meeting room at the Mansion, home of Julian Luna. All of the Primogen are gathered, including a glaring Daedalus, and new Gangrel primogen Airiana.

Airiana sat up and talking. "As part of his punishment I am replacing Cash in all his duties. All of you will treat me with the respect due to my position. If there are any objections take them up with the one who instigated this, our prince, Julian."

Julian sat facing the fire place awaiting the reports from the arguing Primogen. When a sudden silence filled the room Julian turned to face the intruder. He glared at the recently disgraced and replaced Cash. "You had better have good reason to be here, traitor."

Cash stared at him in horror and shock. Until just now he had not known the full extent of his disgrace. He backed out of the room with out a second look or reply to the question. With all the influence he had left in his clan he rounded up thirteen of the sixty clansmen and fled the mansion. He had a job to do and a person to protect.

He explained to his fellows that they might not make it out alive and that they were welcome to leave and never return. All signed on with him. He then explained what he had found out from a Nosferatu tip:

"In a warehouse on the edges of the Prince's territory they are settled. This building is twice the size of the mansion. We will need all the weapons we can get. I did a little recognizance of them and found they number twelve in total. I killed two on my way in and brought back their bodies for another thing we have to do. The layout of the building is as follows. It has the regular four sides but has only two large enough entrances. The main doors are blocked so are the cargo docks. That leaves us the main employee entrance and the fire escape.

"I have a suggestion on how to deal with the weapons problem, if you are with me. Just remember, they have Frank. I know he is there," He said with a solemn look. "I heard his screams. Those bastards are hurting him and I will make them pay for it. So are you with me?"

Reluctantly they all agreed to raid a Brujah ammo dump and take all they could carry. They killed two Brujah to get the ammo, which was just fine by them. Leaving evidence behind of the Lazarus corpses they made their way out of the city to the Warehouse.

The night was wet and cold by the time they arrived. The first shots fired destroyed any hope of escape for the Lazarus, taking with them two of the guards. Their vehicles were totally demolished and cover fire ensured that they could not escape. Cash killed one of their guards and smiled as he watched the brujah burn.

Cash's group split in to four teams. First team was seek and destroy, second team was to secure. Third team was slash and burn. Then the last team was Cash and his brood sister Loraine. They were the retrieval squad.

They scouted the remaining area securing the outside first. Things were quiet until they tossed the grenades in to the building. Silencing cries told them were in a general location Frank was. This was going to be one time Cash actually felt good about killing. Now he signaled the death squads to take action.

Team one killed six of the remaining eight before team two entered the burning building. Team two gave the all clear for team three to begin destroying the place. When the first team came back to report that two of them escaped Cash saw a figure stand and watch him with haunted eyes. Cash called to the naked figure and ran for him. On first sight he knew their was some thing not right about Frank. Gathering up the things surrounding Frank he pulled the taller man in to his arms.

Frank held on for dear life and wrapped his legs and arms around his savior. Cash signaled for the claymores to be deployed and ran out of the building with a shaking Frank attached to his front. Once clear his people activated the mines and watched as the place was engulfed in what appeared to be magma.

Cash stroked the head of the shaken man and whispered in his ear. "Hang on tight Frank, I swear I won't let you go this time."

Frank pulled back his head to look him in the eyes. "Never, sweet angel, never again will I let go..." His eyes rolled up in his head and he fell backwards out of Cash's arms.

"Frank! Frank! Oh god no, noooooooo..." He released a guttural roar that was more beast than human. He held the human close in his arms and rocked him back and forth. "Please forgive me, please forgive me." He chanted as he slit his own wrist and forced it to Franks mouth. He used his other hand to help Frank swallow. When Frank started on his own Cash released the throat and allowed the blood to flow.

The others gathered round to watch as Cash rocked and kissed Franks forehead. After a few minutes Loraine turned to the others and signaled them to spread out and search the area for clues about what they wanted. She then turned to the bundle beside Cash and pointed to it.

"They had him laying on this stuff and surrounding him. It was the only thing besides the bodies of their victims in there." Cash explained as he pulled Frank closer. "In my saddle bag is an extra set of leather pants and jacket that belonged to Stevie Ray, can you get them for me? I didn't have time to find his clothes." He added when she looked at him puzzled.

A short time later she arrived back to see a very worn out Gangrel cuddling a naked fledgling like one would a child, or in this case, a childe. She handed the clothes to him and turned around as he helped the disoriented Frank get dressed. After several curses she turned and helped him tuck Frank in the tight pants. She figured that soon enough there would no longer exist modesty in the young one, why humor him now?

Each of the teams came back empty handed except for a card that had a name and address written on it. The Haven, and Lillie Langtry's personal number. This did not bode well for the clan Toreador. Their leader was in serious trouble.

Each of them sensed the beginnings of the change in the man. After a few ominous congratulations they took to their bikes and prepared to ride. Cash had Frank strapped to him in a piggy back position and smiled as his new one tightened the hold on his flanks. He took off down the road heading back to San Francisco at slow speeds, causing the others to slowdown.

No one noticed the silent figure watching with tears in her eyes as they departed. No one heard the screams of rage from the other figure over the loss of his child, and childe to be. Red eyes glowed in the dark watching them, vowing to exact his revenge.


A nuzzling at his neck let Cash know that Frank was hungry. He called to the others and they pulled off the side of the road. As he turned to his childe Cash could not help but notice the distant animalistic look in his eyes. When he opened his wrist Frank took it gently to his mouth. This was a good sign to Cash, even though Frank may be dazed he was not in a Frenzied state. His childe still had some one in there controlling him.

Frank finished with a satiated sound and let go. For the first time he noticed his surroundings. He was in a blissful euphoric state the allowed no pain to enter his mind. He turned and saw his blue eyed angel smiling at him. When the angel spoke in his gruff tone he smiled. Only one thought passed in his mind as he watched his angel. Every thing would be all right as long as he was around.

Cash glanced worriedly at Frank. He was not responding to any thing he said. In fact he was watching him as if he was the most interesting thing an addict had seen. Yes he noticed the hooded eyes and the glazed over look. He had seen it to many times in his life to forget it.

"What's wrong with him Cash? He looks like he is on drugs." Came from one of his clans men.

Loraine knew the look. It was the same one she had when she was embraced. "He's in shock. The situation still has not hit home."

The others stared at her in horror. "You mean he..."

"What ever the hell they did to him was too much for his mind to handle. He has one of three options: either he snaps and goes insane; comes out of it, and takes how ever long to come to terms with this; or he..." She turned her head and looked away from them.

Cash stepped towards her leaving Frank on his bike. "Or he what? Tell me Loraine. I have the right to know, I'm his sire." He shook her when she would not answer. "Damn it Loraine, tell me now. Or what?" His eyes filled with blood tears.

Loraine turned to him but would not meet his gaze. Blood tears already streaking her face. "Or he never comes out of it. He simply goes to sleep and never wakes again."

Cash let go of her. "That is ridiculous. No one dies in their sleep."

"We can. If we wish it hard enough our bodies simply shut down. If he were human he would lapse in to a coma. Since he is one of us he will simply die." She got back on her bike and started it. "I know, it happened to my sister. She was embraced by the Brujah before Stevie Ray could rescue us. Two weeks after he saved us she died in my arms. Her eyes simply closed and she stopped being." Loraine put her bike in gear and took off at full speed. leaving a very stunned group in her wake.

Cash signaled for his group to get ready for the return trip. Loraine would come back on her own time. This was not a time to get sentimental. He would find her later and have a heart to heart. As he settled on to his bike Cash felt his childe pull him close and kiss his neck. With a grunt of arousal he settled in to his seat and readied for take off.

Frank put his head on Cash's shoulder and sighed. He was content to let the man do the driving and control him. With him all was well, there was no pain, just anticipation of the next joyful embrace with his angel.

Cash sensed the contentment and wished that was all Frank would ever feel again. He knew that some how and soon Frank would have to face this or die. That was not some thing he was going to let happen. With a face to the wind he headed back down the high way to San Francisco, to home, to his fate.


Julian paced the room. He had received reports of the brake in from Cameron and knew instantly that it was Cash. His rage was barely contained as he sensed the arrival of another. He turned his solid silver eyes on to the new Gangrel Primogen.

"What do you want?" Julian growled out to the Female.

Airiana gave a placating gesture and waited to be offered a place to sit before responding. "I am here to report as the head of your body guard that Cameron has found all the evidence he can."

Julian grew impatient with her and snarled. "I already know who did it. What in hell do you want?"

She did not let his attitude phase her one bit. "Evidence suggest a Lazarus raid. It was thwarted by the Gangrel with Cash. However they made off with enough ammo to take out half of San Francisco. I was wondering how you wish us to proceed?" She kept her tone neutral and her eyes lowered.

Julian snorted at her and glared at the fire. Things were so much easier when Archon was Prince and him just a simple justicar. He longed for those days again. Remembering his company he turned back to face her awaiting stance.

"Tell Cameron that he will be reimbursed for the damage and the weapons. He has my permission to replace the two guards killed. Then tell him to find Cash and bring him to me alive and unharmed. If even one of his goons lays a hand to hurt him any more than necessary, I will wipe out his entire clan. Dismissed." He growled out the last part and went back to pacing.

Airiana bowed her head and smiled as she left. If she played her cards right there was some thing to be had from this. 'We will see my Prince who has the final say in things. We shall see you arrogant Ventrue scum.' She snarled at Sonny as he passed by to meet with Julian.

Upon his arrival Sonny could not help but notice the array of things in the study. Weapons lined the wall. He knew his time as Ventrue primogen was almost up. So might as well go out with some dignity. He bowed to Julian who merely held out his wring hand. Sonny kissed and pledged himself to the ring.

"You have failed me my childe. You were to look out for this mortal. He was your responsibility. What do you have to say in your defense?" Julian would not look at him.

"I have no excuses, other than my own failure. I wish to make amends but will do as you say."

"You will tell me why you failed." Julian growled out at Sonny.

Sonny backed away and cringed. "He used the chiefs dislike of him to get himself transferred to another department. I did not have proper time to get a transfer approved before the events of last night. I am sorry."

"Find me Frank alive and all will be forgiven. I want that damned human dealt with quietly. He has had free reign too long. I now revoke my protection of him to not be embraced. Sonny you have my permission to pick a clan for him. That will be all my childe."

Sonny bowed and kissed the ring one more time and backed out of the study. Before he could get to far, he was interrupted by Julian.

"If you fail me this time, you will receive the same treatment as Cash. Keep that in mind my childe."

Then Sonny took off as if god gave him wings.


Cash and his Gangrel greeted the dawn as they rode over the bay bridge. Soon he and the rest of his warriors would be most likely executed for their involvement. He would not worry about things he could not change. Now he had to see to his childe, who at this very moment was crying out in pain because of the light.

They pulled up to one of their many habitats on the fringe of the main Island. Cash pulled Frank in to an embrace and kissed him. "Shh pup, this is just for today, soon the pain will be no more." He offered his wrist to Frank and bade him drink. "Here, this will help dull the pain."

He and Frank sat in the sunlight rocking back and forth gently to the breeze. Ever so often Frank would release a moan or whimper of pain. And soon after Cash would stroke his head and kiss his forehead telling him it would be all right. At high noon Frank tensed, Cash was too busy trying to calm the fledgling to notice the movement behind them until it was too late.

Six Brujah separated them from each other and forced Cash back. Frank cried out as his hugger flared again. Through their bond Cash felt it.

"Let me go you bastards. He needs to feed or..." That was as far as he got as he was booted in the face.

He heard the screams as soon as he felt the pain. His child was in great agony. In the stunned release from the Brujah Cash turned on them and beat them down. As he turned too late he saw Frank light up. The screams of his childe sent him in to Frenzy. Cash killed the Brujah nearest him but was not enough. In a last desperate attempt Frank threw himself in to the water below as the flames reached his head.

Cash screamed in pain as he no longer felt his childe. He laid on the edge of the rock searching for him in the surf but found nothing. As he started to get up some one clubbed him from behind. All he heard as he slipped in to darkness was that Cameron was going to love this.

"Animals strike cheery poses, picture the heat, the heat between me and you."
When Doves Cry - Prince and the Revolution.

Silenced filled the room as Cameron delivered the bound and bloodied Cash to the feet of Julian Luna. His smirk was all the proof the Prince needed to lash out at the Brujah primogen. As Cameron hit the far wall his guards moved in to place to take retribution but a look from Julian held them at bay.

"You were warned Cameron. The price for this outrage will be more than a monetary appeasement. You will bring me the heads of the ones who did this. If I find out you were involved or that you set them free I will declare your clan Autarkis. All of you will be slaughtered."

Cameron stood wiping the blood of his lip and smirked at Julian. "You would sentence one of your own to death."

Julian looked him dead in the eyes. "The laws of kindred society are very strict Brujah. If I found out she was involved her head would be here along side your own. Now get out of my sight before I change my mind and declare you Autarkis any ways."

The emotionless flat voice filled Cameron with fear. He bowed his head and fled the room with his cowering clansmen. Silently he added. 'This is far from over Luna.'

Julian stared at the way they left from his main hall and grimaced at the realization of what he just did. 'Oh well,' he figured, 'it would have come to this eventually. At least now I will have a legitimate reason to crush that dog under my foot.' A muffled groan brought his attention to the curled up figure on the floor.

Walking slowly he circled the regaining conscious Cash. What was he to do with this way ward pup. He waited until Cash's eyes were trained on him before he spoke.

"It appears that your efforts to regain your charge were fruitless and in the end futile. Their factory was burned to the ground and your pack mates punished. Do you have any idea what I am going to do to them and you for the death of Frank Kohanek?" Julian snarled at the groaning Gangrel.

Cash sat upright quickly. "He is not dead, at least not by my hand."

Julian glared at him with silver eyes. "When will you learn to take responsibility for your actions? Just because you did not personally pull the firing pin that leveled the factory does not mean you are not at fault."

"You don't understand Julian..." Cash was sent flying across the room with a back handed swing from Julian.

"Do not tell me I do not understand Gangrel! You failed and a human under my protection was killed because of it!" The Venture Prince was in full battle mode as he readied for another pathetic response.

Cash regained a sitting position spitting out the blood in his mouth. "It was not like that. Damn it Julian listen for a minute." When the other made no move to do otherwise Cash continued. "He did not die in the ware house fire or after it collapsed. He, we escaped and fled from the scene as fast as possible. We were all alive."

Julian crouched in front of Cash, his eyes gone blood red in a feral glow.

"Then tell me what happened to Frank. Why is he not here?"

"The Brujah, Julian." That one statement caused Julian to turn and toss him across the hall. Cash cried out in pain as he felt several of his ribs crack. "Please Julian, you gotta believe me. They killed him. I would never hurt my own childe."

Julian stopped in mid stride. His eyes returned to their normal brownish black from his surprise. "What are you saying, you embraced Frank?"

"It was the only way to save his life. The Lazarus had tortured him to the point of death. If we had not got there a minute earlier he would have died."

Julian fell to his knees. "It can't be, they don't do it to those not of their own blood. He is not of their... he can't be." Julian pierced Cash with a sudden burning gaze. "Where is he?"

The blood tears welled up in Cash's eyes as he turned to look out at the bay. He got his hatred under control then responded to the question. "They surprised us. He needed to feed again and they would not let me get to him. They just stood there and watched as he burst in to flames. Gods Julian the pain, it hurt so much, both through the link and watching him. I tried to get to him to help but he dove over the wall in to the water."

Julian would not look at Cash as he pleaded with his eyes for understanding. Julian felt many conflicting emotions at once. One thing stuck in his memory as he heard Cash's next words.

"The only moment of clarity he had since we got him back was when he stood on the stone wall over the bay. His mind finally cleared and he sent a single thought to me. It simply said the water is sanctuary. It was accompanied by the smell of roses. Do you know what he meant?" Cash watched Julian hoping for a clue to the last moments of his fledgling's existence.

"It was the last thing Alexandra said to her before she too jumped in to the bay on fire."

Cash and Julian turned to the new voice and almost cringed at the look on the face of the Nosferatu primogen. "She had promised him that as long as they were together the roses would bloom. When she died so did the roses and their love. The roses bloomed again, yet now they die once more." He cryptically replied to them before he tossed a single withered red bloom to Julian and walked away.

Julian turned to the distraught Cash and pulled him close. They would both need each other to get over this. "From all that has happened recently, I believe any further punishment is out of the question."

Cash pulled out of the hug and looked at Julian with a little fear. "What about embracing Frank?"

"I had already given Sonny the permission to have him embraced. Let us leave it at that." With that he pulled back the younger man and held him while he tried to cry. There they sat but there would be no tears shed that day.


Two months later, Club Neuveau L.A.

Tim had been waiting for three hours for his date to show up. When he got a glimpse of a new guy walking through the employee's only door he did a double take. The man was exactly his type. Forgetting all about his date he walked over to introduce himself.

The tall man with copper highlights in his brown hair turned towards the hand on his shoulder. The only visible features of his face under a gold mask were his mouth and dark eyes that held an almost feline look to them. He smiled at the man and held out his hand in a traditional southern woman's greeting.

Tim took the offered hand and kissed it until it was with drew. "Hi my name is Tim, what is yours?"

"Volan" was the only response he got.

"That's an interesting name, what does it mean?" Tim took a sip of his drink while trying to look seductive.

Volan smirked at him and took a drink from his own. When he was through he wiped the blood red tinge from his lips with his tongue. "It means 'beloved of.' I was given it by my founder."

Tim's brow wrinkled in wonder. "You mean you're something like a foundling?"

"Mmmhmmm." Volan took another sip of his drink and continued to stare at Tim's neck purring seductively.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you Volan. This one is marked." A tall man with golden blond hair and dark smoldering eyes put his arms around Volan.

Volan turned in to the tall man's arms and pouted. "I only wanted to taste him."

"You know the rules of the Camarilla. He is the property of the Prince." The taller man rubbed his hand along the jaw of Volan. He then leaned in and kissed him on the lips. When he pulled back he ran a hand through the spikes on Volan's head. "Come little one, Cyrus wishes our company this very night. We are to attend a grand meeting of the Princes' as his escorts."

"Please Phoebos, you know how I feel about him. There is just something about him. He makes me want to scream and flee in terror." Volan tried to make it sound sarcastic but only succeeded in pleading.

Phoebos pulled him closer and buried his head in his chest. "Shhh little one. I have not seen you this upset since the night I found you. What is troubling you my sweet one?"

Volan gathered his wits about him and choked down the fear. "I just don't feel comfortable around him. I think it has to do with my life before... you know, before my little stroll on the sun lit beach."

"Yes, I know what you mean. I am sorry, I just wish some times you could remember, other times I hope you never do. I know that sounds selfish, it's just that you mean so much to me and I don't want to lose you to your sire." Phoebos held him closer.

"You are as much my sire as the other one. If he was still alive I would feel a bond to him, wouldn't I?" Volan looked at Phoebos pleadingly.

"Not necessarily, you were quite young and not fully formed when you took the swim in the sun." Phoebes laughed as Volan smacked his bottom. "I deserved that and much more. Back to why you have no link to him or her. You were simply to traumatized to establish a proper link. Now you are mine my love and what ever you were before you are now also Toreador."

"I am glad we had this conversation, I think I can face him with out panicking, for too long." He added as an after thought. Volan backed away and placed his head in his hands. "Please lets just go and get this over with."

Phoebos placed his arms around Volan and kissed his neck as he held his front to younger kindred's back grinding his serious erection in to Volan'. "Don't worry my love, if you should start to panic I will distract you," he purred in Volan's ear.

"You promise?" Volan leaned back in to his arms.

"With all my heart my love. Now lets get ready for our flight." Phoebos dragged a giggling Volan by the front of his pants towards the back of the club ignoring the already seriously confused human.

Volan laughed as he was thrown on the bed. "Where are we going my sire?"

"We are going," Phoebos straddled Volan's hips and kissed his way along his jaw to the major artery. "to San Francisco."

Volan pulled back, "Oh! You looking to get a new boy toy?"

"Never beloved, you are the only boy I need. As for the toy part, that comes later." He then sank his fangs in to Volan's neck.

"Oh, oh oh that feels mmmm." Volan's eyes rolled up in his head with pleasure. "Tonight you are on top definitely."

Phoebos pulled back licking the wound closed. "Naturally, as your primogen, sire, and lover."


Cash tugged at the jacket he was wearing. This Prince's ball was going to kill him. He could not wait to get home from the tailor's and back in his jacket. He had a date with Sasha at the club tonight, the first since Archon's funeral. Plus he was going to keep an eye on Cyrus and company.

When the tailor took his suit off he sighed. "Finally I am outta here. Tell Julian I will see him at the Haven later." With a final wave at the Toreador tailor Cash fled.

On the way to the Mansion he passed the spot covered in flowers and stopped. With a second thought he turned around and headed back to the point he lost his childe. He sat there over looking the bay as the sun burned it's way from the heavens and in to the sea. He once believed that was the most beautiful sight in the world, now it only served to remind him how his child did an impression of Phaethon struck but the lightening and hurdled in to the sea to squelch the flames.

Starting his bike he still could not watch the sun go down, so he headed to the Manse De Luna. He felt some thing important was going to happen soon. His gypsy side was feeling weird all week. He soon arrived and was greeted by the former primogen and pain in his ass Airiana.

"What is it now, looking for a way to get my job back?"

Airiana was unphased. "The job will go to the person most qualified for it. I came to tell you that the Prince's guests from L.A. arrived two hours ago and just left. He wants you to meet him at the Haven," she looked at her watch.

"Twenty minutes from now, good luck dog breathe."

"Yeah, good night to you my saucy bitch."

"Only in your dreams gypsy freak." She turned on her heals and stalked away.

Cash smiled, he loved making her do that. After a quick shower and shave he changed in to his leather jacket, boots, jeans, and T-shirt. He ran for the door and was on the bike at the end of his time limit. He arrived at the club late and was greeted by a stern looking Julian. Indicating the setting sun and Julian said nothing more, he knew about the pain caused to his former body guard.

Cash stepped in to the club behind a posturing Julian. He immediately stood at attention when he felt the presence of strange Kindred. Looking around he noticed the flamboyantly dressed group milling around the dance floor. He snorted as he saw Lillie dancing with a golden haired man, another Toreador.

Every thing was going smoothly as the L.A. group started to greet the San

Francisco group. Cash gave the proper response to each of the Brujah Prince's entourage. When he pointed to the golden haired man Cyrus signaled for him to come forward.

The golden haired man came dragging a man decked out in a leather outfit and mask. The outfit was like a corset with a long leather dress bottom. Though it appeared to be feminine in origin it was undoubtedly masculine. It showed off this back through the strings. A long slit down the front of the bottom showed he was wearing shorts under the wrap. His gilded mask conformed to his facial features. It evidently was made for him, strange the mask was very old, as the wearer was still yet a fledgling.

Cyrus wrapped an arm around the fledgling's waist and pulled him close. The young one stiffened but tried not to show his discomfort. The golden haired man placed a reassuring hand on his charge. This seemed to relax him.

Cash tried to sense what the fledgling's clan was but seemed to be masked by something. After several tries he was able to identify three signatures Toreador being the most prominent, Nosferatu, and just barely, Gangrel. This was impossible, to say he was stunned was barely scratching the surface. When time came round for him to greet the fledgling he felt a pull towards him. He looked in to the eyes of the taller man and smiled as they widened.


To Embrace the Darkness is to Embrace Life.

"Frank aren't we?" Cash bit his tongue glad for the quick recovery. If they even got the hint what he was thinking they would lock him up faster than he could even think.

The man smiled at Cash. He removed his mask that hid his pale visage. "I am Volan of the clan Toreador." With a wink smiled at the enchanting creature in front of him. Then held up his hand to be shaken in the manner of the old century, in the fashion of a woman, hand bent down.

Cyrus pulled the hand back and looked at Volan with a wilting glare. "Why don't you greet him the way that I told you? You never do as I say." When Volan started to turn even paler he took his face in his hands and kissed his cheeks. "It's okay, just remember next time." He turned to face Cash. "He is the youngest of my courtesans, be sure your people keep their distance or else Gangrel." Cyrus left the threat unspoken but the silver glint in his eyes was enough for Cash to understand his meaning.

When Cyrus turned back to the rest of the Primogen Valon offered his hand again while glaring at Cyrus. He was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Cash took the offered and turned it over licking the palm. The fledgling tasted of Toreador blood and Nosferatu magic, with a hint of Gangrel gypsy. His mind was reeling at the thought that his childe might be alive. Upon closer inspection the kindred did resemble Frank in some ways. Only his features were more prominent. His eyes were of a darker shade of brown and his ears were... pointed. That was new.

Cash blinked as he cleared his mind. "I am Cash of the clan Gangrel. You remind me of some one I lost recently. He would have liked your mask." Cash would say any thing just to have more time with this man, to find out if he really was Frank.

Valon smiled his impish grin. His elfin features glowed with pleasure. "Really, no body but my sire and I like it. The others say it looks too much like a burial mask to be beautiful. I think that it services my purposes. Do you like it?"

Cash staunched a wish to feel the man in his arms, to be sure if this was his childe. "Yes, I do. what purposes might that be?" Cash held back the emotions threatening to spill out. He had plenty of time to see if his Frank had survived.

Valon pursed his lips and leered at him suggestively. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Cash felt a heat rising up the back of his throat. Who ever taught his fledgling was damn good at it. Clearing his throat and pulling at his collar he smiled back. "You know your techniques are very good. Who taught you how to be such a pain in the ass."

"Promises, promises Primogen. You Gangrel are all alike, all talk and no fuck." Turning behind him Valon reached out an arm to the Blond man who had brought him over and pulled him close. "This is Phoebes Apollo, my sire. The one you so eloquently put taught me to be a pain in the ass."

Phoebes looked Cash over with an approving eye and smirked at him. "My my Valon, you do know how to pick them." With wanton gaze he stuck out his hand in much the same manor as Valon. "Phoebes Apollo, how do you do eh Cash is it?"

Cash found himself staring in to the eyes of the Blond Toreador. For some strange reason it popped in his mind that Phoebes might actually know if this was his childe. With a slight shake of the Primogen's hand he went back to staring at Volan. The resemblance to Frank was minimal but there. He probably would have never notice if he had not been trained to look for distinguishing features.

"Yes I am the Primogen of the Gangrel of San Francisco." Cash noted how Phoebes eye brow raised at the word Gangrel. "So why are you in our territory?"

Phoebes winked at him. "I and my Fledgling here are on a personal visit as Cyrus' escorts to all of the functions here." He appeared to be distracted by some thing behind Cash then he turned to look him back in the face. "I am sorry but my presence is requested by my Prince. Valon if you will please see to the needs of our gracious host and give him our Prince's regret that he will be unable to remain for the rest of tonight's party." After a kiss and hug from Valon, he was on his way out with Cyrus.

A sad and almost fearful look from Valon to Phoebes made Cash watch carefully. Phoebes signaled for Valon to go off and mingle. Valon signaled for what Phoebes was holding. The older Toreador gave him a dismissive look and was back heading to the door.

Valon waved his good byes and when Cyrus' back was turned he stuck out his tongue, and flipped him off. He immediately retrieved it when Phoebes turned and glared at him. With a sulking manor he walked across the club to where Julian was seated. Soon he walked up to the prince's table and made a show of bowing to him.

"Prince Julian of San Francisco, I am to inform you that Prince Cyrus of L.A. has left and will not be able to attend the rest of your party tonight. He extends his deepest regrets and sorrows but was unavoidably detained and had to head back tonight. He will be back tomorrow for the pre Princes' ball diner." Valon then raised his head and smiled at the Prince. "How ever I am still here and am not bound by the same rules as the damnable Brujah."

This brought more than one raised eye brow from the table. Julian stood, smiled, and offered his hand to the lusting Toreador. When Valon seductively kissed it respectively Julian cleared his throat. "I am pleased to make your... to meet you as well. Why don't you pull up a chair and tell us about your self."

Valon seemed a little on edge after that question and released the hand. "I have a better idea, who is up for some dancing?" He looked around the table for any volunteers, but every one was suddenly interested in some thing else. That is except Cash.

When the music started back up Valon grabbed Cash and pulled him out on the dance floor. With his mask being taken with Phoebes he felt almost naked. He pulled Cash close and started to grind to the music forgetting all about the rest of the crowd. His jacket that covered his shoulders and arms to the wrist was starting to get hot so he removed it and handed to one of the many body guards that Cyrus had provided for the young Toreador.

Cash eyed the Brujah wearily as they shot daggers his way. He knew that they were trouble to his plans. He wanted to get Valon alone to test for himself to see if he really was Frank. Before he knew what was happening he was being spun around in ball room fashion. When the world stopped the merry-go-round he was dipped then brought up flush with his partner. So entranced with those eyes he had forgotten they were not alone. The sound of clapping woke him from his gaze.

The looks the crowd was sending his way was enough to get that many envied him. He walked off the dance floor in a storm of his own thoughts as more music started up. He replayed his actions up to this point and realized he had been acting like a bitch in heat. Shaking his head to clear that image away he was thrown against the wall.

A silver eyed Sasha was in his face growling at him. "What do you think you are doing with that Toreador whore?"

"Get your hands off me now!" He snapped his jaws to make his point. "As if it is any of your business, but some thing is not right with him. He is not normal."

Sasha backed off and gave an angry growl to say it was not over.

"How so Cash?" The new voice made them turn around to face Daedalus in his usual attire and with a hat and sun glasses, lurking on the fringes of the crowd.

"He has three clan signatures for starters. Toreador is the most prominent with Nosferatu in a close second." He turned to look at the solo dancing figure out on the floor. "The third is Gangrel."

A gasp brought the attention of both the younger Kindred back to Daedalus. "Does this mean you think?"

"Yeah, I do think it is him. It would explain why he has three signatures, the original, the alchemist and the donor."

"It would explain his appearance."

"What are you talking about?" Sasha whined as per her usual when she felt left out.

Daedalus look at her in deep thought. "He was severely burned when he disappeared in to the water. A truly powerful alchemist could save him with certain blood rituals. It would take a very powerful and a very old donor."

Cash smirked at him. "What do you know about a Toreador named Phoebes Apollo?"

"He is older than myself and very dangerous to his enemies. Once part of a group of kindred that united Greece under their rule and made a pantheon in their image. This of coarse was almost three thousand years ago. If it is the same Apollo, then he would be old enough to donate his blood."

The light left Cash's eyes and he sagged against the wall. "That would mean he would no longer be mine."

"No that would mean he is no longer bound to a single clan, and he is stronger than any fledgling before. Have no doubt there Cash, you are still his sire, though he now has two others that share in his creation."

Sasha finally sparked to knowledge. "You mean that Valon is Frank Kohanek?"

"It is safe to assume so." Daedalus nodded.

"Then how do you explain the white skin, feral eyes and pointed ears?"

Daedalus smiled at her as one would an ignorant child. "That would be traits of his Nosferatu parentage. Though he does make a fetching Nosferatu, he is only partial."

Sasha started to laugh and pointed towards the serenading Valon. "I guess the mooning over Lillie still has not changed."

Cash turned back to see just that. Valon was in the middle of a song in a heavily accented language. His voice carried a note deep enough to raise the hackles on the back of Cash's neck. Shaking his head, Cash started back out to the dance floor to reclaim his wayward fledgling.

The music ended just as he reached the edge of the dance floor. Cash stopped there observing as the crowd applauded him. Volan was acknowledging the greetings when he noticed Cash and winked at him. Cash suddenly felt a cold chill run up his spine. There were doubts in his mind that came out of no where. He cleared them away and continued on with his pursuit of the childe.

He was about to grab Volan by the arm when a clawed hand settled on his shoulder forcing him to look up in to the eyes of a petrified Nosferatu. "Leave him alone, if you know what is good for you."

Cash was about to ask why when the Nosferatu silenced him with a finger to the lips. "They are all around you. They are watching as we speak. Say nothing or they will hear. Be careful young sire, he is no longer just yours. You took him away and they want him back at all costs." The large white man turned abruptly and left.

Cash switched his attention back to see Valon escorted off the stage by a familiar woman in black leather. In fact he could have sworn he had seen her before. On either side of her were two of Cyrus' Brujah. She was laughing and smiling at Valon as he looked on her with his suddenly green eyes with cat pupils. She stared mesmerized in his gaze and her face went slack.

Volan raised a hand and formed a claw then brought it down, not to her throat but to that of her guards. In two fast swoops they were gone to their knees clutching their throats. All this was blocked by the stage and their cries were deafened by the crowd of dancers.

Before he knew what was happening Cash saw Valon turn to the same Nosferatu that had warned him just a moment ago. The Nosferatu said some thing to Valon that caused Valon to lower his head. The taller bald man brought Volan in to an embrace drinking slowly from the Nosferatu's throat.

"That must be the one who brought him back to the world of the Kindred." Daedalus' voice held a since of awe. "I have seen him before, even Goth feared him. It is strange, it was said to be a blood thirsty monster yet he helped an orphaned childe, why?"

"He said they want him back, who are they?" He was quiet as he watched the Nosferatu feed from the two dying Brujah until they met final death. "I guess some things don't change. Why did they leave that girl?"

"That is Diva Lerna, she is highly cherished to Cyrus for her beauty and song. She is over two centuries old."

Cash suddenly felt sick. "Two hundred years? She is Frank's sister."

"That is impossible, Diva was embraced after one of her Concerts on the Rhine. I should know I was there." Daedalus looked a little agitated.

"I am telling you, Frank told me that he and her grew up together. I know that he was drugged but he was sincere in this one thing." He smiled at the memory. "If I am correct those two that just bit it or should I say got bit were the two that harassed him that night..." A tear formed in his eye.

"I think we should keep an eye on them all. To use your words earlier, there is some thing not right about him." Daedalus silently back away as Cash observed them more.

Cash watched as Valon released his hold on Diva and led her away from the bodies of her guards. They were acting like they knew each other their entire lives. Cash followed slinking in the shadows as the walked out on to the dance floor. Slowly he made his way to Julian.

When seated next to Julian he wasted no time telling him all that he knew. "So now you know what I know, what do you know about this Diva Lerna?"

Julian stared at him with wide eyes. "Diva Lerna is the daughter of one of the Lazarus leaders. If Frank and Diva grew up together then Frank is over two hundred years old and the child of the most powerful Lazarus leaders."

Cash's jaw dropped. He took a moment to collect his thoughts over that one. "Setting aside the supposed immortality thing for now, why would they wait so long to embrace one of their own?"

Julian closed his eyes. "They would not embrace their young ones until they had parented at least one child. If they were going to embrace Frank that means he had fulfilled his role, and had successfully produced an heir to the legacy of the Lazarus line."

Cash was stunned in to silence. "You mean Frank has a kid? Wow, now this is getting weird." He thought about it for another moment then came up with another question. "So are you telling me that Diva had a kid two hundred years ago?"

"No, she was embraced before she fulfilled that role, now she is a disgrace to their group, an outcast. Cyrus took great pleasure overseeing her embrace according to Archon. This is was what set them off against Cyrus and eventually lead them to our door step. What I don't understand is how Frank could have grown up with Diva Lerna when she is not even from this country. No one truly knows how old she really is. If Frank is any indication of their aging process then she could have been a few centuries old when she was embraced."

"All that I know is what Archon told me. The summery of their history starts when the first Lazarus came over from the islands with the Spanish settlers at San Francisco. They were fleeing from the prosecution from the humans and our kind alike." He explained to the confused Gangrel. "However that is the only reason they told us for their settling here. For all we know they might of had a different reason all together."

Cash was stunned as he heard the last statement. This got him started to thinking about his childe. "How much do we really know about Frank? I mean there was the suicide of his wife all those years ago, how long ago was that really?"

Julian looked out over the dance floor at Volan. "I have no idea. We never talked about it. I had people look in to his past but it was almost like he did not truly exist."

"May be the Frank we knew never did." Cash turned to watch Volan Dance with Diva Lerna. "May be he was Volan from the beginning."

"No, the Lazarus would never change his name. It was some thing like a rule among their kind. There may be a chance that Volan and Frank are two different people."

"Okay so he is no longer Frank, then who the hell is he? Better yet, what are the Lazarus, and if Volan is one of them, what are we supposed to do about it?" Cash sat stunned as Volan turned to lock eyes directly with him. He felt his whole body tingle as if it were covered tiny insects marching over his skin. A moment later he had the biggest hard on of his life. The knowing smirk on Valon's face was enough proof for Cash. "What ever it is Julian, we had better do it soon, or else may never get another chance."

"Bitter sweet memories, that is all I am taking with me. So good bye, please don't cry, we both know I am not what you, you need. And I will always love you."
I will Always Love You, Whitney Houston.

The dancers spun around in myriad formations that no one person could completely identify. Each person was in a world unto themselves as the music swelled to a crescendo of unfathomable sadness. One more twirl and the song was over.

This was the sight that greeted Lillie Langtry as she strolled down from her nest above the Haven. Each step down was like another nail in her coffin. She laughed at that thought. Upon hitting the first landing she stopped and watched all of her patrons. This was going to be another of those nights she could feel it.

Another night and another buck. That was how her life felt since he was gone. Things no longer held their appeal. Julian had submersed his grief in that human and she had no one to love her now. He was the only one who showed interest in who she was as an individual and not a Kindred.

She sighed, tonight that fat bloat excuse of a Brujah was bringing his whores over and she had to place nice. 'Like hell' she thought. 'They can play nice with themselves.' She had had enough of those damn brujah for another two centuries. They were at fault for his death. They had been there and did nothing as he burst in to flames. Of coarse she only had his sire's word for it but she trusted Cash with her life. After all she had to trust her allies.

If not for Elysian being in place she would have long ago killed Cameron and the rest of those petty thugs he called clansmen. She scowled at him and the rest of them as she walked up to her bar and ordered a double shot of the best she had. As she drank it down she felt a cold hand slide up her backless turn of the century ball gown. She slammed the glass down and turned in to the open arms of the devil himself.

"I suggest if you wish to keep those hands you remove them from me Cameron. I am in no mood tonight."

Cameron saddled up closer to her and tried to stick his hands down the back of her dress. "Oh come on Lillie, you know that you want me. How long has it been since you been with a real man?"

Her eyes tinged silver and she smiled at him that froze him in place. "Cameron sweetie. Remove the hands or I kill your entire clan."

"You would kill the descendant of our Prince?" Cameron asked in mock horror.

Lillie's smile got even bigger. "I don't give a damn what your prince says. She is as much trouble as the rest of you. I would put her down like the rabid Brujah Bitch she is. Cain knows it would do Cash a world of good." 'Yes it feels good to flaunt my power again. It has been too long.'


Cameron released her as if he had been burned. This was not the same Lillie Langtry he loved to tease. That was some cold demon in a pretty package. Doing a slight tally in his head of the number of her clan in the city and his he gulped. They had really screwed up this time. May be Cyrus would help out and make him an underling of some kind.

No he would rather go to Julian. Then he remembered Lillie's words about Cash. 'What is going on with those two?' It appeared the Gangrel and the Toreador were separating from the Ventrue. The Nosferatu had never really supported any one but if it came down to it... He remembered the way Daedalus had reacted at the meeting about the Lazarus. Since then he had been avoiding Julian at all costs.

This did not bode well for either of their two clans. An allegiance between the three most powerful clans could wipe out the other two and rid the city of all the wars once and for all. No he definitely did not like this. He put up his hands in submission and backed away.


Lillie smiled as Cameron's thoughts touched right on the subject she wanted. 'He knows some thing is up. If Julian blows this one he is gone with his clan and so are those pain in the ass Brujah. Yes, an alliance between the Gangrel and the Toreador was a beautiful thing. Especially when they were all just so... delicious.'

A shock went through her system. She felt the presence of her elder before she saw him. Turning to look him directly in the eyes, she saw his love and reciprocated it. That was a feeling she would never forget.

He crossed the room and was in her arms before any one could blink. He was the Prince of L.A.'s new escort? He always did like powerful Brujah. May be so, but he was scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one.

Phoebes kissed Lillie on the lips and hugged her close soon after. In a voice that must have been used by the serpent to eve he spoke. "How is my angel of the night?"

"The same I was thirty years ago when you last came to visit. I still have yet to change." She laughed as the giddiness of being in his arms again filled her body.

Phoebes pulled back and held her delicate face up with his hand to glance in her eyes. "Now tell daddy what is wrong my angel." He stroked her cheek gently yet firmly.

"It is nothing now that you are here. Please come sit down." She pulled him over to her best table and made him sit while she sat in his lap. Laying her head on his shoulder she felt like a child again. He was not only the man who sired her, but also the man who raised her from an orphan on the streets.

Phoebes stroked her head while he comforted her with cooing sounds. A cleared throat disturbed Lillie. He was about to thrash the man when he noticed who it was. He pulled Lillie up to look at her face again.

"Love daddy has a surprise for you." He loved the way her face lit up at his words. He turned her to face the figure in leather and gold. "Lillie Langtry, meet your younger sibling Volan." At her questioning gaze he answered. "He has yet to earn a last name. Hence the Mask. He has yet to appear in public with out it. Only I and a few others know what he really looks like."

Volan extended a hand to her, skin as white as a swan's feathers, nails as clear as fresh mountain water. When Lillie put out her hand to shake Volan captured it and in a flash had lifted his mask, kissed it, and put down the mask again. He felt safe under it's anonymity. Strangely he felt at ease in her presence. This was a feeling that he had yet to have outside the Neuveau.

Lillie put all her charm in to one look and could swear she saw those eyes go black. 'How, Phoebes said he was my sibling.'

Phoebes sensed her questions again. "He is only part Toreador dear one. He is also part Nosferatu and part Gangrel. He is a mixed up childe. One that requires special love and attention." He pulled Volan in to an embrace and bid him drink. During the childe's drink he held Volan close and stroked his spiked hair. "Calm yourself my childe. All will be well soon. You will see my young Volan."

Lillie sense the unease of the young one as he was forcibly removed from the embrace. His mask quickly slipped back to hide his features. But not fast enough, Lillie caught a glance and instantly knew why he was given the name Beloved of. His face, to put it simply, was quite breath taking.

Phoebes smiled at the upset eyes that stared at him. "Remember my dear, when you take off the Mask tonight it will be for the last time. No more hiding your beauty from this world." The only response he got was a sad shake of the younger man's head.

Lillie caught her breath again as two tears ran out of his eyes down the mask, one of blood and one of clear liquid. Feral cat eyes suddenly watched the door. His body went rigid. She watched in silence as the object of their mutual hate walked in. Cyrus looked every bit the part of a spawn of hell tonight, decked out in red and black.

He made his way over to them and Volan hid in the booth next to Lillie. Under the table she felt something brush her leg. She looked him over noting that his hands were in his lap but the thing brushed her leg again. Silently she reached under the table and quickly grabbed it. Volan made a straining sound as she pulled it up to where only she could view it.

Her eyes went wide then resumed their normal shape. Slowly she stroked the furry thing which seemed to calm Volan immensely. Upon close inspection it was revealed that it was covered in ringed copper stripes on brown fur. When he started to softly purr she almost laughed. He had a tale and honest to goodness tale. 'That's why he is wearing the leather floor sweeper.'

"So Volan how old are you?" She gave him her sweet smile level seven.

"I will be two months the night of the ball. At least I think, I don't know my real embrace day."

This caught Lillie's attention. "Why not, evidently you were embraced by Phoebes."

"He saved my life. I was already embraced. He found me on the beach burned and wrapped in sea weed." With a look around he leaned in closer to her. "He took me to a Nosferatu to be repaired and healed. I don't know who I am or where I came from." With a sad note in his voice he went back to his side of the booth.

"But you have Phoebes, right?"

"I think I am a disappointment to him. Every time he looks at me the light leaves his eyes. I think I must be too ugly for him to look at."

Strong arms pulled him out of the booth and wrapped around him. "Never think that my sweet one. Never feel ugly. You are beautiful as are all my children." Phoebes held the crying Valon in his arms. "It's not your fault my fallen angel. Who ever abandoned you must have good reason. They probably ended their own existence after the loss of such as you." With out a word he sat down next to Lillie and pulled a curling Valon in to his lap.

The scene struck Lillie as one of a queen and her kitten. Each stroke of his hand over the hair of his childe acted in much the same way as a mother grooming her kitten. Soon Valon was purring and fast asleep.

Phoebes looked up at her and smiled. "He has been acting stranger and stranger the more he comes in contact with Cyrus. Keep and eye on him tonight for me please. I will not be here all the time and he needs constant supervision."

Lillie gave him a warn nod. "Do you know what happened?"

"No, but what ever happened did before he was embraced. I don't think he even had a personality when he was embraced. Knowing his blood it was either a punishment or the only way to save his life. If the latter then he was some one special. If the former then he is in serious danger." His gaze froze Lillie. "If any one harms him you have my permission to kill them. Warn this Prince that Valon is my protected childe and I will burn this city if he is harmed."

Lillie nodded in agreement with him. "I will see to it."

He cupped her cheek with his free hand and stroked her face with his thumb. "Thank you my angel of the night."


Volan awoke fifteen minutes later to the sight of the rest of Cyrus' entourage watching him like he was prey. One glare and a snarl had them all backing away. Foolish as they were, stupid they were not. He glared through the holes that showed his now solid black eyes, yet another thing from his Nosferatu heritage.

Slowly he stood with the grace of a cat. Lillie noted his strong physic and felt a flutter in places she had not thought about in months. With slinking motions he made his way from the booth towards the dance floor with several of the others.

Phoebes rose to his feet and offered her his hand. "Dance with me my lady?"

"I thought you would never ask." Lillie took the offered hand and smiled up in to his eyes. Soon they were out on the dance floor and flowing with the rhythm of the music. All too soon it was over. The music had abruptly ended and she was brought back in to her thoughts as she was turned to face the rest of her people. 'Thank god I am not a cartoon character' she quietly mused. 'Or smoke would be coming out my ears.'

Her thoughtless dancing had been interrupted by none other than the King of disappointments himself, or should she say the Prince. Her eyes tinged silver for only a moment until she noticed Valon's curious look. 'He really is too innocent.' Shock went through her system. 'Where the hell did that thought come from?'

Now that she observed him in action he was nothing more than a child in a man's body. He had a simplicity that reminded her of a man she did not want to remember. The pain was still raw in her heart. He looked like he knew the difference between good and bad and believed it. She stifled a giggle of wonder at his curiosity. With a sudden realization that startled her she knew what exactly he reminded her of, a kitten. The way he would watch almost every person without judgment, only curiosity. He was in a word kittenish.

Resisting the urge to scratch his chin she walked up with him and Phoebes to greet the others. He was looking at the others and shaking hands when his head suddenly jerked to the right. Lillie followed his gaze and noticed the blond Gangrel watching Volan. 'Curious.' What shocked her beyond words was when he took off his mask in front of Cash.

With a sly smile she walked back to her table awaiting the inevitable brooding Prince. She was not disappointed. He was at her side quickly, soon after she was on the other side of the table. When he looked like a kid who's favorite toy was taken away she grin maliciously. She was not about to be his whore again. One last spiteful look at Julian and she was off to find a good dance partner.

Two songs later she was joined by a gyrating Cash and Volan. She could not help but laugh at the smitten look in the elfin features of Volan while he observed the confused Cash. After a breath taking twirl and dip Cash was almost fleeing the dance floor in embarrassment.

Volan turned and gave her a wicked look. He rushed up to the stage and was speaking to the band. Lillie knew some thing was going to happen, yet she could only wait with baited breath. To say the song was a surprise was to say the sun was a light bulb. Volan was singing 'Japanese Love Song or Sukiyaki. In a slight tenor he serenaded while she laughed.

With each word he gave a gestures of pleading and professing his undying love with is actions. As he finished the song he was dancing with a hysterical Lillie.

"This is the most fun I have had in months." She sighed as he spun her around. "Thank you sweet one."

He bent down and kissed her forehead. "You are welcome."

Lillie caught his dreamy expression. "What has you so far gone?"

"That Gangrel, magnificent isn't he. What I would give to just be with him. I feel as if I have come home when I look in his eyes. What is wrong with me Lillie? I mean my heart and pulse are fluttering, which in itself is unusual." He sighed and laughed at the same time. "I feel alive, more so than when I was really alive, I think. Does that make since?"

"No but you sound like you are head over heels for him." His quizzical features made her laugh. "You are in love."

"I don't think so Lillie, I just met the guy. Besides he has the fiery red head to burn his bottom." He matched their foreheads as they slow-danced to a regular beated song. "Why do I always fall for the wrong ones? Why can't I get a good love for once? It's just that with Alexandra I was always feeling like their was nothing that could stand in my way. Well you know how that ended. Next was Phoebes, I mean we are together but he treats me more like his friend than lover. Now I meet a guy who totally sets me afire and boom it's dowsed by sixty-six inches of leather and lipstick. What am I going to do Lillie?"

Lillie was still recovering from the Alexandra remark. "Frank?"

A distracted looking Volan looked back in her face. "Yeah, Lillie did you say something?"

Lillie quickly covered her actions. She had to speak with Phoebes and soon. Upon closer inspection he did remind her of Frank. Every thing fit perfectly to explain him. Their was no doubt in her mind he was Frank. She decided to test and see if she could get more from him. "So what were you saying about Alexandra?"


"Never mind." This was going to be tougher than she thought. He must have really been through hell if he blocked his memory. She was about to ask more when a hand turned Volan to him to face the owner.


"What are you doing with her? You know the rules, we are supposed to stick together for our own protection."

Volan bowed his head to the furious looking woman. "I am sorry Diva, I did not mean to. I was just having a little fun."

"Well you should have thought about that before, now move it, we are going to our hotel." She grabbed his hand and dragged him reluctantly behind her.

They were about to reach the stage exit door when he jerked his hand free. He forced her to look in his eyes and made her stop. He quickly whirled on her guards and cut them down with two quick moves of his hand.

"What is this foolishness?"

Volan turned to face an angry Nosferatu. "It's not what you think Osirus. They were tryin to take me from here with out my permission. I was simply going to make her forget and rid myself of these two. I think they hurt me, before I became kindred I mean." Volan hung his head in shame as tears rolled down his face. "I don't remember Da. They just hurt me."

Osirus folded the shorter man in his arms. He bade him drink and stroked his back sh'ing him. "It's okay little one. Remember what I told you about calling me that Da. They are not aware of us yet. Promise me you will not tell them."

When Valon pulled back and smiled through the tears. "Yes Da."

Osirus bent over and picked up one Brujah and then the other. "As for you two, never again will you harm mine and my own." He drained them both and tossed their corpses out in the alley. "Go on my childe and do as you were before I came. I will deal with these two."

Volan smiled and walked away chatting with a suddenly very positively responding Diva. With a tiny suggestion Diva was on stage singing for the rest of the dancing throng.


Volan was back in the arms of a laughing Lillie. With each word he whispered to her she laughed harder. Soon they had passed the night away. as dawn fast approached the club shut down. The last stragglers of the guests went their separate ways leaving the clean up crew, the San Francisco Primogen and Valon. He had long ago sent home Diva and those demon guards of his.

The primogen were in a meeting while Volan sat at the bar sipping a bloody Moira. She thought he was just a really great kisser. When he broke contact he licked her lips and then his own.

"You taste great." She did her best to charm him.

"So do you." He retorted.

"Wanna go back to my place?"

"I am afraid that is not possible ma'am." The voice of an angry man interrupted their repertoire. "Are you Volan?"

Volan shook his head. "Is there a problem Mr..."

"John Hardy, would you like to tell me where you were last night between eleven and eleven thirty?"

Volan started to get nervous. "I was here at the Club with friends."

"Do you have any body to cooberate that story?"

"Not here, what's it to you any ways?"

The short blond haired man pulled out his wallet and flashed a badge. "Detective John Hardy, San Francisco PD. You are under arrest for the suspicion of murder of one Franko Benedict and one Jimmy Ocala. you have the right to remain silent..." As he read Volan the meranda rights he put cuffs on him and dragged him towards the front doors.

Volan was screaming for help as they tried to drag him out of the club and in to the light. He had not had enough and they were going to burn him. "Lillie, Lillie please help me. Lillie please!" He was silenced as one of the two officers with the detective punched him in the gut.

"Quiet you, there is no body gonna help you except may be your lawyer." The same officer hit him again as Volan struggled in their grip.

Before any of them knew it they were surrounded by Kindred. Lillie had the abusive officer up by his throat. "Is there a problem officer?"

The detective glared at them. "detective Hardy. Mr. Volan here is under arrest for murder of to men last night."

"How, he was here all of last night. I was with him most of the time." Lillie would not let go of the now bright red officer.

"What about eleven to eleven thirty? Where was he then?"

"I saw him with his friend and a singer called Diva Lerna. Why do you ask? All of his time can be vouched for."

The detective eyed the short Blond haired man in leather. "Because his jacket was found on one of the dead bodies covered in the victims blood."

"He gave it to one of them while we were dancing." Cash scowled at the idiot.

"You got any proof?"

Sonny decided to intervene. "Detective Sonny Toussaint San Fran PD. We have video documenting his actions on the dance floor. You have circumstantial evidence and I bet you don't even have a warrant."

Detective Hardy glared at him. "I gotta warrant. Now get out of my way." He jerked the panicked Valon in to the sun filled entrance and let go when the man screamed.

Cash acted on instinct and punched the detective then dragged the smoking Valon out of the light. Cuddling the simpering childe in his arms he glared at the stunned detective. He rocked back and forth trying to calm Valon to no avail.

Valon cried out in pain as his blistered skin was exposed to the air. "It hurts, please stop the pain. It hurts," was all he could say over and over.

Cash looked up at the man and growled. Both men backed out the open door. He looked at Julian who shook his head yes. Cash signaled his surrounding gangrel to Grab the offending men.


Mean while Lillie had plans of her own. Busily beating the man in her hands she took out all of her frustrations out on him. She would have kept on until she killed him had not Valon cried out again. The next instant found the man against a wall and Lillie knelling next to Volan and Cash. "Oh god Phoebes is going to kill them all."

Julian did a double take. "What do you mean them?"

"I mean the cops, the people involved and just about every one else. He promised me that if Volan was harmed San Francisco was going to burn like the sun." She screamed the last out in panic. "I know I was there the last time he did it. Chicago never knew what hit them."

"What are we going to do about it?" Sonny asked Julian.

"Nothing," Volan gasped out in pain. "Get me out of here please. I just want to sleep for a while. This has happened before. I will be fine in a few hours." He curled up in Cash's arms whispering the last words through painful tears.

"Cash get him out of here, I don't care where just get him some place safe. But first he needs to feed. I think our detective friend here just volunteered. If he needs more the other two will comply." Julian tossed the squirming man to Cash.

Cash held the man's wrist to Volan's throat. "Here pup, this will make you feel better."


After the three cops donated to help Volan's recovery Cash took him on his bike back to his apartment. The rest of the day found Volan snuggled close to a sleeping Cash while he whimpered in pain.

Cash awoke before Volan and watched as peace seemed to finally settle on the younger kindred. This was the first time he really got to study the younger man's face up close and personal. In his observations he couldn't help but notice Volan's lips seemed so kissable. Unable to resist the temptation any more he slowly leaned in to him and put his lips on Valon's. A tremor of excitement went through him as he felt Volan stir in his arms.

Volan was on the edge of passion. He felt Cash's hands run down his body and pull him closer. He started to growl and nip at Cash's face. When Cash released a guttural moan of desire he stopped. The next moment Cash was flying against the wall and Valon was out the door. "Oh shit..." was all Cash got out before he passed out.

"Just remember, darlin, all the while, You belong to me." - You Belong to Me, Patsy Cline.

Cash burst through the doors of the Manse De Luna crying out Julian's name. Hot tears of rage, fear and sadness ran down his cheeks as he raced to the library. "Julian, what is going on?"

Julian was sitting in front of his fire contemplating about tonight's events. When he heard his name called he stood faster than a lighting flash. As he opened the door he was assaulted by a certain Gangrel.

"What is happening to me Julian? What is going on? Why am I acting like a hormonal woman?" Cash begged as his anger rose.

Julian ushered the emotional Cash to a chair across from him. "Now calm down Cash. Tell me every thing that has been going on, starting with when it started."

"It started the night that I was protecting Frank. Come to think of it, why in hell was I there in the first place? I was supposed to be with you here at the Manse." Cash looked at Julian with lost eyes.

"How long has this been going on?" Julian was terrified by the response of his former body guard.

"I was watching him for three weeks. Since the day of Archon's funeral. Sonny and I seen him there. Why was I watching him, I barely even know the guy. Julian what is going on with me. I am just so scared." Cash whispered the last part.

"Calm down Cash, we will get through this. Start simple, tell me why you were with Frank that night?"

Cash sat back and held his head in his hands. "I don't remember. The reasoning is not there but what I did is. I have no clue." With a snarl he stood up. "I think some one is fucking with my mind."

"Who, we have no one capable of that in town at the moment and only a small group at the time of the incident." Julian stared at the gaping Cash. "You said you killed them. If you did then you should not be affected by them."

"I told you we killed all but two. I don't know who escaped from our clutches. They could have been the damned ring leaders for all I know."

Cash turned to face the fire. "Julian, this started before them, this has some thing to do with Frank, of that I am sure. Up until last night I was getting better at controlling these emotions. Then he shows up and I am run through the gauntlet again. It is him, I am sure of that."

Julian sat forward intrigued, all fear forgotten. "When was the first time your emotions went wild?"

"The night of the funeral." Cash stared at the fire yet through it trying to remember. "I went to confront him at his place." His brow wrinkled from the effort. "He was so damned irritating. He just wouldn't shut up." Cash spoke through clenched teeth. "I could taste his blood in my mouth. I was going to put an end to him once and for all. He just wouldn't shut up. That damned mouth of his, I told him, was going to get him in trouble. He didn't listen...."


June 25th, 1996- The night after Archon Died.

Frank opened the door to his apartment sealing it behind him. He walked over to his fridge and pulled out a bottle of the whisky. After giving a hard enough twist to send the cap flying off the bottle he chugged down half of the liquor in one pull. With a quiet sigh he grabbed a sandwich from his deli sack and kicked the fridge closed.

"Hard day, Frank?"

Frank spun around at the voice as the lights to his living room came on. Upon recognizing Cash he glared at the smaller man. "What in hell are you doing here? I thought I told Julian that his people are no longer welcome here."

"You did."

"So what in hell are you doing here, Crash is it?" Frank smirked as the Gangrel snarled at him.

"That is Cash human. You really should not have been there today. That was a private ceremony." Cash's fists clenched at his side as he tried to reign in his fury.

"Oh what a shame. So who was it, another person Julian loves but just couldn't help but kill?"

"Watch it human, you have no idea what you are talking about." Cash growled at Frank.

"Oh don't I? I seem to remember some one he supposedly loved yet killed. Do you remember a woman named Alexandra Saris. She was my lover for six weeks before your precious masquerade got in the way and cost her her life. So spare me the poor Julian bull shit." Frank spit the last words at him.

"Oh you humans think you are so special. Alexandra used you to get to Julian. You are nothing but meat to us. She was a whore and in the end got what she deserved."

Frank smiled at him. "You know, you are probably right. She was a whore, and so was I. We were a perfect pair, her and I. I loved her, and... I loved her, that's it. So what, are you here to kill me too?" He drank the last of the bottle of whisky and tossed it at Cash's face. Diving for the door he got the last lock undone before Cash grabbed him from behind and threw him across the room.

"You are not getting away from me human. You people are all alike, kine. Did you know that is what we call you. It means food source." Slowly he stalked up to the rising Frank. "I am going to enjoy draining you human. You are going to be an example to the rest of your people not to fuck with things you don't understand. They will think you were killed by the mob, which is close enough."

Frank backed in to the hall that lead to his bedroom and his phosphorous gun. Cash followed like a cat after a wounded bird. When Frank ran in to his door Cash charged after him taking him and the door down. Cash had gone fang and claw as he mauled Frank's face.

He licked his way down the face of the struggling human to the ear, kissing the flesh at the edge of his face and neck. Licking his way to the ear he whispered to him. "You are now mine Frank Kohanek." He sunk his teeth in to the hot throat and pierced the artery.

Frank cried out as the pain laced through his body. He knew Cash was doing this on purpose to cause him to struggle. Frank decided not to let the bastard have the satisfaction. Peacefully he let go in to the pain.

Cash released Frank and growled in anger. "Fight me human! I am not going to be the executioner of your suicide."

"What's the point any more? I am going to die any ways. Why should I let you enjoy my death?"

"Because I want to." Came back as the only reply.

"Yeah, well too bad. So just kill me and get it over." Frank turned his head baring his bleeding neck.

Cash lowered himself and licked the wounds clean until they were healed. Out of some sort of twisted urge he stuck his tongue in Frank's ear. He purred softly as Frank struggled against his body. This is what he really wanted, to feel the man struggle. He removed his tongue and kissed his way down Frank's neck to the collar bone.

Slowly he removed the buttons from the man's shirt and slid his tongue down the hot flesh. He pushed Frank back down when he tried to get up. "You are mine Frank. Now and forever."

Frank struggled against the immovable creature on his body. The cool hands slid down his chest removing his coat and shirt. When he refused to let his clothes slipped off his shoulders they were ripped from his body. Cash's facial hair tickled his skin where he kissed him. He started to panic when the blond man's hands lifted up his undershirt and nipped at his muscled abdomen.

Cash was drowning in the scent of the human. He felt as if each new smell brought a world of it's own to him. The scent of fear and musk hung on the under shirt around the armpits. Slowly he ripped the white tank with his teeth and sat up lifting it off of Frank in pieces.

Frank sat up and was instantly mauled by Cash again, only this time his mouth instead of his neck. His breath caught in his throat at the smell of the Kindred in his lap. Cash had straddled his legs and was rubbing against his body. With a growl he fought against the tongue in his mouth for dominance.

Cash grinned as he won the battle of wills. Frank was responding to his menstruations with some reluctance but was losing even that. He liked it when he made his lovers lose control. He tired of the lack of contact and removed his own shirt and leather jacket. Reaching down between them he gripped Frank by his erection and tugged at the skin and rubbed his thumb over the tip.

Frank shuddered with a sharp intake of breath. The sensations made his head want to explode. Fire shot through his brain eradicating all thoughts except completion of the union of bodies and souls. His heart beat faster with each exquisite touch. He cried out when Cash stopped.

Cash was starting to burn up from the blood and need. He needed Frank. He needed Frank's blood in him. He needed Frank in him. As fast as kindredly possible he stood, lifted Frank, and threw him on the bed. Undoing Frank's belt, shoes, and pants proved harder than he thought. After they were open he jerked them off by the ankles.

In only boxers Frank tried to cover his shaking body. Trying to hide his ache, the need for release. He watched in rapt attention as Cash undid his own belt and pants removing them shoes and all in one thrust. The sight of the nude man in front of him caused his body to ache more.

Cash climbed over the bed to the balled up Frank like a cat on the prowl. He pulled the resisting Frank back in to his arms. Though Frank had a good six inches on him, he had the upper hand. With a fast motion he slipped his hand between the cotton flaps of the boxers and gripped Frank's member.

Frank gasped out in pleasure and pain as the cold hand stroked him again. He relaxed as Cash started to kiss him and laid him flat on the bed. Cash released him and removed his boxers slowly.

Cash slid his tongue up Frank's body tasting the sweat and flavor that was Frank. He reached Frank's stomach and traced his abs with his tongue while the human bent his head back and groaned in to the metal headboard. He dipped in to the Frank's belly button after swirling it a few times. Slowly he made his way down.

Frank called out as the Kindred swallowed the head of his swollen erection. "Oh god yes. More, please don't stop."

Cash grin and growled as he nipped the head one more time before releasing him completely. He crawled up the body of his conquest and kissed him full on the mouth yet again. "Where is the lube?" He whispered in Frank's ear.

That brought Frank out of his pleasure induced trance. "Get off of me Crash. Now!"

"Oh you are going to pay for that Crank. The name is Cash, remember that cause you are going to be calling it out for the rest of the night human." He riffled through the bed side drawers and found some KY. He spread some on his cock and then squirted some on two fingers and thrust them in a squirming Frank.

Frank called out again as the fingers surged through his tight opening. Each thrust caused a mixture of pleasure and pain. He lost his mind when they pulled out. Whimpering he watched Cash position himself with hooded eyes.

Cash impaled Frank with his shaft in one quick motion. He sat back as Frank rose to straddle his hips. He lifted Frank and pushed him down in a circular motion that brought the tip of his cock in to constant contact with Frank's gland.

Frank fell in to the motions as Cash guided him along and cried out each time they touched inside of him. Each thrust inside made his body want to panic at the size of Cash. He felt like he was going to explode from the sheer girth of Cash's member. He lost all track of time, only knowing the cycle of pain and pleasure. Slowly it built to an explosion that sent wave after wave of pleasure through his body as he came on himself and Cash calling out the man's name.

The sudden tightening around his painful erection caused Cash to lose all control. Two more thrusts of his hips up to meet with Frank and he was gone to. A few more thrusts and he finished emptying his seed in to Frank. Slowly spent he pulled out of Frank and laid with him in the bed.

Frank smiled lazily at the panting Gangrel. "Well it is three hours until dawn. You going to keep your promise?"

Cash caught his breath and glared at the smart ass human. "Role over human. That was not a request." With a pillow properly in place he took Frank again from behind and two more times before the sun rose. Afterwards he left a passed out Frank on the bed. He gathered his clothes and made one final sign that this was his human, a wolf's head howling at the moon on his left butt cheek, so that only he and people Frank were intement with would see. "Bet you never thought you would be branded, did you human."

Over the next three weeks it was a constant dance between the two of them. Frank would claim that he was not interested and fight Cash. Cash would get horny and throw Frank on the car, bed, counter, where ever they were at the time and mount him then and there. Frank walked funny for the rest of the day after their encounters. No one was the wiser.


".... what I don't understand is how I forgot this. I mean he meant that much to me, how did I forget?"

Julian looked at Cash for a moment in puzzlement and began to wonder just that. He had never heard of any one forgetting some one they loved. At least not a kindred who was in good health.

"I have no idea my friend."

"I wish I knew Julian. It is bothering me that I forgot all of this." Cash remembered his second reason for coming. "Julian, there is something else."

"Oh, what is it now?"

Cash winced at Julian's tone. "It's about Volan."

"Did the Brujah get to him?"

"Not that I know of."

Julian's eyes went silver. "What do you mean not that you know of. Spit it out Cash."

"We awoke in each others arms this afternoon like Frank and I used to. He and I started to get intimate and the next thing I know I was flung across the room and he was gone." Cash sunk in the chair to brace for Julian's rage.

Julian went a paler white than before. "By the gods what have you done?"

"I swear Julian I did not know he was going to react that way. It was so natural. I thought he was actually Frank. I forgot who he was. I am sorry." Cash held up his hands in submission as Julian rose from his chair.

"You failed yet again Gangrel. This time because you could not keep it in your pants. Why do I put up with your incompetence? Why should I not destroy you here and now?"

"Because I will not let you harm him."

Julian glared at the intruder. His features softened in to fear as Phoebos came forward from the door. "What do you want?"

"To protect my childe and his lover. You interfere and I give word to my other childe and her friends and you are gone." Phoebos smiled as Julian sat down with a start. "I hear some interesting rumors going around. Some thing about those nasty Lazarus. I have it on good authority that my own Volan is one of them."

Cash paled as Phoebos came next to him and sat down on the arm of his chair. "What are they, that has every one so worked up about?"

"They are Kindred, my small one. Plain and simple kindred." Phoebos gave a seductive grin to Cash before turning back to the door. "Come in Osirus, I think it is time to tell your story to these simple folk."

The large Nosferatu loomed in the door way and floated over to the only other available chair. After taking his seat he cleared his throat and spoke in a base voice. "Long ago, it was forgotten by the world of man and Kindred alike what the Lazarus are. They are dark and light in one. Good and evil like the sides of a coin. No one can tell which they are because they can be either when ever they choose. The are the balance of nature itself.

"Their origins predate the stone ring on the hill in England. No one knows how old they truly are or where exactly they came from. What is known is that they roamed with the tribes of northern Europe for more that eight thousand years before they became the Lazarus. They were neither human nor demon but something different from both.

"Each one of them is gifted with certain abilities that allow them to survive and adapt to their environment. The originally preferred the ancient forests of Ireland and the British Isles. One of their abilities ties in to this preference, they are known for their botanical skills. It is more than an art form but a gift and a power. Their emotions determined how a land would fair for season. This love of large forests is believed to be why they came to the new world. The redwood forests of northern California and the pine forests from there all the way in to Canada are their ideal environments.

"I digress from what you need to know. Three thousand years ago they came across their first Kindred. Strangely enough it was an ancestor of the Gangrel and Ravnos." Osiris eyed the stunned Cash. "This Kindred embraced three of their kind in as many years. Soon after several more kindred came in and embraced them to use in the clan wars. This led to the destruction of most of their clans.

"Soon they broke away from their perspective clans and refused to embrace any more of their kind until they bred a new generation. After they did they would embrace the old generation. This was the way it was for more than two thousand years until the inquisition. They were the hardest hit, because they lost not only their forests but their children to the Christians. Burned as witches for their abilities they fled Europe. The last generation was born in Europe shortly before they came to the Americas.

"Once here they divided in to two groups. One group took the old names of their people and decided to practice the old ways of their people in the new land. The other group decided to hunt down any human or kindred that posed a threat to their young. They even chose a name from the human bible that would strike fear in to human and kindred alike. They became the Lazarus. The other group are known simply as the Fey."

Cash stood up in disgust. "You are telling me that we are dealing with a bunch of fairies?"

Phoebos and Osirus shared a knowing look and smile. "Silence young one. Do you know your ancestry?"

Cash turned on him in a glare. "I am gypsy blood that is all I need to know."

"Well if you had paid more attention to your features you would know that the gypsies believed in the Fey. Not only that they worshiped them. Some even mated with them. Look in the mirror some time, you would be surprised." Phoebos laughed at the angry Gangrel.

"I am not Lazarus."

"Of coarse not. Your kind became the Fey of California. How ever our childe is of the Lazarus." At the confused looks Phoebos sighed. "Think of it this way. Long ago, there was a clan known as the Gangrel. They had so many people speaking with two voices they decided to split. One followed order and the other chaos. Both fiercely loyal to their own. Both hating the other. That is the same way with the Lazarus and the Fey."

Osirus cleared his throat again. "One more thing that is different about them. The Lazarus have not produced a clan heir in over five hundred years. Your clan has been constantly producing heirs since you got here. They are almost extinct, that is until six months ago. The last mortal member of the Lazarus half of your clan produced a son and was to be embraced afterwards. You stopped that embrace and they know what you are."

Cash watched him with fear and disbelief. "If there are so many of my people, then where are they?"

"We are all around you. Isn't the phrase?" A man in a dark cloak came stood in the door way. "I have been watching you for a long time Cash of the Fey Clan. Never forget that we are here too."

Phoebos stood and embraced the man. "Ah Anderex my dear. So nice of you to join us." He turned to the rest of the group. "Anderex was one of my first childer in the new world. He is not as old as Lillie, but old enough to know his place. Since him I have not had the desire to sire another childe. But when I saw your broken fledgling lying on the beach and the sun about to rise I had to save him. Who knew he would be so precious. I surely didn't until I tasted his blood."

"How can you tell? And what does this have to do with telling us about the Lazarus?" Cash asked dumbfounded.

Phoebos smirked at him. "You see I also embraced his step sibling Diva Lerna. That is a long story for another time. Anderex can detect the Lazarus and knows they are up to no good. We have four goals: Find Volan; Kill the Lazarus; Find Frank's son; and still take care of this damnable prince's ball."

Frank's Remember, Valon's December.

One side known as Frank,
though he cannot Remember.
Another who is Valon,
is in his December.
Two sides of a coin,
not a past and nor a future.
Together they join,
with neither needle nor suture.
Memories in a Flood,
from two they become one.
Survival of the Blood,
but can either survive the sun?

Huh, huh, huh. Breaths, why couldn't he breathe? What was going on? Why couldn't he remember. Confusion filled his mind as he tried to remember. 'Damn it why can't I remember. Some thing important. Oh god why can't I remember?'

'What was that?' Hearing some thing he raised his head and looked around scanning for any thing. He heard the sound again. Panicked he backed against the wall. "Who's here? Show your self." He called out in a high-pitched voice.

The sound happened again only this time some body came splashing down the sewer. As they drew closer he hid himself in a corner and scrunched down as tight as he could.

"Wh... who is there?" he whispered out as they were almost to his part of the tunnel.

His body shook with fear as he tried to figure out the person. He searched his memories for a clue. Any thing that might point him in the right direction. All that came to mind was a dark looming figure grunting as he savagely entered him over and over.

"Don't come any closer. Please leave me alone. I won't tell any body I promise, just please leave me alone. Please!" Burning hot tears ran down his face as he put out his hands in defense.

As the person came closer stomping through the water he suddenly stopped and turned to the man's position. "Come out of there, now!"


The man moved closer to him. "I said come out of there. Now get your ass out of there."

"Please, just leave me alone. I don't want to hurt." He pleaded with the man to see if he would just leave him be.

"I am in no mood for your kind. Get out here now!" He rose over the crouching figure and raised his hand to strike the man.

"NOOOOOOO I'll come out, I'll come out. Please just don't hurt me. See, I'm coming out. Please don't hurt me." He slid out head ducked low as if expecting to be hit. He crept away from his hiding place with his hands above his head to protect against any blows.

The man seized him roughly by his hands and tossed him out in to the open tunnel. "Leave these tunnels now!"

"Yes, yes I'll leave, please just don't hurt me." He begged as he quickly rose and fled from the scary man.

The man still seething as the pathetic creature ran from his tunnels looked down and noticed some thing shiny on the ground. He reached down to pick it up and froze. Quickly picking it up and pulling out a phone he dialed a number. "I think we have a problem. Yeah, I'm sure. I just found a Primogen Signet Ring left behind by a damned tunnel rat. You'll never believe me, it's the damned Gangrel's ring." He froze at the response to his banter. "Yes Daedalus, I will find him. No I won't fail you. Yes I know if I do my blood is yours. Sorry master I won't fail you."

After hanging up he raced to where he watched the man disappear in to the night. After the phone call he learned that this was no Caitiff, clanless being, but a creature with at least two clans. "No wonder he smelled funny. They are going to give me the final death for this one. Who ever you are please still be here." After that he ran on in to the night.


Daedalus hung up the phone after talking with is clansman more than a little angry. At the sound of a deep throat clearing he turned to face Osirus. "That was one of our newer members. It seems that he has thrown your childe out of his tunnels thinking he was Caitiff. He would not have reported this if he had not found the Gangrel Signet Ring."

Osirus turned dark black eyes on the younger Nosferatu making him cringe. "I assume he will be punished for this."

"He has done nothing wrong."

Osirus stood and glared at Daedalus. "Done nothing wrong. He has cast out my childe as if he were so much refuse. They were alerted to his disappearance. He will be punished, the degree of his punishment will be determined by what he did to my childe and if he finds him. That is non negotiable." After his triad he stormed out of the basement level room.

Sitting in his chair, Daedalus placed his head in his hands. "I tried my childe. Now your only hope is to find Frank Kohanek safe and in one piece. I pray that you have done nothing in your over zealous nonthinking ways."


Cash made pleasantries with each of the princes in turn while his mind wondered to his errant fledgling. He tried to fulfill his duties as Primogen but gave little if any effort to make them feel welcome in this territory. After the initial greetings he fled their company for some thing that might be considered stimulating, the plants in the garden.

Sitting among them he hoped that Frank was all right. His prayers that the preball dinner would come and go with out incident already out the window. Now he sat with caught between feelings of duty and of love for his childe. The urge to go out and find Frank were almost more than he could stand.

"What brings one such as yourself out here?"

Cash startled at the unknown voice. Turning around he came face to face with a prince from one of the many cities here tonight. He was in no mood to confront one of these back stabbers tonight. "Needing to be alone."

The Prince not taking the hint sat down across from him. "I agree to many of those stuff shirts for my taste as well. But being prince does have it's advantages."

"Oh really I wouldn't know." Cash started to get up.

"Ya got some thing on your mind?"

Cash looked at the Prince and was startled by the look of genuine curiosity. "Yeah I do."

"Care to share. I have all the friggen time in the world."

"It's none of your business."

The guy put up his hands in a placating manner. "So it is. I was just thinking that talking to some body might help."

Cash turned away and looked out over the garden to the bay. "Yeah well some times talking does more harm than good." He zipped up his leather jacket and headed for the trees beyond the gardenia and jasmine.

The prince followed him. "That may be true but some times talking can actually help. Take me for instance, I try to talk as little as possible."

"Could have fooled me."

"Hey I am just trying to help."

Cash whirled one the guy. "I don't want your help. You can't give me what I need so just back off."

"Who is it?" A look of confusion was the answer he got. "Who is it that has your panties in a bundle?"

"None of your damned business." Cash looked away trying to calm down his anger.

"Some thing has you strung tighter than a fiddle and it aint gonna help that you keep it all locked up inside." The prince locked his arms over his chest. "Does this have any thing to do with the wayward fledgling?"

Cash looked at him stunned. "May be." He tried to play off his emotions not fooling either one.

"They'll find him, have no doubt of that."

"That's not it." Cash looked away trying to blink back the tears. "I forgot him. Every thing that he was, every thing we meant to each other, I forgot. Because of that I failed to defend him. I didn't save him when he needed me too. He was... They hurt him and I did nothing to stop them."

"Were you there when he was hurt?" The Prince seemed to be considering some thing.

"Yes, when they took him. Later when I found out where they kept him I heard him screaming and I left him there. He was just another human to me. He was not worth the risk to go in alone." Cash punched a tree as the blood tears ran down his face. "How could I feel that way? He means so much to me and I completely forgot we ever existed."

"It was the Lazarus." He looked at Cash determined. "Ever hear of glamour?"

"You mean that crap they use to make people look better in pictures?" Cash was now confused again.

"No Glamour is one of the abilities of the fey and the Lazarus. They use it to influence people, even in some cases to wipe the memories. When it is maintained it is very effective, but wares off after a few months if not. I'd say that is what happened to you. Have you been feeling more and more depressed lately, more emotional?"

Cash shook his head yes. "Ever since they took him I have been an emotional train wreck. It's almost as if I have no control over them."

"That's because you don't. One side effect is that you tend to be more than a little hormonal. It appears you are not to blame for any of these actions." The prince smiled at Cash reassuringly.

"No, I am still to blame for not saving him sooner than I did. I could have stopped them, I should have..."

"Primogen Cash, they have found him." A voice called out from the house interrupting Cash's triad.

Cash ran as if the hounds of hell were on his heels to reach the house. "Where?" After getting the information from Osirus Cash took off on his bike and prayed to the gods that he would arrive to find his childe alive.


Frank silently cried as he realized he was being followed. This was too much for him. He heard the calls of the others as they hunted him down. Wide eyed and in shock he flew up the first ladder he found and ran out in to the night.

He cried out as his senses were assaulted by the lights and sounds of down town San Francisco. The music and the flashing lights made him scream out in terror as he fled from them. He ran faster than any human had ever seen in to the alleys. Stopping he tried to get his barring in the dark.

At the sound of approaching people he hid behind a dumpster. Waiting for them to find him he got in to a ready position to flee from them. As they passed his location he held his breath. After five minutes of waiting he realized that some thing was wrong with him.

Looking down he noticed that his skin was pure white except the half of his face and hand where he wiped away the blood tears. He let out a cry of pure horror at this new revelation. 'What have they done to me?' He franticly tried to wipe away the blood as more of it came out instead of tears. As realization slowly dawned on him what he was, how he did not know, he snapped.

He screamed and screamed with no end in sight. Soon he was surrounded by others of his kind and he didn't care any more. His screaming abruptly stopped when he was gripped by a pair of familiar arms and pulled flush against a cold body.

Frank melted in to the arms that felt so welcoming. Suddenly feeling drained he let his head fall on to the shorter man's shoulder as the darkness consumed him.


Cash was followed by the prince and several of the people from the ball to find his childe, his Frank. Quickly making it to the spot that he had been alerted to he got off his bike and flew to the nearest sewer grate. As he was about to bend over and take it off it blew up in his face and out popped Valon. Frank, he had to correct himself. His childe had changed so much.

The look on his lover's face froze him in place. It took him almost a full minute to recover while Frank ran off in to the alleys. He chased after with the help of several others to catch him before he did any thing stupid.

As he walked down the alley he sensed Frank some where and slowed his pace. They spread out through the hundreds of alleys to cover more ground and were about to move on when the screaming started. Every one converged on the point to find Frank laying on the ground.

With out a moment's hesitation Cash rushed forward and claimed Frank in his arms. When the taller man did not respond to him arms he started to apologize for all the things he did. He tried to beg Frank's forgiveness, but stopped when he noticed that he was not responding to him. He tried to shake Frank awake but the body fell boneless in his arms.

"Frank, Frank, talk to me, Frank! Please no, oh gods please no." It was only then he noticed the bite marks on Franks neck. Some one had drained his childe. "FFFFRRRRAAANNNNKKK!"

"Each day I live, I want to be, a day to give, the best of me, I'm only one, but not alone..."
One Moment in Time - Whitney Houston.

Cash laid on his bed with his hands folded behind his head. He sighed as the tears started again. Tonight was still fresh in his mind as the relived the events. The moment he found his childe laying there, his body drained of his blood. Frank would not respond to any of his attempts to be roused. Fear over losing his childe caused him to extreme actions.

He had forced Frank's mouth to his throat after slitting it open. At first his blood had flowed freely. After a few moments that were the longest and most unbearable in his life Frank had started to drink. He rocked with his childe a few moments until they heard the sirens of approaching humans.

They had tried to separate him from Frank at that moment. It nearly brought the true death to half of the rescue party. No one was going to take Frank away from him again. Getting Frank to stay on his bike was easier than he had thought. The fledgling had wrapped his large form around him like a second skin, never to let go. Cash rode off as fast as his bike would carry him.

Once they reached his apartment they had flown up the stairs, well he ran and Frank held on. He had stripped them both of clothes and laid Frank in the bed where he wrapped them both in the covers. Frank had started to shiver so he allowed the young one to feed from him again. As Frank swallowed the blood he stroked his hair and hummed to him softly.

Cash was not completely aware of what happened to Frank in that damned warehouse but he knew it couldn't have been good. That place just stunk of darkness. Not evil, that didn't exist except in man's actions. No it just had a negative vibe around it. Like some one or thing was there that shouldn't have been.

He tried to scan his memories to search for any clues as to what might have been there. Yet it was to no avail. Things were just too muddled for him to find any clues. He cursed and immediately regretted it as Frank started to whimper. It took several minutes to calm the childe enough that he would go back to silently feeding.

He knew from experience these were the hardest hours, the first hours after he started to remember. This was when Frank would need him the most. He sighed as Frank started to bight, Hard. "Frank. Frank. Frank!"

Frank pulled back and looked Cash in the eyes. The pain he felt was reflected in his eyes. He tried to make Cash see that in feeding only did he find the peace he needed away from the torment of his past.

Cash saw all this and more. But he also knew that Frank had to face it or never again be able to face any thing again. He had to do this, a crippled Kindred was a dead one, especially an emotionally one. No Frank was going to face his demons and that was that.

Frank saw the decision in his sire's eyes and cringed. He didn't want to do this. Didn't want to relive the rapes. Each time was worse than the previous. Didn't he see that? Frank just wanted to forget, even if just for a few moments. Needed to get away from the pain. He tried to get up and away but Cash grabbed his face and forced him to look him in the eyes.

"Let me go. Please, just let me go."


"Please, it hurts. I just want it to stop. Please."

"No! I will never let you go. Frank, you have to face it Frank."

"No! It hurts too much. Don't make me."

"Yes Frank. Do it. Come on baby. I know you can do it."

Frank shook Cash off for all he was worth. He couldn't face it. Too much pain. Why couldn't Cash let him go? He just want ed to end it all. Tired of the pain, tired of the heart ache, tired of being... tired of being alone.

Cash pulled him back in to the bed and startled Frank's hips. "You are not getting away. You are mine you here me. I will not let you destroy yourself over some goddamn monster. I am here. We will get through this. Trust me. I love you. I will keep the monsters at bay. Just lay in my arms. Every thing will be all right." In the end he had Frank's head held close to his chest cradled to him kissing away the tears. "I love you. We will get through this, I promise you."

Frank gave up and let the tears fall freely. There was nothing he could do to stop it. He had to just hang on to Cash for dear life. And in the end it would have to be enough.


The following night at The Manse, the Prince's Ball.

Julian breathed slowly. Things were finally starting to look up. Frank was back with his sire, Phoebos was no longer breathing down his neck, Lillie was off with her own kind, and that little ass brighter Brujah was no where in sight. Things were definitely going good. Now what would come along and screw it up?

As if on Cue the front doors burst open and a severely pissed Gangrel in full frenzy was tarring through the ranks. Julian moved to intercept Cash but was tossed aside like a rag doll. His eyes gone solid Silver Cash scanned the room. The object of his hate spotted he raced after her and pinned her to the wall with a claw through the chest.

Airiana tried to get off his flaw but her struggles ended in even more damage.


She stared at his insane eyes and knew it was not even worth the trouble of lying. Airiana was dead either way. "You don't understand. He made me do it. He promised me the control of the city."

"HE LIED! And for your foolishness and treachery you will die." Cash then removed her heart as she screamed. Her cries of pain filled the manse like the howls of hell. When it had cleared her chest she fell on his arm lifeless, permanently. Cash held her heart up so that all could see it. "This is the price to all those who dare to harm my own!"

With that he tossed her body out in to the crowd and stalked after his next victim. Once sighted there was no preventing him from tearing the man apart. Cash seized Cyrus by the throat and snapped his head to the side. A sickening pop was heard though out the hall as his body fell lifeless to the ground while his head was gripped by Cash.

The crowd parted as a dozen gangrel trooped in to the ball. They took up flanking positions around Cash and blocked any one would try to stop him from leaving. As he was about to reach the front doors they were matched by an even number of Brujah and Ventrue.

Cash smiled as Julian took the lead. "What in Caine do you think you are doing. Tonight you have broken our most sacred law."

"I have not violated the Masquerade. In fact I have punished those who did and in so doing up held the law."

"How so?"

Cash held up the head of Cyrus by the hair. "This shit, provided the Lazarus a sanctuary for the last century. He was the one who raped my childe. I will not tolerate such creatures in my city."


"You have made no move to lay claim over the clans Julian. In fact since the death of your sire you have been on pause. Well I have news for you, life has gone on with out you. If you can not lead then we will find some one who will." He seethed as his anger over ran his other senses. "I will not stand by as the Brujah attempt another take over of this city. You have two weeks in which to solve the problem or I will."

Julian glared at the younger Kindred. "You and what army?" The moment the words left his lips he knew it was a mistake.

All the Gangrel in the Manse headed for the front door followed by the Toreador and a large part of the party crowd. Cash watched with hatred in his eyes as they shoved the Brujah and Ventrue aside. As Cash moved forward he was joined Lillie, Daedalus, Osirus, Phoebos, and their clans.

Julian knew a line had been drawn in the sand. If he failed again he was out one way or another. He turned and walked up the main staircase as his guests left as they came in, in their own entourage. He had lost a major battle tonight. This would never be forgotten and now he would most likely lose his city. All because of one stupid human.

He knew he would end up regretting protecting the human. Alexandra's pets were always causing trouble. He decided now would be a good time to put this puppy down once and for all.

"When you kiss me like this, (It's all coming back to me now.) and When I touch you like that (It's all coming back to me now.) and if we do it like this (It's all coming back to me now.) and if we... (ooooo)."
It's All Coming Back to Me Now, Celine Dion

Frank lay in Cash's arms as the tears ran down his face. Memories of past times spent in his lover's arms filled his mind clouding up the pain from the rest. He tried to feel other emotions other than intense pain or emptiness, but nothing would come. Hollow, like he was made of petrified bamboo, hollow inside but stone outside. Giving in to the dead sensation, Frank allowed the pain to come, welcomed it in fact. The need to feel any thing was greater than thoughts of possible consequences to giving in to that pain.

Hatred welled up inside of him. Pain over the loss of his loved ones, family and friends. The sting of betrayal by friends. Hurt with no comfort but in the cold embrace of true death. His mind allowed this to overwhelm him, burn him, mold him in to something not even they could believe. Soon they would know, they would all know. Looking in the mirror above the bed Frank watched his cold emotionless face. There was no Frank left in those eyes, eyes that had seen too much. Memories that had felt even more. No, Frank was no longer, had he ever really existed?

Once, perhaps for a few moments in his long life there had been a kind of peace if even only for a few months. But no one knew the real Frank, the face behind the mask. This was the first time he had ever let anyone see his true self. Not with his mother, his wife, not even Alexandra had known who he truly was.

Upon the mirror in the ceiling the past began to play out in exquisite detail. Frank watched as his own memories came back to haunt him. They would come regardless what he tried, only instead of the usual pain that accompanied them, he felt nothing. He truly was divorced from his own feelings.

Frank knew he should fear this, but there was no such thing as fear. It was as an alien concept to him. Only cold scientific observance made him watch. For the first time in all his eight thousand years he chose to remember that distant past. A time when all seemed so simple and all they had to worry about was the lack of wild bees' honey for the harvest festival.

Laughter filled his mind's ear as the face of a young girl watched him as they ran through the fields. Fields with grasses and flowers as tall they were. In was a moment of perfection in time. A time before the first pain. A time before...


High over head the sun shown down upon the golden fields of the people of the Glens. The Fey had lived on these lands for almost a thousand years. Running through these fields, Fragahn and Dhivana, chased the birds from their nests. Golden sunlight mixed with the dead wheat in the fields causing them to appear almost metallic.

Fragahn called out to Dhivana as they ran along the fields that lead in to the ancient forest above Mirest Glenn. Their laughter over his joke filled the air along side the bird song and wind sounds. Life was warm, full of peace, nothing was painful and the Fey ruled the Islands. Fragahn smiled as they reached the edge of their forest home.

He looked up and watched as the people passed over head on the rope and wood bridges that linked the ancient trees. Among the branches rested the families of the Clan Sidhi, the Royals. Fragahn was the only child of the royal couple King Finvarra and Queen Onagh. At his side was Dhivana, child of the second royal house. No one knew her father, but her mother was Lady Tatania. Together they watched as Lord Oberon tried to woo her mother and giggled at his flustered look. Lady Tatania only had eyes for King Finvarra. This was a constant source of amusement between the two.

This day would be forever remembered by the Royals and their children.

Fragahn climbed the tree ropes and laughed as Dhivana fell off her to land on her arse. She, being the older of the two, decided that he needed to be taught a lesson so she swirled his rope until he too fell on his arse. Of coarse Fragahn did not like this one bit and vocalized as such to her. This led to a round of tickle torture followed by Dhivana making him call Unatt.

After their hearts had settled they smiled and watched the birds fly by. This was paradise as far as they were concerned. Though it was bliss, it could not last. A cry from the far end of their encampment woke them from their daydreams and sent the entire tree city on their feet.

People were fleeing towards the fields caring their children with them. Entire trees exploded in to flames as sounds of battle filled the air. Fragahn and Dhivana ran towards the sounds of battle but were soon rushed back with the fleeing groups.

Fragahn watched as men with metal swords sliced his family home from the trees. The screams of his mother rang out as it collapsed from the branches. Finvarra grabbed his son and ran after the group trying to shield him from the sight, but it was too late. Fragahn had seen the lifeless eyes of his mother. He did not cry, merely watched as the forest was burned by the Picts as they invaded. He knew who they were for his father had spoken many times about them. They had tried to appease the Picts with lands and food but they wanted more than they could create this season. So the Picts destroyed their world and forests.

Fragahn made a vow that day. No one would ever force him to leave his home again. He would destroy all those who would dare harm his own. That moment Fragahn son of Finvarra, became Fragahn the protector, well at least in his mind. It would be a few years before he actually would earn the title, but he would not let something as small as his age stop him.


Fifteen years later.

Fragahn watched as the children of his generation bore their second young in as many seasons. He had yet to choose a mate that might bare him offspring. All knew that Fragahn would not choose a wife, for Fragahn was fickle and could not be tamed by the looks of a woman. By his side was the ever present Dhivana, now his sister in all things lawful. Together they would one day rule the Fey for centuries like their parents. As the Royals it was their heritage to be gifted with long life among other things.

Five years before the Fey had reclaimed their lands from the Picts at the hands of Fragahn and Dhivana. Hundreds of Fey from twenty seven clans had swarmed the Picts and wiped them off the face of Gaia. The ancestral grounds were restored and the forests replanted but it would be years before they could return to the Forests of Mirest Glenn.

The first year after their return had been hard on them for their were no farms for food and the land was almost barren. The Picts were the antiFey. Life held no meaning except to serve or be served to them. The slaughter of the Picts was only the beginning. Fragahn and Dhivana led their people in the fight against all things human. For too long the humans had made unreasonable demands on the Fey, and now it was time to return the favor.

As a collective, they formed massive armies and drove the humans in to the sea. No human was permitted to settle on the royal isle of Erin. All were made to worship the Fey or die of starvation. For two years the armies of the Fey denied the proper weather for crops to grow. Humans relied on the local priests to appease their gods. When nothing changed and people continued to die, they turned to the Fey.

The Fey are not gods, they never claimed to be. They became spirits, guardians of the forests. In time all would bow down to them. That is how the Fey came in to power over the isles. Then it was time again for the children to be born.

All expected Fragahn to pick a mate, but when he refused to be tempted by the flesh of just one maid or youth they knew it was not Fragahn who would bare the future leader of the Fey. They then turned their sights on Dhivana. When she refused to be touched by a man much less look at one they were frantic. The future of their people must be secured in the flesh of their children. The third royal house had not produced an heir, and the fourth and fifth houses had no legitimate heirs that left the sons and daughters of the sixth house. The sixth house had yet to produce a single heir worthy of the royal title much less the leadership of their community.

Thus Fragahn was once again looked upon to produce the child that would one day become the heir to the throne of the Fey. Fragahn had told them he would produce a child when he was ready and not a moment before. It would be Four thousand years before he would even consider taking a mate. And as they knew, that would be a long way off.


The order of the Druids was made up of the children of humans and Fey, unSidhi court or not of the six royal houses. Fragahn was the leader of this council as he had been for nearly two thousand years after his father had stepped down as ruler. The first humans in twice that time had settled in the southern lands of the isle of Erin, against the edict of Fragahn and Dhivana. A meeting had called of all nine druids, clans men of the trespassers and the leaders of the Fey, which included the representatives of the six royal houses, King Finvarra, Lady Tatania, Lord Oberon of third house, Morgain of fourth, Flanaghin of Fifth house, Satie of sixth house, Dhivana, and Fragahn. They had gathered to decide what was to be done with the trespassers.

Fragahn watched with an emotionless face as he sat beside his almost twin sister Dhivana. Over four thousand years had aged them very little but changed their appearances to almost match. With practiced grace they moved as one. This action alone made the others nervous, the malicious smile that adorned their faces did not help either.

Conchobhar stood before the leaders of his people and defied them. "You call yerselves leaders, yet ya never lift a hand to help those who need ya. What manner of beast be yee that knows not yer people?"

Finvarra and Tatania remained silent while the other representatives of the royal houses screeched in outrage. The Druids cursed his name while Dhivana and Fragahn merely continued to smile benevolently at him.

King Conchobhar growled at them. "I dunna even know what yer doin 'ere. All yee be are a bunch of old men and their masters. A group of men and women that have been foolen the isles for over two hundred generations. Why I bet yer not even the real Fragahn and Dhivana, are yee."

Dhivana and Fragahn smiled and stood as one. Shoulders together they walked towards the man who would be king of Erin and looked him in the eye. At his side his men moved back from the pair and made room for the two to stalk around him. Fragahn and Dhivana sized up the human with a critical eye as they circled him in opposite directions.

Fragahn spoke with out stopping or looking at Dhivana. "What is a man with out his word?"

She tilted her head as if in thought as did he. "An ape with out his hair."

"What manner of games be this?"

"Questions from the ape, must be a man." Dhivana whispered.

"Foolishness to step where he does not belong. To build where he is not welcome. Must be a man." Fragahn agreed.

Conchobhar watched them with growing anger. "Speak to me if yee are brave as a man, fer if ya do not, yee be not man but the beast I claim thee to be."

Fragahn and Dhivana stopped and stood on either side of him with a small grin on their faces. "Be not man, nor ape for either would rape his mate. Leave us be or encourage our wrath this day, what you see is not either for we are the Fey."

The human snorted. "Just men with fancy werds I believe."

Fragahn snarled at him baring large canines at the human. "Fer yer insults that you pay, with yer man, I will play." He turned on the cowering men and sized them up and down. A dark haired blond man stood defiantly glaring at Fragahn. "What be thy name man?"

"Teagan ya damned monster."

Fragahn smiled showing his fangs for Teagan to see. He pulled back his long hair over his point ears and laughed at the audible gasps from the humans. "Monster I may be, but beasts we are not." He pointed a clawed finger at Teagan. "Yee be mine now. That be the price ya pay humans fer disruption our lands."

"NO! We have done nothen to yer lands. The places we inhabit are not used."

"They are sacred to me. My family is from the southern areas. Mirest Glenn was my home before yer people ravaged the land. Now it is a shrine to my mother human. Yee will leave the Isle of Erin or be destroyed. Teagan will remain as my slave for yer crimes."

"That will not be happenin Fragahn, or what ever demon ye are." Conchobhar's sword was pointed in Fragahn's back.

Fragahn smiled a moment before his tail wrapped around it and yanked it from the human's grasp. "Tell me why I should spare yer life, and that of yer men." He demanded nonchalantly as his tail waved the sword around in a careless manner.

Conchobhar stared wide eyed as Dhivana appeared in similar fashion but her tail was black as her hair with white stripes. Suddenly Dhivana and Fragahn were almost exact opposites. He was golden and brown, she was black and white. Her appearance similar to a wolf and his a cat. The other Fey in similar forms. The Druids watched in amusement, their breeding allowed certain abilities but only the royals had the forms of animals.

He sighed as Fragahn pointed his own sword at him. "He is my man servant. Entrusted to me by his mother, a lady of the isle of Brittany. To allow him to come to harm at your hand from my doins would be a failure of my word of honor. Please if ya must punish someone fer trespassin, be it me for the paying."

"That will not be necessary. Yer man is now my man. I will be returning to my home soon any ways so he shall remain with me. Yer people may stay as long as they farm the land and take care not to become the butchers yer ancestors were. If yee servive yer first winter, then the land will be yers. Mirest Glenn will always be mine, but ya can have the rest." He dropped the sword as he stalked over to the stubborn form of Teagan. He wrapped his tail around the man and brought him close. "Yee are now mine human. Yer blood will mix with that of my people and forever be bound to me as mate and servant."

Teagan tried to struggle but was caught in the tight grip of Fragahn. "Ya won't get away with this monster!"

"I have nothin to get away from human. I rule, and you don't so be it." Fragahn turned to Dhivana. "Pick him a mate, I want to see his first born by the next spring. Choose one that will produce children that will resemble him the most. I care not for the mother's looks." He smiled at Teagan again. "You shall produce my heir, human. Be proud, it is not every human who is bestowed such honor. Conchobhar, put down the sword and leave before I wipe yer people out just fer spite."

Conchobhar gasped but did as told. "I will see yee in hell Fragahn."

"No ya won't. I aint gonna die, EVER! Now be away with yee, and I might let this one live long enough to see his child grow up to replace him as my servant." Conchobhar and his men stormed out of the room followed by the druids after they bowed respectfully to the royals. Fragahn grinned at the struggling Teagan. "Oh yes, yee will be fine breeding stock fer me."

"Get yer hans off me monster." Teagan thrashed in Fragahn's arms.

"I think not young one." He bent his head forward and proceeded to kiss Teagan senseless. By the time they pulled apart Teagan had wrapped his arms around Fragahn's head and neck. "I think yee enjoyed that."

"Shut yer mouth, or I will do it fer yee."

"Are ya threatenin me boy?"

"Ahm a man, ya bastard." Teagan rubbed his lower body against Fragahn's.

"So ya be." His eyes were intensely focused on his new prize as the others left as a whole except for Dhivana. "Are ya ready to prove yer a man, Teagan?" When Teagan growled at him Fragahn laughed. "Good, Dhivana's lady needs a mate. You will provide her with child, and thus be the forbearer of my line. When it comes time fer me ta mate, it will be with one of her beauty and yer looks. So show me just how much a man yee be."

Teagan pulled out the front of his breeches and both looked down.

"By the stars! That's a lot a man."

"Wanna test of my man hood?"

"May be later, Dhivana's lady first."

"Gracious, I come here to escape the lords of the land who try to make me their servant and I become yer breeding stud."

"But what a... eh... large stud yee be. Stop that! I told ya Lady first."


A thousand years had passed since the first generation of Teagan's line was born. Now Humans have been in the Royal isle of Erin for as long. Where humans grow Kindred come to harvest. The royal family of the first house still inhabit the southern tip of the Isle. They made only one demand, that all those who set up farm must share a part of their land with the Fey, no exceptions! This is the place in which the Kindred dwell.

Fragahn laid in the arms of his lover, Teague. The third that bore this form of the name Teagan. For over a thousand years and fifty generations the line of Teagan had been the lovers of Fragahn and Dhivana. The men had bore the dark blond looks of their ancestor and the women the berry red hair of their progenitor. None were allowed to mate with any of dark hair or else contaminate the line. All was well for they preferred the beds of their lovers anyway.

He sighed as his young lover stirred and brought him closer. Purring he began to lick his lover's face until he awoke smiling.

"Is this how ya awoke my ancestor?"

"Every mornin." He stretched and sighed in to the ear Teague. "Time to get up. We've been 'ere too long. The Saxon lords are growin more impatient by the day because our lack of involvement of their politics. Amusin as it is, this is what their ancestors wanted. I am sick of their bellyachin moanin an groanin over the lack of order. I'm about to tell them ta kiss ass."

"Three thousand years is a long time to work with them ta just give it up."

"Yeah, well I'm not so sure it was worth it from the start."

"Well ma luv, you could always lay with ma sister and produce an heir to take yer place." Teague gave him a serious look.

Fragahn gave him a withering look. "She would make even the bravest of men's cocks shrivel. That is a fire demon in the makin. I would na get near her even to look at her if she was na my sister's mate. Speakin of the harpy, when is she due?"

Teague smiled. "I will become and uncle in three months. But in three weeks I will become a faat'er myself. Bairrfhionn is a wee bonnie lass, but a spirited one at that. Fey blood just is too strong to control in us mere mortals."

"Get off yerself Teague. Time enough still to wait. Yee can be with her soon. Until the birth she will remain in the camp of women where she wishes to be. Ya need ta spend as much time with me as ya can, fer soon ya will be a faat'er an not be able ta. It could be a year before we are tagether again. What ever shall I do?"

Laughing at the forlorn look on Fragahn's face Teague kissed him. "I hear that there is a new creature in the forest, by the name of Cainnech. He may be able to pass the time with ya while I'm gone. But don't get to comfortable with him. I'll be back befer ya know I'm gone."

"I miss ya already Teague. I dunna trust this stranger, but it is no longer my decision who comes and goes just as long as he is not on my land." Fragahn looked away from Teague's upset face. "Them damn Druids. They said that we were wielding too much power over the land. Soon not even my forests will be mine. It may be time to go north again my luv."

"Why can' we stay an fight?"

"I will not put ya at risk. I have lost too many that way. No I will speak with my Da today and we will move after the new ones are born in three weeks."

Teague was shocked and angry. "So we will let the humans up root us yet again. What happened to the man who five thousand years ago drove the sons of man from our isle?"

"That was before the sons of man invited the damned sons of Cain to come to our isle."

Frozen Teague looked at him. "What do ya mean?"

"The sons of Cain are evil to the core. I have heard rumors from the other isles where our clans has started to disappear when ever the sons of Cain appear. We are a dyin people an there is nothin to stop our decline. We may not be safe in this isle anymore. I might even suggest that yer people be taken to our allies in the west over the great seas."

"NO! I will not go to that place."

"Ya will have no choice. The Fey must survive an you are the heart of our people. The royals are all but dead except the twelve members of the Dioine Sidhi court. We are not going to survive the next thousand years by remaining alone. I want ya ta take yer mate and head to the west towards the dyin sun. Take as many of our people as will come. Ya will need them fer yer protection."

"What is goin on Fragahn? What aren't ya tellin me?"

"Finvarra and Tatania were embraced by the son of Cain and have become as he is. Oberon has also bowed to the wish of this Cainnech and asked to be embraced. I fear that other children of Cain shall come soon and the royals will be no more. I refuse to have ya sacrificed to these beasts of man."

"If what ya say is true then they are worse than beasts, they are monsters."

Fragahn laughed. "When yer ancestor ferst met me, that is how he described me."

"Ah yer not a monster, a big pussy cat, but not a monster."

"Eh, watch that werd." He pleaded with Teague. "So will ya go, fer me?"

"Aye, I will go. But only as long as ya promise to come back ta me some day."

"Aye, I promise. Now where were we..."


Ten years later.

"Fragahn, we must go now. The last of the great boats heading to the west is leaving soon." Dhivana pulled on her brother's arm as he watched their homes burn for the second time in his life. "We can rebuild in the west world."

He jerked his arm back. "NO Dhivana. I will not rebuild. It is all over with. When Teague was killed by those bastards I died with him. From here ya can go on yer own. I am through with the children of Cain. Erin was our home. Never again will it be. I curse this land and it's people. May those not of Fey blood before ever miserable until their deaths and the land not bare them fruit. Curse them Dhivana, curse them all!" He then turned and stormed off in to the night towards the boat.

Dhivana watched as the flames of her home touched the sky. The Fey sons of Cain had done this. For this she would make them suffer. Five thousand years she had born the weight of this world and now it was gone forever. The Saxons won, and the clan wars of the Kindred had killed their home. Never again. Turning to follow her brother she was surrounded by three Kindred Fey as they hissed at her. In her rage, her eyes turned solid white and the Kindred around her burst in to flames. No instead of fleeing with Fragahn, she would kill them all. What better punishment for the people who had killed her lover and her children.

This would teach them to kill that which was sacred to the royal twins of the Fey. No one messed with her. They should never have sunk the vessel on which the fleeing Fey had been on. All human kind would rue the day they fucked with Dhivana McKinney, daughter of the Great Lord Kinney of the Fey, founder of the first house of the Royals and father of Queen Onagh. Yes Fragahn was her nephew by blood, but her brother by choice. All would Tremble before the Virgin Goddess. She smiled, she heard there was a group of immortals like the Fey Royals starting a new Religion in the Greece area. Who knows, someday she may even found her own religion. May be a legend based on the birth of a child from a virgin woman. Something that is entwined with the children of Cain's own history.


Fragahn watched as the sun set for one last time on his old life. He would soon be in the world to the west of the great seas. Here he could hide in the never ending forests and be what the humans wanted most, a god. This time he will build his home of stone, stone doesn't burn. It also never dies. With a sad sigh he looked out over the waves one last time then went below deck to join the group that called themselves Mayana or something of that nature.


Frank watched the mirror over his head as the memories played on. He remembered their first meeting in the new world. His father was a monster and his step mother was almost as bad. He had found the descendant of his Teague but Teague was dead and so was his name. He stroked the head of his beloved Cash and watched him sleep with stony eyes. "Yes my luv. Yer children grew up jus' fine. One even carries on the tradition ya started, Teagan. Tonight I deal with ma Da once and fer all. Ya will never harm my beloved Teagan, my son, my heir." He kissed Cash's forehead and smiled at the memory of his son's face. "Soon Teagan, daddy Cash, you and me will be together again."

A nuzzling at his neck informed him that his lover was waking.

"Go to sleep Frank, how many times must we do that in one night?"

Frank smiled. "Fragahn is ainm dom." (My name is Fragahn) "Deich en aon deug." (Ten or Eleven)

Cash busted out laughing. "I don't know what you just said but it had better not be more than what we just did."

Frank's eyes sparkled. "At least three more times."

Cash groaned as he buried his head underneath his pillow. You are trying to kill me Frank. Go to sleep. I love you..." By the time the words were out of his mouth he was asleep again.

Frank's smile disappeared. "Mo gradh ort too Cash." (I love you.) For the rest of the night he remembered, so much to remember.


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